A Dying World. Two Scientists. One Last Effort.

Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van found their homeworld to be doomed, with only perhaps ho-no, Minutes left on the clock for their homeworld. The other scientists didn't listen to Jor-El when he told the Kryptonian council that the world was coming to an end, and they all needed to run. Nay, Kryptonian pride ran deep that day. Taking matters into his own hands, Jor-El built a small shuttle-vessel with only one passenger.

His own son, whom he named Kal-El.

After saying their tearful goodbyes and giving Kal-El memory crystals, a suit of the family armor in one of the shuttle's compartments, and memory crystals, Jor-El and Lara bid their son farewell as the shuttle blasted off from Krypton…

The Planet exploded moments later. Course charted in for earth (at Jor-El's pre-scouting), Kal would land in Smallville, Kansas.

But more pieces of the puzzle were at work here.

Jonathan and Martha Kent were two parents who were unable to have children. Just a horrible hand played out by genetics. But they saw, perhaps, God's gift to them when they discovered a crater with an alien shuttle at the bottom. They found Kal-El. Brought to joy at this baby boy's arrival, they were at the same time fearful that the military would have noticed this and come to take him.

They never came.

So the family named him Clark Kent and raised him as their own. But it became very clear early on that Clark was….different. As he grew up, Clark was hoisting tractors over his head and outpacing speeding cars. But perhaps the main incident that happened was when Clark was in high school, the school bus ran off of a bridge and fell into a deep river. Knowing he couldn't use his powers or he might be outed, Clark instead very subtly used his powers to lift and push the bus out of the river and onto dry ground. His fellow classmates were too panicked to realized that it was Clark who saved all of their lives. It made the news, and while Clark was questioned, there was no evidence that he was the one who saved the day.

But as he grew into a young man, he came into an existential crisis. He wasn't human, so why should he pretend to be? But at the same time, he wanted to use his gifts, his incredible powers, to help people who couldn't help themselves. To be a hero. So, Jonathon took Clark to see the shuttle he arrived in. He saw the suit, the memory crystals, everything. But like a good father, Jonathan explained how they found him, and presented him with his own choice in life: Do what you think is right.

Eventually, Clark graduated college with a degree in journalism, and with teary goodbyes, he left Kansas to go to Metropolis, where he quickly got a job as a investigative journalist. But it was also here that he donned the suit for the first time. At first, it was just minor heroics. Stopping a mugging here, taking out armed gunmen there. But then he started catching planes from the sky, and the world took immediate notice of him.

From there, he skyrocketed. With each enemy put behind bars, with each puppy saved from a tree, and with each time he saved the world from alien threats (and by just being himself, really), Clark's popularity reached mythological heights.

Then they gave him a name: Superman.

After that, he combined his efforts with other like-minded heroes to form the Justice League, and with them, Clark went on many adventures. But in truth, Clark realized that he needed a place where he could rest. Where he could have his own time away from the chaos of the world. Thus, he went to the arctic, and built the Fortress of Solitude. Here, he placed the memory crystals, built statues of his parents, and started keeping relics and souvenirs from his heroics.

Now? Superman is seen as a beacon of hope. A Paragon of heroism. The symbol on his chest inspires both tearful joy and intense hatred, depending on who's side you're on. But his goal has always been the same:

To fight for peace, truth, and justice. All for one and one for all.

Recent Events


Superman, or more acurately Kal-El, is a brave and kind-hearted person. Having been raised on small-town and old-fashioned values, Kal possesses a very strong sense of a moral code, standing for truth, justice, and freedom. In a word, he has a very righteous personality.

There is a very strong reason one of his more embarassing nicknames is the 'Big Blue Boy Scout'. He acts with independancy, but he's one of the heroes who work within the boundaries of the law. He doesn't kill, at worst, he just maims. However, due to him being one of the last survivors of his species, Kal is lonely at times. But thankfully, he is often reminded he is never alone through his friends and adopted family. He is extremely protective of earth because they took him in, therefore he would do anything in his power to protect it and the people who live upon it.

Clark Kent is the civilian personality that Kal created for himself to protect his true identity as Kal-El, the Superman. The farm boy from Smallville, Kansas is generally known to the public as an award-winning reporter, but unlike Superman is clumsy, mild-mannered, and a little on the adorably dorky side.

Nevertheless, Superman is a person who inspires hope in others with his kindness, compassion, and the unquenchable desire to stand up for what's right, no matter the consequence.

RP Hooks

Justice League: Founding member of the Justice League. Fellow Leaguer? We probably know each other or at the very least, have an excuse to meet!

Reporter and Journalist: Kal can sometimes be found at the aftermath of certain events in his civilian guise of Clark Kent.

Kryptonian: Aliens unite!


Character Sheet

EIDECTIC MEMORY: Superman remembers everything he actively sees or hears. His family were incredible scientists and their highly intelligent genetics have passed on to the Last Son. He can take in large amounts of information and not get lost in it or confused.

FLIGHT: Kal-El has the ability to fly. On earth, he can fly up to supersonic speeds at maximum (In truth, he can fly faster, but he doesn't want to risk destroying everything he passes during such a fast flight). In outer space, he can reach faster than light speeds, allowing him to travel comfortably in space.

He can realistically be anywhere he's needed planetside within the hour, depending on the necessity and urgency.

HEAT VISION: Superman can release beams of intense heat from his eyes. They can be small in its use in order to use them in a more surgical fashion or they can be used in a full-on wide-ranging beam of heat. Thanks to the heat vision being a very controlled ability, it limits the possibilities of accidentally blasting a car in half or blasting someone through a wall.

INVULNERABILITY: Superman is known as the Man of Steel for a reason. Due to the energy of a yellow sun making his bones and muscles impossibly dense and tough, Superman is largely invulnerable, or at the very least highly resistant, to most forms of physical damage. Missiles don't even budge him, laser beams just leaves a black smudge on him, Bullets just ping off of him, the crushing pressure of space doesn't faze him, and extreme temperatures have no damaging or uncomfortable effect.

He's survived falls from great heights with naught but a scratch and taken hits from truly powerful creatures and gotten back up to keep the fight going. He is immune to all earth toxins and diseases. However, just because he's hard to cripple or permanently damage does not mean he cannot feel pain or can't be knocked unconscious.

A man truly worthy of the title of 'Man of Steel'.

SENSES: Superman's sense of hearing is overhauled. He could hear the wings of a butterfly in the next state and sounds on frequencies that humans can never hope to hear. He hears so much that over the years, he's learned to take the term 'selective hearing' to a completely other level. He hears what he wants to hear and what he needs to hear.

…even if he could hear a cry of 'help' anywhere on the planet.

But its not just his hearing. His eyes can see through walls and solid objects with X-Ray vision, see down to the microscopic level with his Microscopic Vision, and see long distances away with Telescopic vision.

SOLAR BATTERY: Superman is a kryptonian, a now mostly died-out species of near-humans. But its thanks to his Kryptonian genetics that he can constantly absorb solar radiation from yellow suns, which in turn grants him all of his incredible superpowers. This, by itself, offers Superman a nearly-unlimited amount of energy to draw from, which means he can act indefinitely while he's being charged by a yellow sun.

Additionally, his body is like a battery. He takes in solar radiation yes, but he also stores it, allowing him to act in night times or in the depths of space where the energy from a yellow sun might be really hard to come by. So long as he's charged by a yellow sun, Superman has unlimited stamina and does not need to sleep.

SUPER BREATH: Superman can exhude hurricane-force winds by breathing out forcefully and continuously. He can also perform the opposite effect, and can essentially chill his breath so cold that it can freeze his opponents with continued application.

SUPER SPEED: Faster than a Speeding Bullet. He can fly faster than the speed of light and he could do it by running too, but he simply doesn't have the heart to do it. Its either he does do it or he risks the surrounding people being hurt.

He is not faster than people who are connected to the Speed Force, and he is by no means the fastest man on the planet. But he's very fast. At his fastest, he can perceive the world through slow motion, and notice things traveling at fast speeds.

SUPER STRENGTH: Superman is hysterically, unfathomably, impossibly strong. So strong that he is constantly holding back and pulling his punches, especially in a fight, out of fear that he could kill someone or cause great destruction to his environment. He can lift and toss well over 100 tons of force. He can catch buildings like they were feathers, punch holes in spaceships, break the unbreakable (in intense situations), and even stop what most people wouldn't even attempt to stop (kinetics-wise). But the truth is that Superman's great strength comes from a natural and harmless bio-electric field that his body releases (that is, in turn, influenced by the yellow sun). This, fortunately, allows him to carry massive amounts of weight (like a mountain or a plane) without the object in question crumbling or breaking on itself.

In terms of strength, Superman is one of the most powerful individuals on the planet. Perhaps even more frightening is that as of yet, Superman himself has not discovered a true limit to his strength yet. Likely becuase such an oppurtunity has not yet presented itself.


"What do you do when faced by the impossible? You do the impossible. And that's what we're going to do."

"I'm here to stand up for people when they can't stand up for themselves, and I'm here to help out and make things better any way I can. I'm here to stay."

"I am not the only one who believes in the power of the press— the fact that we need to stand up for the truth. For justice. And yeah— I'm not ashamed to say— the American way!"

"Its not an S. On my world, it means 'Hope'."

"Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul, I swear… until my dream of a world where dignity, honor and justice becomes the reality we all share — I'll never stop fighting."

"I can do many things but I can't protect you from yourselves. You have to believe in the good. You have to make sure you don't surrender your freedoms for security. You can't only hope for a better tomorrow, you have to work for it. I'll be there to help, but that better world is up to you."



February 01, 2020. What a Shock!

Electro attacks a power plant! Heroes intervene! We are all very surprised here.

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The Man of Steel
The Man of Steel
Full Name: Clark Joseph Kent / Kal-El
Code Name: Superman
Occupation: Heroic Paragon / Journalist
Aliases: As Clark: Clarkie, Kent, CK, Smallville

As Superman: Big Blue Boy Scout, Man of Steel, Man of Tomorrow, The Last Son of Krypton
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: Justice League
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Kryptonian
Age: 35
Height: 6'3"
Build: Heroic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
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Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: superman
Played Since: 9/6/19

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