Star Lord


Peter Quill has had a bit of a rough life.

Kidnapped from Earth just after his mother passed away, the boy grew up among the group of rowdy pirates called the Ravagers. Raised by their leader Yondu like a son of his own, Peter learned much from the…colorful…group. How to shoot. How to lie. How to get out of work. How to cut deals and who to cut out of them. How to not get eaten by people who have never tasted Terran before. All very important life lessons. Lessons that he would grow up with. Lessons he would Master.

Lessons he would use to screw the Ravagers out of a lot of money.

So began a long and exciting time Peter. He was arrested for disturbing the piece, while someone tried to kill him, and a pair of bounty hunters tried to capture him all at once. He was thrown into the Kiln, self proclaimed most secure prison in the Galaxy. There he met a group of mismatched people…and plants…and forged them into a group of Guardians. They escaped. Made up with his surrogate father. Killed some guy named Ronan with godlike powers and saved a planet from extinction. Then he screwed Yondu out of the prize again.

The pirate king didn't seem to mind too much. It just meant he taught him well.

Of course he'll still have to kill Peter, but that's just cause of appearances. He doesn't really want to.

He, in his own humble opinion, saved the galaxy. He even got a new ship out of it. Things seemed to be going just fine. Of course when your best friends include a thieving explosives expert, and the rest of your crew are even more…unique. You can't stay out of trouble for long.

…and he didn't.

His celebration tour led him to Asgard, mostly because they make some of the best beer in the galaxy. The next few days were a blur to him but he seems to remember something about a brawl, Rocket and someone getting into an argument.

Weapons being drawn. Statues being exploded…one of his friends telling him he's an idiot. Dancing. Trying to get Asgardians to dance. Really he thought they had a great time.

The Asgardians? Not so much.

Which is why him and the rest of his crew are stuck on Earth. At least for the time being. Something about community service protecting…something. He wasn't really paying much attention.

Recent Events

…in more recent news…well Peter Quill has been forced to almost be respectable. He's picked up new friends. Held a steady job for at least three months. Works with SHIELD, because they pay him a lot and let him stash his ship, and has a steady girlfriend. He thinks.

…he and the Guardians also occasionally help save the world. Like you do.

I mean really. What else is there to do on Terra.


Peter is a complicated creature, hidden under an uncomplicated red leather jacket. Raised by pirates, it goes without saying that his moral compass is more than a touch skewed. However his early years were spent raised by his mother and grandfather, people who devoted much into trying to make sure that Peter grew up a fine young man. No one really believed his mother when she
said that his father wasn't human, but that didn't matter to Peter. She loved him and that was all he needed to know. She imparted to him a loyalty to those that matter. How it was important to sometimes try to do the right thing, when it was dangerous. She imparted some very important morals to a young boy that took most of them to heart. HIs connection to those lessons and his mother runs deep, personified in the walkman and cassette tapes she gave him before she passed away.

The flip side of that moral core is the lessons he learned from his surrogate father figure, the Ravanger Lord Yondu Udonta. The Ravangers are a hard living group of mercenaries and occasional pirates and as their leader Yondu taught Peter the tools of the trade. Live fast. Trust no one but yourself and always, always get the best end of any deal. He taught the boy to fight, steal, lie,
cheat and party. Everything a Ravanger needed to survive in a harsh galaxy that always seemed more ready to punch you in the face than lift you up. That is the core of the persona, the view that most people see of Peter Quill. A smart talking rogue, willing to sell his own father out for a chance for his own life.

He did. And Yondu put a price on his head for it. It was the proper Ravager thing to do after all. Peter might have learned too well from the pirate, but only time will tell that one.

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Character Sheet


Peter's mother was a human. From that place called Earth. His father? Not so much. Normally this doesn't seem to make much difference, but it seems that Peter can survive things that would kill normal humans. Not unscathed, but he can survive them. It just hurts like hell in the morning.




Star Munch
Saving the galaxy, one theft at a time.
Saving the galaxy, one theft at a time.
Full Name: Peter Jason Quill
Code Name: Star Munch
Occupation: Leader of the Guardians
Aliases: Star-Lord, That Guy
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Guardians of the Galaxy
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 28
Height: 6'1"
Build: One sandwich away from fat
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: star-lord
Played Since: 11/30/18

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