Conner Krummet is not who he thinks he is.

He was not born in a suburb of Gotham, the son of a struggling pair of
teachers. He does not have a little sister who constantly pushed his buttons.
He did not get an average of low B's in school, and he did not kiss his first
girl during the Gotham Harvest Carnival when he was a Sophomore. Conner did
not discover his powers while saving his girlfriend from a drunk driver, and
he did not come to Metropolis to become a real, legit superhero.

Conner Krummet does not exist.

Experiment 13 exists.

Created in Cadmus Labs from cloned DNA of a certain otherplanetary messiah and
a specific genius CEO, Experiment 13 came from a line of terrible mistakes. He
was the first success, and yet even he had issues. For one thing, they had
issues directly planting commands into his brain. The lack of context or
memories turned him into a sociopath. So, they created false memories to
implant his commands as his own ideas. This worked. He kept trying to escape,
so they released him with these false memories, along with implanted commands
to check in for further instructions at specific times, with no memory of ever
doing it.

'The Metropolis Kid' made his first appearance in Winter, when he saved a news
helicopter from coming down in a snow storm. After that it was a flurry of
stopping crime, posing for cameras, and doing a pretty decent job of being a
hero, even if he's a bit flirty and smarmy. He wears the 'S' on his jacket
because he thinks he IS Super. Why should HE be the only one who can wear it?
He has no idea it is a subliminal urge due to his connection to Superman.

So, for now he lives out of a small apartment, with the double life of a young
man looking for a job, while he fights crime on the side. Meanwhile, he
furthers the agenda of evil without ever knowing it. Once he finds out, of
course, there will be hell to pay.

Recent Events

Conner was taken in by the other wayward youths of the Titans in late July of 2019, though he has been stretching his legs and doing other things as well. He isn't used to a team, or even having friends. He is trying, though.

He, at this point, has NO idea of his true nature.


Conner is a good kid. He might be smarmy and sarcastic, and now and again he might make the sort of selfish decision you expect a male teen to make, but under it all he is trying to do the right thing. He doesn't know that his memories or fake or that he isn't 'real'. His life is very, very real to him, as are his decisions. He sticks up for the underdog, and while he can be flirty, he's chivalrous when it comes down to it, and he likes giving people (Especially women) the benefit of the doubt. This is not always a good thing, honestly, and some might see it as sexist, and others might use it against him. He absolutely does not see women as weaker, but it is a weird thing he's never really been able to shake.

RP Hooks


Always looking for chances to do heroic things. This can be as simple as stopping a bank robbery to convincing someone to leave an abusive relationship.


Team-ups in comics are one of the greatest things. Wanna have a random encounter where we do some super-heroics together?


I love parties, and social events of any kind. Bring 'em.


Conner doesn't understand how lonely he actually feels.


Character Sheet


Conner is almost indestructible. Bullets bounce off of him, and lasers can't seem to burn him. Cars that hit him fold around him, and bones break against him. Still, he IS destroyable. Really strong opponents can bruise and hurt him, though he generally has a good showing against them. Top tier heroes and villains can take him out, as he is tough, but not fully skilled in how to use his durability to the best of his benefit.


Conner can fly, and he loves to do so. He is able to hover, as well. At his peak speed he can move at a couple hundred miles an hour, but he is not a top tier speedster. He can breach the atmosphere, and he is able to hold his breath in space for a few hours, if need be. However, he has never pushed it for more then a few minutes at a time.


Conner is capable of incredible bursts of speed. Whether he is flying or running, he can move faster then the human eye can catch. He isn't as fast as someone like Superman or the Flash, but he is far, far faster then a normal human being.


Conner is insanely strong. He has not gained the full understanding of his powers just yet, and he has room to grow. However, he is already able to lift several hundred tons if he pushes himself. He can punch through a wall or metal with ease, but he is still not as strong as some. He's rather proud of what he has, however.

(Working on getting his solar vision and super senses added)




The Clone of Steel
The Clone of Steel
Full Name: Kon-El/Conner Krummett
Code Name: Superboy
Occupation: Wayward Youth, Superhero
Aliases: The Metropolis Kid
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Outer Space
Affiliations: Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Kryptonian Hybrid
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: superboy
Played Since: August 7th, 2019

Last Posted Activity: 18 Aug 2019 18:41

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