From a very young age, Starfish's imagination had sparked changes. At first these changes were only in what she saw, and when Starfish described the wonders she experienced (that no one else seemed to), she was tested and eventually institutionalized. At age seven she departed from the normal life many kids came to know, and became part of a rigid schedule, nice-seeming overlords in labcoats, and drugs. Lots of drugs. Over time, the drugs had a peculiar side effect of making her personal visions become the visions of others. She could change what other people saw. She knew better than to explain her experiences by then. No one could be trusted to know. For ten years Starfish honed her abilities, learning she could make changes that were impossible, but only to herself. She could make someone else see things that were different from the truth. This was easy to conceal in the mental ward at least. Any reports of hallucinations would not be really that far out of place.

Once released, Starfish moved in with her parents again, and they were tasked with keeping their daughter both on track to normality and with communicating any and all deviations from the norm to Starfish's doctor. She was seventeen, and had been integrated into school, but she certainly did not fit in and didn't bother trying to. She soon dropped out. It wasn't normal and the doctor would be unhappy but it was her choice. Normal kids drop out of school all the time, after all. Starfish began filling her time with exploring what life was like outside the walls of school, home, or the hospital. Intent on becoming some kind of super hero, but never revealing that to anyone, she would change her attire to be flamboyant and concealing of her identity, never giving out a special name (because all the good ones are taken), and periodically finding a wrong to right.

Recent Events

Late August 2019-Early September Starfish wanders New York City


  • Secretive: Starfish keeps a lot of her personal details from being known by anyone. Her past is not one of those details she bothers to keep secret. She does not engage in social media, not even for appearances.
  • Introvert: Few can match Starfish's ability to blend into the background at parties, staring at the floor, having no idea what she's doing there, growing more restless with every passing false pleasantry, until she finally just leaves to be alone. While introverts in general find the company of others acceptable, Starfish actively prefers solitude to strangers of any kind. She can ignore this part of herself with some mental stability consequences.
  • Name: Starfish's name is unusual, and she is reminded of it with almost every new person encountered. None of the jokes made really bother her. It's one of the few things she can use to break the ice when she is feeling social enough to actually talk to someone she does not know yet.

RP Hooks

Mental Asylum A full decade spent trying to get Starfish to be a normal person (It didn't work but she can pretend it did). If your character visited the same completely normal-seeming hospital to treat mental illness because of someone they care about or because they needed treatment themselves, they may have seen or even talked to Starfish.
High School Starfish spent a short but memorable time in Eleanor Rosevelt High School, showing up to school in outlandish outfits, and making her past within the mental hospital a matter of public knowledge there. She dropped out within months.


Character Sheet

DISCLAIMER: The abilities that influence other characters directly are governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dicate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so! Any attempt to use this power does not guarantee it will work.

NIGHTMARES: In a similar vein to her Wish Fulfillment power, Starfish can make someone experience their greatest fear, if any. The subject must know what that fear is, so it would not work on someone who is truly afraid of nothing by either ignorance or conditioning. The subject may be afraid of spiders, and would experience being menaced by one or more. The subject might fear falling and lose touch with reality as their mind creates the experience for them. Starfish has no control over how the fantasy plays out.
Limits: Those with powers of the mind (most any telepath) will know the illusion is false and see the fantasy as a transparent image laid over reality, able to act in accordance with what they understand. Actual danger to the subject will immediately snap them out of the fantasy, as that instinct overcomes Starfish's influence. This power is subject to the game's Consent policy.

PERCEPTION CONTROL: The unusual talent to control what other people see, hear, smell, taste and feel, in addition to less clearly defined sensations. Starfish can only influence senses she herself possesses and understands. She would have a difficult time making Wolverine smell something other than what is truly present because there would be a large amount of information missing, that Wolverine would expect to perceive. Her control over perceptions changes details in the surroundings, rather than making illusionary information from nothing. She could not make someone see a new person walking where no persons are. She could change a fair-skinned adult man into a dark-skinned young girl, but only to the perceptions of one person at a time, and the subject would remember both versions of what they saw. This power is subject to the game's Consent policy.

PHANTASMAL CREATION: Starfish can create things from nothing, which feel quite real but are in fact a fragment of a dream made into something solid. So long as she does not simply make something appear out of "thin air" the options for what she can create are vast. They are merely props, however, and do not have any intrinsic function beyond being a shape that looks and feels like the genuine article. She could produce what looks and has the weight and smell of a handgun from a pocket, but it cannot fire because it is not really a gun. It would set off metal detectors at an airport and pass visual and tactile inspection but taking it apart would reveal its nature as unreal, since Starfish has no idea what the inside of a gun actually looks like. She can create living creatures with this power, though they are limited by where she could possibly have hidden them. A rabbit could be hidden in a hat. A tiger could be hidden in a room. An elephant cannot be hidden under a dining table. While Starfish knows that tigers have claws and sharp teeth, they would have no more effect than a housecat's versions of the same, because Starfish has never encountered a tiger.

SELF CHANGE: So long as Starfish retains the singular detail of "human", she can change her outward appearance. She can look older or younger, change her clothing to be wildly different than what she put on that morning, change her scent to be identifiable as plaid rabbits, change her hair to resemble a large wasp made out of human hair, anything she can think of really. Combined with her Phantasm Creation power she could pass herself off as anyone if she knows enough details about them.

TELEPORTATION: In a limited capacity, Starfish can alter her personal reality so that she changes location. As long as no one is watching either her starting point or destination, and she could feasibly have traversed the distance without needing to teleport, she can move herself to a different point in space. She cannot escape closed rooms in this manner, because she cannot walk through walls or the door, and clearly the door is closed so she could not walk through that. She could step behind an obstacle blocking sight and emerge from behind a crate on the roof of a nearby building, because while she would certainly have a difficult time climbing that building, it is feasible that she could have done so.
Limits: Starfish is incapable of altering her location to a spot she cannot clearly define by sight (or at the very least, touch, but that tends to not let her teleport further than "right beside herself" and would be impossible with someone observing), unaltered by any device (Binoculars present a skewed version of vision, and you absolutely cannot trust a camera to tell you what is actually there) and her true range limit is the distance from ground to the roof of a 30-story building. Past that and details about her destination are too difficult to really make out.

WISH FULFILLMENT: Related to Perception Control, Starfish can make someone believe that their greatest desire is made real. If all someone really wants right at the moment is a ham sandwich, they experience a fantasy wherein the sandwich is somehow given to them. The more elaborate and far-fetched the desire, the more reality around them appears to change. If their desired reality does not match their environment (greatest desire: to be flying) they simply stop moving rather than engage in potentially harmful activity. Starfish has no control over how the fantasy plays out, only making it happen.
Limits: Those with powers of the mind (most any telepath) will know the illusion is false and see the fantasy as a transparent image laid over reality, able to act in accordance with what they understand. Danger to the subject will immediately snap them out of the fantasy, as that instinct overcomes Starfish's influence. This power is subject to the game's Consent policy.




A girl with control over perceptions.
A girl with control over perceptions.
Full Name: Starfish Winedrum
Code Name:
Occupation: High School Dropout
Aliases: That Weird Girl
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Nothing official
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutated (Drugs) Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5 foot and change
Build: Lanky. Very lanky.
Hair Color: Russet
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Original Character
Wiki Tag: starfish
Played Since: Late August 2019

Last Posted Activity: 22 Nov 2019 22:13

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