Greater than a millennia ago Odin Borson, the All-Father of Asgard, sought to father an heir derived of both Asgard and Midgard. So then did he lie with the elder goddess Jord whom gave birth to Thor in the caves of what is now Norway. As a babe Thor was weaned from his mother and taken to Asgard where he would be raised by Odin and Frigga, the all-mother, as crown-prince never knowing his true lineage until many centuries later.

Thor was raised alongside Loki whose own origins were a secret. The duo adventured often with the an they became quite inseparable. As a boy Thor was even more headstrong and even less empathetic than he is today and so it should be little surprise that as Loki's jealousy rose he was all the while unaware. Even as pranks turned to cruel tricks, to betrayal, Thor was always forgiving of his brother. His fraternal nature seemingly unable to think of his brother as irredeemable.

While still a boy Odin sent his sons as emissaries to the dwarves of Nidavellir to bid the lords of the dwarves to forge treasures for Asgard. Amongst these treasures was Mjolnir which Odin enchanted such that it could only be wielded by those who were truly worthy of its power. Earning the right
to bear the hammer became Thor's youthful purpose for by wielding the hammer he would have attained the glory he so vigorously sought and be deemed as truly 'worthy' which is something every true champion would seek.

To prove himself worthy Thor spent much of his young-adult life upon Midgard. Seeking the prayers of the Vikings and encouraging their worship of him. Very often did he wield Jarnbjorn against foes who would seek to terrorize primitive man. Equally often did he spend days drinking and bedding mortal women. This, to the chagrin of Odin, whom began to truly understand what the youth's connection to Midgard would mean. This went on for nearly two hundred years and encompassed many adventures of derring-do and situations of grave threat to both Midgard and the other eight realms.

There came a day when Thor could heft Midgard and Odin decreed that his "adventures" upon Midgard must be curbed so that he could learn to be a proper ruler. The cycle of Odin-Sleep meant that Thor would guard Asgard has his father slumbered. The responsibility for securing the realm falling squarely upon his broad shoulders and so, for centuries, he was rarely given cause to
journey to Midgard such that he became only legend upon the world.

So keen was Thor in seeking treachery from beyond the walls that he could not perceive the figurative knife that would be placed in his back. His own brother tricked him into taking the battle to the frost giants of Jotunheim whose uneasy peace with the Asgardians had lasted for hundreds of years. As recompense for breaking the truce Odin stripped Thor of his godhood and banished he and Mjolnir to Earth.

There he was rescued by Jane Fosters and some science people whom who witnessed the Bifrost and soon learned that their crazed hobo might not be so crazy after all. Thor drew the attention of SHIELD when he broke into their compound only to find he was unworthy of Mjolnir. Loki's plot in Asgard spilled back to Midgard and in the end Thor, believing himself to be human, sacrificed himself for the other mortals. This act made him worthy again and he regained his divinity.

Since this time Thor has once again been splitting his time between Asgard and Midgard. Willingly seeking residence in New York so as to maintain connection to his newfound friends. And that is where his current story begins..

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On his surface Thor is a caricature and in every way the opposite of his brother Loki. His approach to every situation is reckless and direct his
method of problem solving oftentimes simply visualizing victory and swinging an enchanted hammer until the problem has been solved. He can be brash and arrogant. Hedonistic in his passion for ale, women, and entertainment. Seemingly languid and easily bored outside of feasts and without a foe. Prone
to boasting and, with few exceptions, believing himself to be superior to friends and foes. Crown Prince of the Immortal Realm and having rarely been
bested he lacks humility.

However, Thor is not a jerk — at least, not intentionally. He sometimes seems easily confused. Oftentimes not thinking about repercussions but never would he intentionally take action which besmirch someone who was not his foe and when Thor besmirches it involves a declarations of perceived dishonor without any sort of passive-aggressive behavior unless the circumstances were such that he absolutely could not take out his aggression. In which case he would bemoan the circumstance endlessly.

Thor is fun. Thor likes having fun. If ever you want your life to be a string of adventures that alternate from wacky to epic then you should make friends
with Thor. Without foes he can get himself into trouble particularly on Midgard as his inability to wrap his head around modern culture clashes with
his old-world Midgardian style. Whatever he does he throws himself into it with passionate abandon.

Thor is loyal. Thor is loyal to the people of Midgard, to the realm of Asgard, and even his brother. When Thor has decided that you are his friend then it
takes grievous deeds to turn him against you. His loyalty allows his good nature to be abused and he is quite forgiving of transgressions. Once he's
worked through his passionate response to them. He burns bright but when he's done. He's done. He doesn't hold grudges easily once he's worked through his anger.

Thor is worthy. Sure, he's aggressive and hedonistic but he's also honorable. He never cows from a fight or a challenge. He will tackle a world eating
monster to save a single person and he will do so with joyous zeal. Thor can be a bit "judgey" but he holds everyone to his particular standard. Now able
to wield Mjolnir Thor does not deceive. He does not slander. He is a man of deep passion and that passion burns to protect all the people of the nine
worlds. Whether they want to be protected or not.

Some day when he gets a bit wiser he will be an excellent ruler. Some day.

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Thor is able to understand and be understood by any being in the nine realms.


Thor shall always possess sufficient physical capability to meet whatever challenge has been presented. He is the strongest of the Aesir and so the very nature of his existence it to meet and overcome whatever labor is presented unto him.

Strength: Under typically conditions Thor possesses the physical strength required to perform any feat necessary to overcome a challenge. His strength if mythic and he is one of the strongest beings in all of the nine realms.

Durability: Whether the fires of Muspelheim, the frigid wastes of Jotunheim, or the horrors of Niflheim Thor is extremely difficult to wound. He can survive in space unaided and the myriad conditions that exist beyond Earth. The most powerful weapons of Midgard will slow him but rarely will they cause grievous injury. The physical forms of even the common Asgardians fight to remake themselves but Thor is particularly hearty. Equally powerful foes can cause him significant harm with a prolonged assault but he will recover quickly. He will rarely suffer poison or disease of Midgardian origin.

Reflexes: When prepared to fight Thor can act and re-act with sufficient speed to challenge even a seasoned speedster. While his foot speed is no greater than an automobile on the highway his coordination has proven to be sufficient to dodge and reflect faster-than-light attacks. When he's expecting them.

Will: Thor cannot be easily affected telepathically or via spell. It takes beings of extreme magical or godly capability to place negative effects upon him. It is almost impossible to subvert his will and force him to do something that would make him "unworthy". Particularly if "aware" that the spell is coming. All that said, his most notorious foes and his own brother possess sufficient power to hex him and do so regularly.


God of Thunder. Thor possesses the ability to manipulate weather effects with an almost unmatched capability. Summoning a hurricane from a clear day, changing global weather patterns, or summoning the solar winds in space. If the desired effect is weather-related or even weather-adjacent he may manipulate it. He is typically immune to most storm effects such as electricity.

God of War. Thor possesses a mastery of ancient warfare not solely as a combatant but also strategies, methodology, and war machines that are prevalent in Asgard and Midgard up until about the 11th Century. He can seemingly instinctually understand the purpose of more advanced or alien weapons when he encounters or how they might be utilized in warfare but he would not understand how or why they function.

God of Strength. Strength without limit, Thor's strength escalates further in times of great crisis. Thor can enter a state of Warrior's Madness which severely inhibits his ability to think rationally but greatly enhances his already monstrous strength.


Thor possesses a host of mystical senses. Weather related conditions do not obscure his vision. He is able to perceive the world clearly enough and with enough distance that even while flying at transonic speeds in the atmosphere he is aware of the world around him. Thor feels the prayers of those in peril who ask him for aid anywhere in the nine realms and is able to visualize those locations in his mind's eye. Even in everyday circumstances he can see and hear many times better than a human being.




February 12, 2020. Thorism

A group of worshippers gather at Thor and Peggy's apartment building. Intent on carrying on the traditions of the old Norse religions, they wish to pay proper tribute to Thor.

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February 01, 2020. What a Shock!

Electro attacks a power plant! Heroes intervene! We are all very surprised here.

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God of Thunder
God of Thunder
Full Name: Thor Odinson
Code Name:
Occupation: God of Thunder
Aliases: Mighty Thor
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Asgard, Avengers
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Asgardian
Age: 1500+
Height: 6'6"
Build: Perfect
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song: Theft of Hammer by Brothers of Metal
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: thor
Played Since: April 3, 2019

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