The woman called Tessa did not, effectively, have a childhood. When her mutant powers awoke, her brain reformatted into its current, superior form. It had consequences. She had no name, nothing but pure experience and consideration of the world, when she met Charles Xavier in Afghanistan.

Xavier had suffered the first, but not the last, disabling leg injury of his life. She helped him. He spoke to her - spoke to her with his mind, despite the barrier of language or the lack thereof. She was able to reply in kind. Was that unusual? Yes, as it turned out. While assisting Xavier, they later met a man who would be important later - Sebastian Shaw. At the time he and Xavier were friendly. Indeed, it was Shaw who gave her a name. (It is also notable that Tessa killed a group of bandits who had attacked a relief convoy, with gun and with knife.)

There was a discontinuity. Tessa disappeared for a while.

The call came. Xavier knew how to contact her. His mission was simpler, yet more perilous than that of his X-Men. Shaw had grown into power and affluence. Tessa's purpose would be to watch him. To guide him. Perhaps he could be an ally for the mutant people. Perhaps not. He did not explain his reason to ask this of Tessa, which has at times haunted her. (Was it because she was somewhat older than his X-Men? Were her abilities ill suited for a public-facing team? Was it because he had seen her kill?)

Fortunately the infiltration was easy enough. Shaw well remembered the strange and prognisticating girl, now woman. He needed people in whom he could trust. It was, and is, a symbiotic relationship between them.

Recent Events


The woman called Tessa is often barely perceived, and when she does deign to interact with others, she comes off as coldly logical and efficient to the point where suspicions of robotic nature come into play. Extended acquaintance does not help: most of her virtues are the unlovable ones such as "duty" and efficiency, and her vices tend to be highly situational.

All of those things are true. Beneath the surface, however, things are far stranger: she has essentially come into the world as a blank slate, lacking many of the common referents to humanity. It may be a vote in the favor of society that this has led her to be an efficient aide to a world manipulator rather than a serial killer.

The truth, though, is that the cold and efficient demeanor of a computer is only that. Tessa has a subliminal longing, well suppressed but present, to be understood… to be related to as a *person*, free from compulsion, from obligation, from anything other than the pure interface of mind to mind, peer to peer. This is what has motivated her to working in a tremendously perilous situation rather than undertaking a program of social rehabilitation.

In time she may grow, but for now, she serves.

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Character Sheet

Tessa's mutation has granted her a brain which bears many functional similarities to a digital computer, or at least, the digital computer as imagined by dreamers and visionaries. She can process immense, potentially arbitrary quantities of information and perceive probabilities, predict outcomes, and provide informed guidance. In addition to this, she has all of the facilities of a normal person - reason, "sanity checking," a certain degree of human intuition and empathy.

Tessa can perform multiple tasks at once with full focus (although, of course, she only has so many limbs) and has perfect, total recall.

Tessa can perceive the genetic potential that is colloquially known as the X-Gene in others. This allows her to spot mutants - though she must be physically present with them - and to gain understanding of the nature of their powers. This is not infallible, and requires study to get more than a general view ('some kind of metamorphic ability, reasonably strong,' etc.).

Tessa can also, with effort, "jumpstart" mutant abilities. This can activate latent mutants or facilitate the recovery of mutant abilities damaged by injury or mischance. It can also activate secondary mutations, although these are far riskier, although the biological stimulus this provides can be life-saving. Any of these require Tessa to have a reasonable uninterrupted period with the lucky* person and will exhaust her, and frankly, probably them.

Tessa has deep reserves of determination under her control and can resist mental attacks and draw on the strength of the fanatic. In addition, she can override many of the small autonomous functions of her body, allowing her to control her metabolism, feign death, and other small functions. These tricks, however, do not make her particularly more durable or grant "super-power" — if she grasps a burning brand she will be burned, and if she feigns death for a quarter-hour she will suffer the various side effects and weaknesses.

Another side benefit of her 'computer mind' is that Tessa can learn new skills with frightening speed. This includes being able to duplicate combat techniques (limited by her physical capacities) as well as acquire a great deal of subject matter expertise on topics in swift order, especially when that expertise draws heavily on massive rote memorization.

In essence, Tessa can swiftly become very good at just about anything that it is possible for her to do. (She cannot, for instance, shoot lasers from her eyes or fly under her own power.) This is usually a matter of days, if no new physical conditioning is necessary - skills that lean heavily on rote memorization can be more like hours, sometimes minutes. There is a certain expertise and talent that comes from genuine study, however: these skills tend to lack real creativity, other than possibly combining things in novel ways.

TELEPATHY: As a side benefit of her 'computer mind' as well as a certain degree of specialized training, Tessa has telepathic ability - allowing her to communicate mentally, project psychic attacks, manifest illusions, and even project her physical sensorium in an "astral form."

Tessa's range is relatively limited - anything past, say, a city block is limited to light mental communication. Her telepathic power is also weaker than most dedicated telepaths, and in most contests of psionic power she will lose— but it would be a fighting defeat. She is also at the peak of her telepathic potential and cannot really do better than she already does without aid from special equipment or others. She does have one good trick: she can lock down her entire telepathic "ability" into a powerful barrier, which disables these abilities but provides nearly-invincible mental defenses. Well-timed, this can even send a psychic attack back on its originator.

(Disclaimer: This ability is governed by the game's consent policy and cannot dictate another character's reaction or actions without explicit consent to do so. Attempted IC use of this ability does not guarantee success.)




Full Name: ??
Code Name:
Occupation: Assistant to Sebastian Shaw
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Hellfire Club
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Height: 5'7"
Build: HFC-approved
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: tessa
Played Since: June 16, 2019

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