Spider-Man (Morales)


Okay. Let's do this one last time.

My name is Miles Morales. Well, actually, if we wanna' get all technical, I guess you could say my name is Miles Gonzalo Davis-Morales or Miles Gonzalo Morales-Davis. It gets a little crazy because my mom's Rican and my dad's Black and, oh wait I should do the whole politically correct thing: My mom's Puerto Rican and my dad's African-American. Either way, it gets complicated with the whole name thing because family traditions and alliteration and then there's the whole Jazz artist thing. So yeah, let's just go with Miles Morales, yeah?

For the longest time I've had a handful of important people in my life. My dad, Officer Jefferson Davis. My mom, mega nurse Rio Morales. My best bud of alls time, Ganke Lee. Annnnnd, last but not least, good ol' Uncle Aaron. Now, here's the thing, Uncle Aaron wasn't exactly always on the up-and-up with his life. He made some bad choices but he was always cool with me. So we kicked it a lot. Maybe a bit more than my Dad liked.

Anyway, Uncle Aaron and I would kind of bounce around the city and he'd help me find cool places to tag. It was kind of our thing. So after we checked out this one dope remote spot, I maybe-sorta-kinda got bit by some neon colored spider. Definitely not a normal spider. I remember it had a '42' on the back. But it couldn't have been too strong because I slapped it once and the damn thing died.

Let's fast forward a bit because the next stuff that happens is pretty boring. Except, y'know, for the part where I find out I have freakin' SPIDER-POWERS. It doesn't go well but eventually I figure some of this stuff out. It's kind of cool, though, because one of my heroes was already SPIDER-MAN and so it was like I was kind of all up in the mix. But not really. I wasn't about to try and become a superhero or anything. That's crazy talk! Instead, I kind of played around, figured out I could do some things that Spider-Man couldn't and just had a ton of fun with Ganke. We might've even hustled a basketball player or two.

Of course, things didn't get to stay that way. When you're a kid that gets bit by some weird genetic freak spider and end up with spider-powers your life tends to kind of err on the side of tragedy. I stood there, spider-powers and all, and watched as Spider-Man, my hero, was killed. I just… watched. I could've done something. I should've done something. It was my responsibility to help him… and I didn't. And because of that, because of me, Peter Parker was dead.

So what did I do? The only thing I could do. I became Spider-Man. I made a suit. I scrounged up some web-shooters. And I did the thing. I was bad at it. Seriously. But I had to do something. I let Spider-Man die so I had to take his place. I had to try. And while some things went well, a lot of it didn't. Being Spider-Man opened up my life to a lot of adventure and experiences. But it also made me lose my dad, my mom, my uncle… it was hard. Harder than I want to admit.

But then things kind of got… uh, weirder?

Well, do I wanna' call the end of the world, weird? I don't know what happened. I can't really explain it. But some cosmic incident kicked up a whole lot of dimensional static that made my world and a bunch of others start closing in on themselves. Like, they were disappearing. I don't know how or why but things were getting worse and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Turns out, though, that I didn't have to.

All I needed was a hamburger.

I'll try to clear this up. There was some dude, right? He was hungry. Why he was in the middle of this Crisis of Infinite Spider-Verses, I'll never know. But he asked for some food and I just happened to have a hamburger I was saving for myself. But with the world ending, I figured I'd might as well give it up. No need to eat when your molecules are about to be ripped apart at mach million.

Somebody up there must like me because the dude I burger'd kinda worked some weird mojo or something. When my dimension collapsed, I got thrown into a different one. This one. And as far as I know, anyone knows, I've been here the whole time. Crazy, right? I mean, I thought so too but I got my Mom and Dad back. I got Ganke back. I got… it's like I never lost anyone.

It's not every day you get a second chance.

So that's about it, I guess. You're all caught up. I'm Miles Morales. Spider-Man. Too. And this? I guess this is my life…

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In order to do this properly, we're going to have to separate both halves of this coin. There's Miles Morales and there's Spider-Man. While they both possess a superhuman need to be responsible, compassionate and always do the right thing, there are times when the two sides of this young man present themselves in vastly different lights. Which is interesting due to both of them being heroes in their own special way.

Miles Morales is your average young geek adult with a love of science and nerd stuff. His high leveled intelligence is hidden behind a confidence that only seems to display itself when Miles is in situations that he's comfortable with. Which, more often than not, are no situations. His neighborhood is where he's the most outgoing, having been raised there and managed to gain a popularity if only by name. His graffiti and artistry may also help with that but that's really about it. Everywhere else he's kind of an awkward dude, unsure of how to act or really exist in the social hierarchy of life or school or work. Life is complicated for Miles but he powers through with the help of his friends and family, which are the most important things in his life.

Spider-Man is a completely different story. When Miles puts on the suit and the mask, he has something to hide behind. He becomes a tornado of wit and pop culture quips in the midst of his heroics. Heroics that he's still unsure about even after all this time. He consistently worries about doing the right thing or being the right hero which may cause him to second guess himself. Even though he's completely confident in his powers and abilities, Spider-Miles still worries more about what he's doing and how he's doing it than most. A lot of it stems from the fact that he's been given a blessing to carry on the legacy of being a Spider-Man (Too) and he puts a lot of pressure on himself to not screw this opportunity up.

With both of his lives being as hectic and full of drama and possible trauma as they are, Miles is often a ball of stress and tension. He's often on edge and perhaps takes things more seriously than he needs to. He puts more pressure on himself to be better than he has to be if only to make sure that he's even worthy of carrying the mantle of Spider-Man in the first place. More often than not, Miles just wants to have a day to relax but that's almost never in the cards. He loves being Spider-Man as much as he loves being himself, it has become a part of him and he wouldn't change it for the world.

In both facets of his life, Miles lives by two strong mission statements: "With great power there must also come great responsibility." and "What would Peter Parker do?"

Eventually, he's going to have to figure out "What would Miles Morales do?" but that's going to take one serious leap of faith.

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Character Sheet

ALONG CAME A SPIDER: Miles Morales was bitten by a genetically altered spider that was stolen by his Uncle and somehow managed to find its away onto his hand. It was a spider from a series of experiments at some facility that existed in a different dimension than the one Miles is in currently. The red and blue neon colored spider was tagged with a '42' on its back and gifted Miles with the curse of having his humanity altered into a state of metahumanity by giving him the proportionate abilities of a spider.

SPIDER-AGILITY: The Spider-Bite has given Miles an enhanced agility that extends to other factors of physical movement such as balance, flexibility and bodily coordination. These things have all been boosted beyond the levels of Peak Olympiads, making this Spidey clearly superhuman when it comes to feats that fall into this category. In addition to being able to perform incredible feats of agility, Miles has been given the ability to achieve a perfect equilibrium. Miles instinctually shifts his position and can balance himself on even the smallest and narrow of objects.

SPIDER-BITE: Due to the result of the spider's bite, Miles Morales has had his entire physiology change to that of a metahuman with spectacular abilities. The strain of genetically modified spider that bit him also modified Miles in a number of interesting ways. The spider-bite has put Miles into a position of Peak Metahuman Physicality and thus allowing him to operate on a level that is a few steps beyond that of a Peak Human. His already perfect vision has been kicked up a couple of notches allowing him to see objects clearly from a greater distance than what baseline humans are capable of seeing. His metabolism has been boosted to metahumanly enhanced levels affording him the luxury of healing from devastating injuries at an accelerated rate. Rumors and research have pointed towards the formula that was used to create the spider that bit him having the side effect of immortality which could potentially mean that Miles Morales may never die a natural death.

SPIDER-CLING: Miles can cling to any surface using his fingertips and his feet. He can actually use any part of his body but the most useful limbs are those that allow him the ease of movement. His wall-crawling ability seems to be directly linked to his mind and emotions, as when he first acquired his abilities he found it difficult to unstick to things while nervous or stressed. It is unclear if those factors still come into play.

SPIDER-DURABLE: Miles' body is metahumanly enhanced to be more resistant to injury and generally just tougher than a normal human's body on a physical level. His body has been altered to be capable of surviving through vicious impact forces, able to walk away from things that would kill or severely injure a normal human being.

SPIDER-HIDE: Miles can blend into his surroundings through the use of another ability derived from his Spider-Bite. While it is not true invisibility, Miles' camouflage ability does extend to his clothes and others small objects that fit within the parameters of the light that's bending to create the stealthy blend in the first place. This really helps with being a stealthy Spider.

SPIDER-SENSE: Spider-Sense is one of the key elements to being a Spider-Type and Miles is in possession of exactly this key element. However, while it does serve as the classic 'early warning system' like that of the OG Spider-Man, Miles' Spider-Sense also has a few different features of its own. Miles' Spider-Sense works in almost the same fashion as precognition as it sometimes gives him prophetic dreams about things that may happen very soon or are happening currently. He's also been known to be able to 'sense' when things are 'just not right', such as with 'reality' or when 'illusions' are at play. The buzzing sensation he receives is similar to that of other Spider-Types in that it gives him a near complete awareness of his surroundings and when used in tandem with his incredible reflexes, this makes him almost impossible to hit. He dodges and counters most attacks on instinct.

SPIDER-SPEED: Miles Morales has been gifted with the metahuman ability of moving at speeds that correlate with the proportionate speed of a spider. He can move at speeds that are far beyond the scope of the fastest human. He can move fast enough to keep up with speeding vehicles (such as cars) or to dodge incoming attacks with ease. His reflexes have also been modified by this spider-based speed, allowing him to react at least 20 times faster than a normal human being can.

SPIDER-STAMINA: Miles possesses a metahumanly enhanced musculature that allows him to function at peak levels of physical activity for elongated periods of time by producing less fatigue toxins. In addition to this, Miles is capable of holding his breath for great lengths and generally outperforming peak humanity's stamina-based greatness with incredible ease.

SPIDER-STING: Miles can control the electricity in his body in a way that enables to use it offensively and in combative situations. Referred to as his Venom Blast, Miles can send a bio-electric shock into a target with just a touch. It begins with a spark that, within moments, elevates to electrocution of varying degrees. The results of which seem to be more based on the target than what Miles is producing. Some targets have fallen into a state of incapacitated unconsciousness while others have simply been dazed by this Spider's Sting. Trial and error have shown that targets with genetic alterations are more susceptible to the Venom Blast and technology is easily destroyed by the effects of this ability. In times of extreme stress or focus Miles can release powerful bursts of bio-electric energy strong enough to destroy buildings. This Mega Venom Blast will leave Miles in a state of exhaustion, though. A more commonly use of this bio-electricity is the infusion of his fists with this energy for the creation of the Venom Punch.

SPIDER-STRENGTH: The Spectacular Spider-Miles possesses spider-human strength that gives him a baseline strength of at least 10 tons. His body structure has been enhanced to be able to withstand the ramifications of having such strength while also extending to his legs, as well. With these limbs of enhanced strength Miles can lift and carrying things like automobiles or leaping and jumping several stories in a single bound. Miles is capable of performing greater feats of strength during times of duress or when emotionally driven for incredible heroics or for survival.

SPIDER-THREADS: Miles can create threads of bio-electricity which are shot from his hands. These energy threads are strong enough to be used for swinging, yanking and flailing opponents much in the same fashion as his web fluid. While these threads share a tensile prehensility with the web fluid they do not stick in the way his webbing does. Instead, they glow with the power of his bio-electricity and can even dispense a debilitating electric shock to disrupt the nervous system of foes caught in this particular 'web'.




Spider-Man (Too)
Spider-Man: Remix
Spider-Man: Remix
Full Name: Miles Gonzalo Morales
Code Name: Spider-Man (Too)
Occupation: College Student / Spider-Hero
Aliases: Miles Davis, Kid Arachnid, Lil' Thwip, Brooklyn's Finest, Spider-Man Too, Spider-Man II, Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Miles
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: BROOKLYN!
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Bitten by a genetically altered spider.
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Build: Spider-Slim
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Chance Perdomo
Theme Song: What's Up Danger - Blackway, Black Caviar
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Spider-Man-Morales
Played Since: 3-19-2019

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