Everyone who knows Superman knows his story. He comes from a planet that is
dead, a people that are gone, and he was sent away as the last child of
Krypton. His destiny was to never know his origins but that also that meant he
had the chance to make his own. A new world, a new origin, a new people free
from the chains of knowing all those who were lost in the destruction of

Kara Zor-El remembers her family, her friends, her school, the technology that
caused her to wonder about the stars and atoms, how the world of Krypton
functions and how all of the science works. Her parents were scientists???
were. She takes after them. They were good people??? were. She takes after
them. She had a mission??? had. And even that was taken away from her when her
pod was unexpectedly knocked off course on its way to Earth. The same kind of
pod sent with her baby cousin, the person she was meant to raise to teach all
about Krypton.

Even that was taken away from her, for by the time she made it to Earth, her
cousin was already known by Superman. He had already lived a life, grown up,
learned much of their home from the Fortress of Solitude and it's systems of
knowledge. She was on a new world, with new people, without a purpose and with
all of the baggage of knowing the mother and father that is now dead, of
having a favorite place to go and watch the sun set over the mountains in
Krypton. Of having been the good child who wanted to help to make Krypton be a
better place when she grew up. She had heroes, she never expected to be one
this early. But time waits for no man, or woman.

Soon after her landing, and after Batman and Superman got her to a place where
she could be calm enough to learn about Earth. She started to realize she
could help. Not just sit on the sidelines, not just wait for dangers to
destroy this place as well. The Kents, she has a family in them, the costumed
heroes of this place? She has a family in them. It's a hope she will make new
friends, have new dreams, but she will not stand idly by and allow this world
be taken over or destroyed. Not by any threat.

Kal-El may wish her to follow in his footsteps, to walk softly and use a soft
touch. Batman may still be paranoid about yet another godly powerful
Kryptonian on this Earth doing what they think is right without any checks or
balances. But this is not their story, this is hers. The story of Kara Zor-El,
the story of Supergirl. It begins in an unfamiliar world, with uncertainty
about who she will be, carrying all of the spirit of her home as the last true
child of Krypton.

Recent Events

Currently attempting to learn the ins and outs of Earth. Culture shock mixed with learning powers makes for a bad mix of problems.


Kara Zor-El, for all of the similarities that she has with Kal, is not Superman. She understood Kryptonian prowess, quick decision making, and sometimes blunt force. Her heart is in the right place, always. She wants to do good, to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and for her that's everyone on planet Earth except her cousin. She believes in truth and justice, fairness, to an extreme where there is no pretense in her words or small lies, but she also believes in punishments that fit the crime. Her cousin holds back much of his power, he is cautious and thoughtful with his approach to a problem. Kara is not. She has the brashness of youth, the lack of fear of losing anything else since it's already gone, and the willingness to exert her will - which is immense. There's no walking softly with her, there's stomping loudly and carrying a big stick. Many will recognize that she is a hero, but even in her short time as Supergirl there are comments about collateral damage, and sometimes stepping in when normal police may have done just as well. She has taken on, like any teenager, all of the world's problems but unlike a regular teenager she has the power to fix things. So she does, without asking, without waiting, without planning.

Behind her brash and heroic acts lives dark thoughts - survivor's guilt, actual hatred towards bad people like some of those responsible for Krypton's destruction, and she has yet to accrue the life experiences to temper her rage. She has a fear of getting close to anyone, and so she keeps them at arm's length. Much of her lively or carefree attitude is true but some of it is also just cover for the great sadness and loneliness she feels constantly.

RP Hooks

  • The Pod - You have seen where the pod went. You may have discovered a bizarre color of Kryptonite and are not attempting to but cause all sorts of problems for this caped wonder. You MIGHT just of seen it crash and go investigating the person who came out of it. Recognizing her walking down the street. Who knows, something dealing with the Pod gets you connected to Kara.
  • You are Villain, Hear you Roar - Literally or figuratively. You have a master plan and Kara wants to stop you. Though she's young, impulsive and predictable she's not that easy to thwart. Unlike her cousin, she's yet to fully learn and respect that buildings are simply not durable, and collateral damage matters. Maybe you want to ruin her brand image, capture her, or other nefarious deeds. Come at me!
  • Social RP - There's a lot here. She's sad, your sad, we cry together. She's sad, you are happy. You bring her up or she brings you down. She's happy, manic perhaps, and you are happy and fun ensues. Or just culture shock, learning about an alien, or attempting to get Kara to wear some damn glasses at least to hide herself from Earthlings!
  • Skills RP - Technical, or artistry. You want to show off your big brain, or your artistic talent. You need someone to do Karaoke with - and her first name is in the word. So, she's a great partner. Sing with me, a song from any Disney film! Seriously, I know them all.



Character Sheet




Full Name: Kara Zor-El
Code Name: Supergirl
Occupation: Student
Aliases: Claire Connor, Kara Kent, Linda Lang
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: Krypton (gone), Argo City (gone), Earth (kind of), Themyscira (new)
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Kryptonian
Age: 18
Height: 5'5"
Build: Idealized
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Nikki Gruttadauria
Theme Song: Let it Go - Disney's Frozen
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: supergirl
Played Since: March, 2019

Last Posted Activity: 24 Aug 2019 20:06

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