Noriko grew up in Tokyo, Japan, to a very traditional family that had high
expectations for her, until her mutancy became apparent. At that time, she was
disowned by her father (and thus her family) entirely. Fearing her father and
other people's reactions, Noriko stored aboard a ship headed to America
thinking to give herself a second chance.

Arrival was not what she expected, and instead she wound up homeless, on the
streets, struggling to find shelter, food, and control her powers. She turned
to drugs to dull her mind and her body so as to surpress the electical surges
and make life somewhat tolerable from the pain she was feeling. It was pretty
rough for her.

After some time on the streets, she ended up hearing about Xavier's Institute,
and approached the school half-starved, stinking like the sewer, and half-high
off her latest binge to keep her powers down. Luckily for her they let her in,
helped her get cleaned up, and were able to supply her with gauntlets, room
and board, and help continue her former education.

Noriko was a quick learner, and quickly adapted to the gauntlets and learned
how to not only control her powers with them, but use them to her advantage
and was made part of the X-Men family.

Now she's just graduated high school, is considering college, and where her
future lay. But one thing for her is for certain, she's sticking with the
people who gave her a chance and remaining with Xavier's regardless.

Recent Events


Noriko is very outgoing normally and she's usually the one to make a
snap-decision without thinking it over much and has been known to be one of
the first ones to poke her nose into something she probably shouldn't or jump
into a situation with an opinion even if she doesn't know all the facts,
especially if a friend is involved. She's a spur-of-the-moment kind of girl,
and tends to be somewhat impatient.

She doesn't make friends easily simply because she still strongly remembers
her time on the streets and most of her life, even prior to her mutancy coming
about, everyone seemed to want something from her. Once she gets past that,
she's a very loyal and very protective friend of those she deems close. For
Noriko friends are very few and far between and the only thing she has from
being nearly completely alone.

Noriko still isn't at all confident in her powers which might be part of the
block to her actually controlling them on her own. She is heavily dependant on
the gauntlets and fears ever having them removed because of the trauma she
endured without them between how erratic they were and how much of a drug
addict she was previously to surpress that.

RP Hooks

Anything to do with mutants or X-Men are clear RP hooks.


Character Sheet


Noriko is able to absorb the power from any item that uses electrical power from something as small as existing static power in the air to the full output of a power station. However, she is unable to control this on her own despite training and attempts to learn this on her own and instead must wear a specialized pair of power gauntlets which allows her to maniuplate and control the ebb and flow of her absorbtion rate and discharge manually.


Noriko is able to discharge the electrical power she has stored up in almost any fashion she desires, and through any part of her body she wants. These 'blasts' can be as small as a mere electric shock to something powerful enough to be as powerful as a pure hit of lightning. This is easier for her to control on her own than the absorption, but her gauntlets help reign this control in further during high emotional states or if she is absorbing too much at a single time. Without it, she could lose control and discharges could go wild during these types of events.

Secondly, Noriko can utilize this ability to manipulate electronic devices and either cause them to completely short-out and shut-down, or add just enough spark to make them operate erronously, like causing an ATM to dispense a load of cash in an emergency situation.

Finally, she can also use her own internal charge to charge another device or apply a charge to any object she wants. She could charge a phone by holding it in her hands up to acting as a battery for a facility that had been depowered until her internal charge ran out.


Noriko is able to utilize her surroundings to extend her reach with her abilities. A metal bo-staff (or any other conductive 'weapon') suddenly is an electrically-charged pole. A pool of standing water allows her to instantly shock anyone else standing in it, or a metal surface gives her the ability to reach out with a single discharge in any manner she wishes.


Noriko is able to utilize the power stored in her body to increase her own personal speed. Whlie her top speed may not have yet been reached, she can at least run a couple hundred miles per hour for several hours without stopping, provided she as enough of an internal charge stored up.

She can additoinally apply this in much shorter bursts, which give her the ability to dodge fast attacks, bullets, or even attack at speeds far surpassing the normal human ability.




Noriko Ashida
Noriko Ashida
Full Name: Noriko Ashida
Code Name: Surge
Occupation: Student
Aliases: N/A
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'7"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Electric Blue
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Horikita Maki
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: surge
Played Since: 4/19/2019

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