Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy was born to artist Helen Stacy and Police Chief George Stacy, and attended her first funeral before she could walk: her mother's. Raised from that point on by the loving yet stern and, at times, absent Chief Stacy, Gwendolyne found her solace in art and music. An introvert by type despite her father's best efforts, she had few friends and retreated into the 'quiet seclusion (see: wall of sound) only a drum set could provide.

This changed when she met the boy next door: Peter Parker. A fellow introvert and fan of music, the pair become fast friends and swiftly inseparable. High school began and the duo became a trio with the addition of affluent transfer student Harry Osborn, while Gwen found her musical outlet by joining a band run by Mary-Jane Watson. Everything was going wonderfully and Gwen finally started really coming out of her shell, when…

Along came a spider.

A radioactive alien spider.

Granted incredible powers and given the heady rush of the best jungle gym possible - New York City - Gwen immediately put her powers to their best use… having a lot of fun! Her first semi-heroic adventures leading to being given a costume and gear by retired hero turned billionaire Janet Van Dyne, the nascent crimefighter spent most of her time thwipping through the city and playing media darling. Basking in the glow and power of her newfound abilities, she was dubbed 'Spider-Woman' by J. Jonah Jameson.

When her father told her that the 'Spider-Woman' was a reckless menace and that the costumed girl could do so much more for the people of New York and take responsibility for her actions, Gwen took that to heart. It wasn't until Peter Parker, bullied viciously and defended by Gwen at school while idealizing the power and freedom of Spider-Woman, injected himself with an experimental serum of his own that everything went terribly wrong and Gwen learned the real meaning of 'Responsibility'.

Beating 'the Lizard' to submission with flair, her exultation turned to ash in her mouth when Peter's form was revealed in her arms and, as his body rejected the serum, breathed his last. Spider-Woman had killed Gwen Stacy's best friend, and Harry Osborn watched in horror as it happened. Spider-Woman was
branded a traitor and it was Chief George Stacy's job to bring her to justice… until the Kingpin, Matt Murdock, intervened. Sending the Rhino to a club that the Mary-Janes were playing at, Chief Stacy was attacked by the super-criminal and was saved (much to the Rhino's disbelief) by Spider-Woman.
In an alley, at gunpoint, Gwen revealed to her father that it was in fact her that was the Spider-Woman, swearing that she didn't kill Peter Parker, even if she did feel responsible for it.

His confidence shattered, Chief Stacy let Gwen run into the night. Letting Spider-Woman go, of course, was a mistake for the police chief's career, and DA Foggy Nelson had him suspended. It wasn't until Adrian Toomes (AKA, the Vulture) started a criminal copycat flying-around-New-York spree like the free-swinging Spider-Woman (with a side order of CRIME) that things came to another head. Being handed her first defeat thanks to the utter lack of good things to cling to over open water over a garbage scow, Gwen retreated home to her father to recover.

Her first big break in proving her innocence came when there was another Lizard attack: the same kind that Peter had become. Chasing them down deep in the sewers, Gwen met Captain America - and fought alongside her to bring to heel the lizards to prove her innocence… Right up until Captain America ate
a pumpkin bomb to the face, and the mastermind behind the lizards was revealed - the Green Goblin. Confronting Harry Osborn this time, Gwen fought with all her might to save Harry's life from his own needs to best the Spider-Woman. After resorting to the Lizard Serum, Gwen desperately revealed to him that it
was she who had become the Spider-Woman - a hard truth for her remaining best friend to bear. Parting ways thanks to the grace of Captain America, Gwen left for home to lick her wounds.

It wasn't long after that Toomes tracked and attacked her at that home at the behest of the Kingpin, and while fighting the Vulture off, the new head of the Spider-Woman operation was revealed: Detective Frank Castle, a man utterly dedicated to bringing Spider-Woman to justice.

Lost in the haze and the smoke and barely defeating Castle and Toomes, Gwen fled into the night once more, finding herself at the George Washington Bridge with a head full of pain and a migraine the size of the tri-state area.

Dear readers, that bridge is not a good thing for Gwen Stacys, or Spiders-People. Gwendolyne was both.

Ambushed by ninjas, the Kingpin revealed himself, and offered Gwen a choice: join him, or give up being Spider-Woman. Denying both, Gwen resolved to fight, and held her own… mostly. Just as Murdock joined the fight in earnest, Spider-Woman was completely laid out by a crippling headache as her spider-sense went completely berserk, rendering her powerless against the crooked lawyer — and the sworling vortex of technicolor polka-dots that swallowed her up to deposit her in another, completely different New York

A wrong New York City. A New York City with all wrong advertising, with corn in everything, and leaving Gwen's head full of a dimensional soup of faces and impressions. Her last words still rang in her head: had she… pledged herself to the Hand? Did that even happen? It didn't sound like her voice, but…

It also didn't sound like her New York.

Recent Events

Gwen fell out of a portal! A technicolor WEB OF DIMENSIONS portal!

Then she got embroiled in a murder mystery, got sad-girl adopted by Starfire to stay at her supermodel hotel, tried to break in to Titans Tower, and accepted a retainer from an X-Men (X-Man?) to try to deflect murders from him and help him not get killed by quasi-religious fanatics. It has, so far, worked out.


Gwendolyne Stacy has the mind of a young rocker, and the heart of a detective. Normally, these would be reversed: her father's deep-rooted ethics and firm justice would lead to a crusading hero and a talented, outspoken woman, but Gwen regularly preferred seclusion and introversion instead.

Until bitten by a radioactive spider, of course. Thrill-seeking and self-expression became her hidden passion, and her introversion bloomed outward into a double life with a secret identity while exploring her powers… until the crushing weight of Responsibility fell onto her shoulders.

Now, seeking to make amends and use her powers for good, she thinks she has the right answers.

Usually. Or, at least, a sappy speech or a smart line.

RP Hooks

Ghost Spider fell out of a crazy technicolor portal-hole over Gotham!

Ghost Spider tried to break into Titans Tower!

Ghost Spider seems to be working for the X-Men???

Ghost Spider isn't registered! Also, she 'used to be around' and there's a lot of people another-her probably met - but she hasn't!


Character Sheet


Bitten by a radioactive spider, Gwen Stacy was granted phenomenal powers as the alien parasite's venom burned through her blood. Armed with more than introspective questions about her own metahumanity, Gwen gained a comprehensive physical tune-up far and above the peak of humanity.

Her body's raw physical durability and stamina was massively increased, from her muscle's reduced production of fatigue toxins and increased pain tolerance to a strengthening of all her tissues to take normally lethal levels of shock or impact in stride. After getting thrown around anyway, she steadily recovers from most injuries including (even allowing! Not that she likes them) daily beatings and bludgeonings while maintaining a civilian identity.

Her strength increased comprehensively as well, giving her a 'standing' ten-or-so tons of force to throw (or jump) around before leverage or adrenaline allow or demand more.

Gwen's agility and flexibility were increased to straight inhuman levels, giving her standout speed and contortion ability at all times for her precognitive reflexes. Her highly-enhanced balance, coordination, and equilibrium let her intuitively stick and balance on any surface at any position or orientation comfortably, no matter how small, as long as it can support her weight.


Thanks to the same bite that changed everything else about her physiology, Gwen gained a precognitive sixth sense for 'danger'. Threats and incoming harm express themselves as sharp shapes and bright colors, while ambient dangers and hidden faults are tinglings in her skull. Danger - even 'potential danger, to other people' - triggers this sense, though the stimulus of this sense can become dangerously disorienting or painful with large scale threats.

Combined with her speed and reflexes, Gwen can perform otherwise-impossible feats of reaction and agility, avoid hidden traps, predict ambushes as they happen, dodge high-velocity gunfire at close range, and fight like she has eyes on the back of her head…

…As long as it's working right. Sometimes, inexplicably, Gwen's Spider-sense leaves her high and dry and she has no recourse but to curse her literal lack of (spider-)vision.


Barely explainable by coughing into your fist about electrostatic force and subatomic particles if you're being loose with the science, the spider bite that reformatted Gwen's entire body (nervous system and all) gave her a conscious and instinctive control of her adhesion to objects and surfaces, especially with her hands and feet - even through a costume. In a word, she's sticky, and combined with her tremendous physique and incredible durability, can stick quite a bit even to each finger - in excess of several tons 'normally'.




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Ghost Spider
I'm going to be REALLY late for band practice...
I'm going to be REALLY late for band practice…
Full Name: Gwendolyne Maxine Stacy
Code Name: Ghost Spider
Aliases: Spider-Woman
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Got bit by a radioactive spider
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Emma Stone
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: spider-gwen
Played Since: 9-15-2019

Last Posted Activity: 25 Mar 2020 07:49

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