At one point, Tommy Shepherd was a normal kid. An only child from a broken home, his parents having divorced when he was still quite young… It's the kind of story that's become uncomfortably familiar. All sorts of kids just like him all over the world. Young and angry and rebelliously searching for something, a few early trips to juvenile detention for petty theft, for vandalism. Could be that would've been his whole life, a small-time crook. Could be that he would've turned it around.

Due to cosmic influences beyond the understanding of most minds, though, nobody will ever really know.

In another life, another reality, another Scarlet Witch had used her vast powers to create the children she wanted so desperately, twin boys. But events took Wanda Maximoff's children from her, stealing even the very memory out of her fractured mind… And when, eventually, she regained the knowledge of the sons she had lost, the effects were unprecitable. Reality itself was warped by a mother's grief, by her fervent wish for her sons to have lived full and happy lives spreading like a shockwave across the multiverse, rewriting the history and existence of Tommy Shepherd - every Tommy Shepherd, in all the realities that were or might be. No longer was he simply some punk kid from a broken home in New Jersey: Now, he was the retroactively reincarnated son of the Scarlet Witch, possessed of powers similar to her own twin brother's.

Awkwardly, the moment of this, the 'big bang' of his existence that rippled forward and back along his personal timestream, was the moment his powers awakened. In a moment, a terrible moment of uncontrolled and wild power set into motion by the Scarlet Witch, the building around him was badly damaged: Random molecules in the structure of the room around instantly accelerated in random directions, causing detonations in sections of the floor and walls, tearing apart desks and books and blackboards, the damage spreading outward while everyone evacuated - except for Tommy himself, incapacitated by what was happening to him and around him, painting him as the obvious culprit.

The fallout of this was not great.

Rather than receiving any sort of constructive aid for his newly awakened metahuman abilities, or even any sort of reasonable punishment for the act of inadvertent destruction, Tommy was instead 'incarcerated' as part of a secret project seeking to refine metahumans into living weapons. The project pushed Tommy's development ahead of where it should have been given his youth, enhancing his speed, his control over his molecular acceleration abilities, but they never really worked out how to make him pliable and cooperative, and when he was eventually freed by a group of young would-be heroes (including one who looked spookily like him and who is secretly his retroactively reincarnated twin brother) he wrecked the place on the way out.

Fortunately, he bounces back from things as quickly as he does everything else. Deciding to give the whole 'hero' gig a try - after all, he'd surely be better at it than any of the dorks already doing the job, right? - he took on the not particularly creative moniker of Speed, and set about chasing thrills, excitement, and girls while not blowing up more things than are strictly necessary.

That part, he's still working on.

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"And really, me's all you need."

Tommy Shepherd is kind of a douche sometimes, but he means well. Mostly, anyway. He tends to be arrogant and a bit overbearing, as well as impulsive and impatient due to the nature of his superhuman abilities - at his worst, he becomes overtly dismissive of 'snails' and the normal pace of going through life generally. His parents' divorce and his life in the system have made him somewhat cynical, especially of 'grown ups' and people in positions of authority, which can make him a difficult teammate and infuriating subordinate, particularly given his overconfident view of his own judgment and abilities. His moods can be mercurial, shifting without much in the way of warning, but he always bounces back quickly as well - unlike his twin, Tommy isn't much for introspection; he's never one to stop moving, after all. Despite the violence he's (sometimes gleefully) capable of, Tommy's main interests are fun and freedom, and he'd rather bring other people with him in the pursuit of both. After all, what's the point in being a superhero if you don't enjoy it?

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A curious side-effect of his superspeed abilities, refined during his 'training' while he was held in captivity, is that Tommy can directly affect the vibrational speed of matter at an atomic level. He can do this to himself, allowing Tommy to become effectively intangible and phase through solid objects (he can also do this with other people, but it's, er, safer if they're in close physical contact with him at the time) as well as being able to direct the vibrations at other objects. The directed vibrations have less fine control to them, though; they can be feasibly avoided, and generally only accomplish one thing: Causing the molecules that make up whatever the vibrations are directed at to accelerate at different rates and in different directions, resulting in spectacular (and in biological cases, messy) explosions. Obviously things (and people!) don't like being blown up, and will actively try to resist doing so out of pure inertia. The larger or tougher something is, the more effort tearing it apart would require, to the point that some things are simply infeasible/impossible to destroy. Living things are even more likely to put up a fight against getting torn apart, even before adding any kind of superhuman toughness into the mix: Probably still hurts like heck, though.


Tommy's mutant body is adapted to survive and even thrive at the extreme velocities he's capable of achieving. His reflexes and agility are extremely heightened over a normal person's, lending him enormous flexibility and an almost perfect sense of balance even in extreme situations, moving with surprising grace no matter how fast he might be. His durability and stamina are frankly alarming, allowing him to survive supersonic impacts that should really turn him to jelly, as well as giving him a resistance against the friction his high speeds generate; his hyper-efficient metabolism and body chemistry make a nearly perfect use of the calories he ingests (also, of course, he requires a higher caloric intake than a normal person) and his body produces virtually no fatigue toxins, allowing him to operate at full speed for hours (subjectively, to him, weeks) before he tires. Luckily for him, this also makes him heal somewhat faster than a normal person, too. Tommy's mutation also gives him a limited super strength: He can lift about half a ton with his upper body alone, or a full ton with just his legs.


As his (extremely creative) superhero name would suggest, Tommy's most obvious power is his ability to move at speeds far beyond what a normal person would be capable of. Despite his youth, his forced development during his time in captivity has pushed his limits far beyond what they 'should' be at his age: Though his actual maximum speed is unknown, his functional top speed is currently Mach 4. Naturally, his agility, reaction and processing times are all enhanced along with his speed, allowing him to actually function while moving at hyperspeed, and enabling all sorts of high-speed feats, from catching bullets out of the air to running on water or walls. Like many other speedsters, this also provides him with a degree of resistance against telepathy, since his 'speed of thought' is confoundingly higher than the vast majority of other minds.




Full Name: Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd
Code Name: Speed
Occupation: Avenger!
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Avengers
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Build: Lean and efficient, like some kind of runner…
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: speed
Played Since: December 8, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 26 Jul 2019 07:08

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