In another universe, Gwen Stacy was your average rocker girl with an
internship at a super-scientist's lab and a cop for a dad. She was bitten by a
radioactive spider and gained amazing powers; powers that she thought made her
too special for consequences, until the day her best friend Peter Parker died
after trying to emulate her. Gwen learned that day how irresponsible she'd
been, not because she hadn't been out punching enough bad guys but because how
the example she'd set had taught her best friend to be a monster and ruined
the lives of her best friend's family.
Gwen had many adventures as Spider-Woman. She fought the Kingpin and severely
damaged his organization, then moved on to fight SILK, a terrorist
organization split off from SHIELD. SILK had become an interdimensional theft
ring (Gwen seriously wonders if there just wasn't enough stuff in her own
dimension steal to make it worth the effort and investment to become
interdimensional thieves), and in the process of battling them, she became
stranded in this dimension. Now she's looking for ways to get back to her home

Recent Events

Gwen has, in no particular order, punched some of Hammerhead's goons while they were trying to take out a hit on a rival Maggia family; met Nadia Pym; investigated into the Red Room as part of an effort to figure out how to help Nadia with some personal stuff (Gwen thinks she was subtle about this, but she's probably wrong); and probably run afoul of SHIELD in a jillion ways she doesn't even know about.


Gwen is serious except for when she's being flippant, morose when she's not
determinedly hopeful, thoughtful except for when she's impulsive, and
empathetic whenever she's not righteously angry.

RP Hooks

BROKE: Gwen needs a job. Gwen is good at science. Gwen would like a science job.

TRYING TO GO HOME: Gwen is not from this universe. Gwen would like to go home. She's not going to just ask SHIELD for help, but she's always watching scientific labs for their breakthroughs in dimensional travel.

UNREGISTERED: Gwen is morally opposed to registration. People aren't weapons, and their personal data shouldn't be collected in one location for malicious hackers to exploit so they can gain leverage over or destroy people who never asked to be metahuman. She sees the merit of submitting to the will of the people and accepting responsibility for your actions, but registration is the wrong way to do it.

THE RED ROOM: Gwen has been looking into this lately, trying to get information. It will probably bite her in the butt.

DEAD: There was a Gwen Stacy in this universe. She died a long time ago.


{$page} Daisy Johnson
Best roommate ever, and wonderful girlfriend. I'm so lucky.
{$page} Nadia Pym
I don't know if I'm the one to help her, but I'm going to try.
{$page} Jessica Drew
Amazing person. Has this weird idea that she's Spider-Woman and I'm Spider-Gwen when CLEARLY I'm Spider-Woman and she's Spider-Jess, though.
{$page} Kara Zor-El
Weirdo with a good heart. …Yeah, yeah, I know, glass houses.

Character Sheet


Gwen is able to outrun an accelerating car, and is easily more agile than the finest Olympic athletes; she can lift about ten tons, and jump as far as that implies; her stamina exceeds human maximums, and her body is resilient enough to take more punishment than most people. She can adhere to surfaces and has a precognitive danger sense.




June 29, 2019. Make it Mean Something

Quake and "Ricochet" do a little sparring with a little talking.

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June 12, 2019. Testing Spider Woman

Spider Woman comes to LexCorp Labs to test out her abilities and get some recommendations for gadgets and costumes.

Posted On: 29 Jun 2019 04:16 (Related Tags: spider-gwen trajectory)

June 08, 2019. Powering Up

Why get into a meaningful conversation when you can take a trip down to LexCorp for some science stuff?

Posted On: 08 Jun 2019 19:34 (Related Tags: lex-luthor quake spider-gwen)

June 01, 2019. R&D vs. MarComm

Gwen Stacy starts at her new job… and finds out who her new enemy is supposed to be.

Posted On: 22 Jun 2019 16:36 (Related Tags: spider-gwen)

May 25, 2019. Spiders and Spells

Ruby stumbles upon a crime in progress, one that Spider-Woman was on the tail of!

Posted On: 05 Jun 2019 08:32 (Related Tags: ruby-walker spider-gwen)

May 19, 2019. Pizza Chatter

Jesse Quick, Gwen and Kara encounter each other, discussing pizza and…less than effective attempts at blending in.

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May 05, 2019. Win Some, Lose Some

In which spider-sense meets its match.

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May 05, 2019. Artificial Powers

Being undercover is risky business, and powers are identifying. So maybe make some new ones?

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May 05, 2019. Interwebs

Spider-Woman & Spider-Man Too get their banter on.

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May 04, 2019. Kara gets - Culture shock

Gwen and Supergirl talk when they should be shopping. And scare Kara.

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April 27, 2019. Gwen gives Kara life advice

Kara goes to one of her other friends with worries and concerns about normal living.

Posted On: 28 Apr 2019 19:04 (Related Tags: spider-gwen supergirl)

April 21, 2019. Unexpected Drop-In

Quake and Spider-Gwen catch up when Supergirl crashes the party. Rampant girl talk ensues.

Posted On: 21 Apr 2019 22:47 (Related Tags: quake spider-gwen supergirl)

April 16, 2019. Registry Hack

Two rogue SHIELD meta assets and an other-dimensional vigilante form up for an act of domestic terrorism. Because comics.

Posted On: 17 Apr 2019 13:50 (Related Tags: jade quake spider-gwen)

April 13, 2019. Hackvan

Quickly, to the Hackvan! (Where Quake talks to Spider-Gwen about hacking the DPS.)

Posted On: 13 Apr 2019 23:42 (Related Tags: quake spider-gwen)

April 04, 2019. The Name Game

Daisy and Gwen talk about their upcoming plans. D takes on a codename.

Posted On: 05 Apr 2019 15:20 (Related Tags: quake spider-gwen)

March 26, 2019. Robot Rumble

Spider-Woman runs into Zealot while the WildC.A.T. is dealing with some Troika robots in service to some daemonites.

Posted On: 27 Mar 2019 22:47 (Related Tags: spider-gwen zealot)

March 25, 2019. Falling

Emotions are running pretty high after nearly dying from a crashing Helicarrier.

Posted On: 26 Mar 2019 14:26 (Related Tags: quake spider-gwen)

March 21, 2019. Grocery shopping heroes

Kara meets Gwen without her say-so, again.

Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 18:17 (Related Tags: spider-gwen supergirl)

March 19, 2019. Recruiting for the Revolution: Part 2

Feeling guilty, Jen Hayden texts Supergirl and agrees to coach her in social revolution.

Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 04:01 (Related Tags: jade spider-gwen)

March 20, 2019. Recruiting for the Revolution

Kara and Gwen try to regret Jen Hayden to their social revolution.

Posted On: 22 Mar 2019 03:59 (Related Tags: jade spider-gwen supergirl)

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Full Name: Gwendolyn Maxine Stacy
Code Name: Spider-Woman
Occupation: Intern
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Frost International
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Got bit by a spider
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Blonde and pink
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Emma Stone
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: spider-gwen
Played Since: 2-3-2019

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