The second daughter of the First House of Tamarus on the planet Tamaran in the Vega system, Koriand'r grew up surrounded by the adoration of her family and her passionately joyous people. As a princess, her upbringing was one of political statecraft, as well highly disciplined training under the so-called Warlords of the nearby planet Okaara. Upon their hollow, dead world, she was trained intensely in various forms of melee combat and exotic martial arts, but also in the philosophies underlying the use of violence. All of this was in the hope that she would one day be ready to lead her house and people, hopefully in peace, but in war if needed. Sadly, they would suffer much of the latter in the years to come.

Despite Tamaran's utopian character, the Vega system as a whole was renowned for crime, slavery, and interplanetary violence, ignored even by the Green Lantern Corps due to some agreement with the local powers. Among such a hostile environment and frequently targeted for its lush resources, the Tamaranean people developed a strong martial culture despite their joyful, pleasure-seeking nature, ready to turn their great passions to violence. Unfortunately this only provoked, rather than forestalled conflicts with their neighboring races like the Citadel, Psions and Gordanians, or even more distant but aggressive empires like the Dominators and Khund. Eventually, severa plotted together to invade and conquer the paradise-like world. Its proud people were only spared annihilation by a humiliating treaty: Koriand'r's parents were deposed and she, the planet's most beloved princess, was given to the Citadel as a slave. Her sister in turn was made the planet's ruler, although Koriand'r never learned if she had been part of the plot or was merely forced to be their puppet.

The following years were a dark time for the once-Princess. Tormented and humiliated, sold and re-sold, Koriand'r endured countless abuses in captivity. Most were typical to her situation, but some more unique: Psion scientists used her as a research subject, testing the limits of the Tamaranean energy-absorbing physiology through countless and excrutiatingly painful tests. Fortunately, after 'burning her out,' they felt their experiments were a failure and transferred her back to the general pool of slaves. It was there, after being nursed back to health by some of her fellow slaves (including several belonging to the very races that had conquered her home), that she would discover that the Psion's experiments had been successful. Using her new-found powers, she led a violent rebellion upon the slave ship, and true the passionate nature of her people, spared not a single life among their former tormentors.

Control of one ship did not constitute freedom or safety, however. Koriand'r and her crew were hunted as escapees, pursued across their sector of space. And while they endured many hardships together, she eventually came to a realization: while her new adoptive family were mere escaped cargo, she was a political exile, and it was because of her that they were hunted so intently. Realizing this, she took a smaller ship and fled while they were refitting, knowing her crew would have done everything they could to stay with her. On her own, she was pursued far and wide, until, battered and tired, she stumbled across the remote backwater of the Sol system. Seeking refuge on its verdant 3rd planet with a Gordanian slaveship in close pursuit, she was surprised when several native warriors rushed to her defense, defeating and scattering her pursuers. She soon learned these young champions were somewhat unique among their people, and from there it was not long before she joined the 'heroes' of Earth, protecting the planet and people who had given her refuge

Recent Events

Koriand'r has enjoyed many adventures with the Titans. During the recent demonic invasion, she helped befriend an insectoid race known as the Tamachoans after they were brought into this dimension by Bart Allen. Through some clever linguistic exchange, she became a good friend to their high priest.


Like most Tamaraneans, Koriand'r is an intensely passionate creature. She possesses an overwhelming zeal for all the joys of life, ready to offer seemingly unconditional kindess to all she meets. She makes friends easily, but cares for them deeply and keeps them with fearsome loyalty. She is curious, carefree, eager, and often seems guileless: she feels little need to hide her feelings from others, and expresses them openly, whether in joy or sadness, or even rage, which she feels with equal intensity when it is somehow provoked. She would happily die protecting those she loves, but also, very likely kill to defend or avenge them, these latter impulses giving her a spectacularly violent temper for such a loving person. Such reactions are further colored by her experiences of humiliation and abuse during her former enslavement. She hates such injustice and cruelty like no other, and treats perpetrators of such without mercy.

RP Hooks

  • Space Nonsense! - Starfire has seen many worlds and dealt with many alien races. She could easily share background & villains with other space-sorts, or help out if you're planning a trip!
  • Celebrity & Society - If you're a billionaire (and who isn't?), you're expected to be seen partying with supermodels, right? Why not Kory Anders?
  • Weird Tech - See alien. Kori is casually familiar with technology unimaginable to most on Earth. Maybe you're a science sort and want to pick her brain a little?
  • Breaking Chains - Once enslaved herself, Kori has always shown particular attention to fighting similar institutions on Earth, targeting human traffickers & etc. If your character has similar goals, they could have worked together or simply be aware of one another.
  • Oldschool Titan - She's one of the first-gen, founding Titans. Apart from the current roster, she might know other heroes (or villains) of that era.



Character Sheet




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Full Name: Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran
Code Name: Starfire
Occupation: Exile Space Princess / Supermodel
Aliases: Kory Anders
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Tamaranean
Age: 25
Height: 6'7"
Build: Statuesque Bombshell
Hair Color: Fiery Red (sometimes literally)
Eye Color: Neon Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song: "Lights, Camera, Action" - from Teen Titans Go!
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: starfire
Played Since: Nov 18, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 28 Feb 2020 01:03

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