Born in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Roberto 'Bobby' da Costa was the only son of self-made billionaire Emmanuel da Costa, and his American wife, Nina. Even from a young age, Bobby was marked out as different from his peers, as the child of an Afro-Brazilian and a white American: It marked him as an outsider wherever he looked, being not quite one thing nor another. At home, his father was a tyrant, who applied the same ruthless manner he'd used to crawl his way up from the streets to the heights of success to his family life, behaviour that would ultimately drive Nina away and which caused Bobby to endure borderline abusive treatment in an effort to 'toughen him up' so he could survive the world's cruelties.

Bobby's only refuge was soccer, and in his early teens a young woman named Juliana Sandoval.

Neither of these would last.

When his mutant powers first expressed it was unfortunately public, in the middle of a soccer match. Provoked by a racial attack by another player, Bobby's temper got the better of him, causing him to first assume his 'solar form'. The incident drew attention, and little of it was good: While Professor X sent agents to help the young mutant, they were a half-step behind less altruistic individuals, and in the ensuing tragedy Juliana was killed.

As a result of the incident, Emmanuel eventually agreed to let Bobby train at the Institute, both to help him control his gift and to get him out of Brazil until the fallout could be dealt with. Naturally, training meant becoming part of the New Mutants, because if you've got a bunch of rowdy super kids you might as well put them in danger.

The New Mutants had a variety of adventures, most of them wild and some of them completely absurd, like the time they went to Asgard: While some of the others had profound experiences that changed them forever, Bobby mostly hung out in a tavern and made friends with the Warriors Three. Moonstar joined the Valkyrior! Bobby lifted Volstagg.

It was during his time as a New Mutant that Bobby had another accident, inadvertently injuring another student during a training exercise. Fearing what his loss of control might mean in a larger sense, he briefly ran away from the Institute, falling in with a group of young criminals calling themselves the Fallen Angels, under the 'leadership' of the Vanisher. Though he was eventually convinced to return to the Institute, Bobby formed a connection with another of the Fallen Angels, a troubled young woman calling herself Boom-Boom.

All good things come to an end, though, and in time the New Mutants 'graduated', many of the former members going their separate ways. Though Bobby lingered around the Institute for a while, teaching certainly wasn't on his list of proclivities, and instead he used his wealth and jet-setting lifestyle to fashion himself into an international agent for Xavier's Dream, a James Bond for the X-gene set. When his father passed, not long after the Chitauri attack, he wasn't even sure he really mourned. Certainly, he never stuck around much to take over the old man's place at the head of da Costa International in more than name.

But when the X-Men need Sunspot, well… Who is he to say no to action and adventure?

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Roberto da Costa is the life of the party. He's a charming, gregarious kinda guy who tries to make friends with pretty much everybody he meets, because that's the way he's chosen to paper over the deep emotional wounds caused by growing up as a mixed-race kid with a ruthless tyrant of a father and a largely absent mother, and then watching his girlfriend get murdered right in front of him after the traumatic first expression of his mutant powers. Though growing up has cooled a lot of his fiery temperament, he can still be hot-headed and impulsive, acting on the moment rather than with any sort of plan - or he might be creating that image on purpose, as part of a larger ploy. Age and experience has made Bobby more cunning and manipulative, though his absolute belief in Xavier's Dream - and the American ideal of freedom and equality - leads him to channel those traits towards more altruistic ends.

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SOLAR ENERGY ABSORPTION: The primary aspect of Sunspot's mutation is that his body is constantly absorbing various forms of energy, and storing it in his cells. Most notably, he absorbs sunlight and solar radiation, and in the initial stages of his mutation it was believed this was all he could take in, but years and experience and the sort of weird misadventures X-Men get exposed to have caused his natural ability to grow and evolve: Nowadays, Roberto can absorb most types of radiation, though how efficiently - and how harmlessly - varies depending on the type and intensity.

Light and heat are the most easily absorbed energy types, given they're part of the whole 'solar energy' thing; as such, Sunspot is virtually immune to harm from fire or lasers, unless they're simply too powerful for him to completely absorb, or are backed up with kinetic energy. Harmful radiation also feeds Sunspot, though higher intensities can still cause damage in the process, particularly particle radiation.

An interesting side effect of this ability is that in space, with no planetary electromagnetic field to 'protect' him from all that delicious cosmic background radiation, Sunspot is actually capable of surviving indefinitely in his solar form, without need for air or food.

SOLAR FORM: The more obvious side of Sunspot's mutant power is that he's able to manipulate the energy he absorbs. In his 'solar form', Sunspot is actively rather than passively drawing on energy, to the extent that much of the ambient light around him is absorbed, causing him to appear largely vantablack with glowing golden eyes, and surrounding him with strange phenomena like golden lightning and motes of pure darkness.

In his solar form, Sunspot is enormously strong, one of the physically strongest mutants on Earth (a far cry from his early days, where he was super strong but rather more modestly); his precise strength level is variable depending on how much energy he has stored at any given time, though he probably isn't going to be winning any arm wrestling matches with the Hulk, even overcharged. Similarly, though it still lags noticeably behind his strength level, in his solar form Sunspot is also possessed of superhuman durability, able to survive explosions and slugging matches with people who can throw cars. However, absorbing damage bleeds through his energy reserves much faster than feats of strength do.

Additionally, in his solar form Sunspot is capable of flight, propelling himself through sheer force of will by creating thermal updrafts. He can manage anything from a hover to up to 150 MPH in the air without particularly exerting himself, and while he can push it to maybe double that with effort, it blows through his energy reserves that much faster, as well as creating extremely obvious heat trails, which isn't good for carrying anyone or anything who isn't themselves immune to heat damage.

Even more additionally, in his solar form Sunspot can project blasts of thermokinetic energy, which come in two flavours. The regular bolts are more golden in colour, comparatively lightweight blasts of heat and kinetic energy that the mutant can toss off all day long, and which probably wouldn't kill a guy. More dangerous, and more draining, are his 'dark solar plasma blasts', actual bolts of pitch black plasma which combine impossibly searing heat that spontaneously converts the air to the fourth state of matter, with the force of getting hit by a speeding semi truck.

THERMOKINESIS: Sort of a side-effect of the rest of his mutation's abilities, Sunspot is capable of both absorbing and projecting heat, an 'active' application of his powers that he can do even without entering his solar form. He can both raise or lower the ambient temperature around him by drawing in or releasing heat into his own body, and is also capable of directly raising or lowering the body temperature of another person as long as he has physical contact.




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CEO of Da Costa International
CEO of Da Costa International
Full Name: Roberto da Costa
Code Name: Sunspot
Occupation: International Mutant of Mystery
Aliases: Bobby, 'berto, 'beto, "Solar"
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men (New Mutants)
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 25
Height: 6'0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: sunspot
Played Since: December 23, 2018

Last Posted Activity: 17 Oct 2019 12:58

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