Superboy wasn't so much born as grown a handful of years back, in a Cadmus lab. He's a clone of Superman, in a process which utilized human DNA (WHOSE COULD IT BE?!?) to stabilize the resultant copy. His education came from osmosis as he was grown to young adulthood suspended in superscience goop— or would have been, had he not busted out (or been busted out, whatever) a little early. Mostly baked and naive as hell, he called himself Superman, and he set out to become a famouse hero— no, THE MOST famous hero. The icon. The man himself.

It didn't take long for Superman to earn the clone's respect, and from their, friendship and kinship. Taking up the Superboy monicker, he was also given the Kryptonian name Kon-El, and welcomed into the human family to boot. To call it culture shock is a massive understatement, but Kon's had a few years now to hone his heroic nature and adaptation to modern society. Pursuing higher education, and maybe just a touch of that aforementioned fame, he's forging friendships, testing teamwork, and flying high.

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Kon is a lot like Superman on the inside: his heart is aligned with truth, justice, all that stuff. He wants to do right, he tries to do right, and he desperately wants to be sure what that is from moment to moment. He's got a big heart, and a compassionate soul. Outwardly, though, Kon-El is far more flippant than his iconic elder. He covers any vulnerability and some emotionality with sarcasm, wit, and flippancy. He can be hotheaded, impulsive and prone to rash actions or moments of gullibility.

More than anything, Conner wants to be worthy of the sigil he wears, to carve out a legacy of hope that's greater than himself, as Superman has done. He's deceptively introspective and self-aware, prone to the same self-doubt that can stymie and paralyze him just like Clark, but also provides the same capacity for heroism and wisdom. There's also hints of a cunning intellect somewhat different from his known progenitor's…

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FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET: Superboy's Kryptonian physiology allows him to move and react at rates that baffle the human eye, and more than a few superhuman peepers as well. He can easily outrun a bullet, throw himself in the way of a nearby laser blast, or cross the planet in a handful of minutes. He's nowhere near as fast as a speedster such as the Flash and his Speed-Force ilk, but in outer space Kon-El's potential becomes truly impressive, able to accelerate to relativistic speeds and cross the solar system or stellar space without benefit of a specialized starcraft.

LOOKS CAN KILL: Superboy is capable of emitting his stored solar energy as intense beams of heat from his eyes. This radiated sunlight can be modulated at will, coming out weak enough to simply start a campfire in the rain or light a smoke, or intense enough to rapidly melt advanced metal alloys, or like, killbots and stuff.

SUPERB SENSORY SUITE: Telescopic vision, x-ray eyes, super-hearing. It's not all as honed and well-developed as Superman's, but Kon-El is coming into his own in spades. He can zero in on distant objects or isolate faint sounds with focus, and look right through just about anything that's not lead. He can tell if 'they' are real, but that's just not an honorable thing, so he would -never- check. All in all it's part of what makes Kryptonians such formidable crime-interdiction entities, and difficult to effectively ambush.

SUPER BASKET WEAVING: Hahaha psych. Gotcha! Total pwnage. If you want this entry to be productive, consider it a catch-all for stupid Kryptonian stunts not covered elsewhere, like really intense spinning or flying around planets really fast whilst one screams, or challenging Impulse at Halo.

TACTILE TELEKINESIS!!: While many of the amazing feats associated with Kryptonians amount to a biokinetic sheathe surrounding and infusing their bodies and fueled by solar radiation, Superboy's clone-hybrid origins lend themselves to a subtle different expression of these abilities. He's capable of many of the iconic feats of Superman and his Amazing Cousins: Lifting massive objects without breaking them, pressing incredible weights without tiring, flying at alarming velocity, keeping his clothes sparkling clean, being nigh impregnable to kinetic and most energy attacks, and so forth.

Kon-El has a conscious control over his own personal field, however, and can project and contract it in part or whole at will, accomplishing feats like blasting apart his bindings, pinning another super-powered being in place, or sending a potent concussive shockwave up through the floor on which he's standing, even some distance away. It's his own trademark trick, and he's very proud of it, developing his proficiency and power actively since his escape. At this point he's not got the precise, minute control of a powerful telekinetic, but he definitely as the 'raw power' part down.

TOUGHER THAN A TRAINWRECK: Simply put, the more solar energy Kon-El soaks up, the denser and stronger his muscle tissue becomes. Both external and internal tissue is effected, rendering him invulnerable from the inside out, and his lungs capable of compressing remarkable amounts of gas, for example: breathing in radical amounts of air to hold his breath almost indefinitely, neutralizing dangerous airborne agents, or expelling his lungs like a stormfront.

His strength can be supercharged through any unusually massive exposure to the radiation of a yellow star, such as flying so close to the sun it melts one's shades, or an extended session in a Cadmus tanning booth! All out, any Kryptonian is a massive natural disaster, capable of levelling cities and rupturing faultlines, or absorbing repeated supernatural pummeling or big badabooms.

Like his genetic template and role-model, Kon-El is entirely aware of this, and despite his bravado, usually very precise in his application of force— very aware he lives in a world of glass and fragile, ridiculous humans. Unlike the average Kryptonian, the hybrid Kon-El won't lose his strength or invulnerability past a certain point when deprived of solar energy— his body will just devour itself for fuel. Fun! (See Flaws)




The Clone of Steel
The Clone of Steel
Full Name: Kon-El/Conner Kent
Code Name: Superboy
Occupation: College Student, Superhero
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Outer Space
Affiliations: Titans
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Kryptonian Hybrid
Age: 19
Height: 6'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: superboy
Played Since: November 18, 2018

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