A hopeful, optimistic young woman from Metropolis, Eliza had always wanted to
be a superhero. She grew up in a single parent household with several
siblings, but it was a nice enough life. Peaceful. They lived pretty well on
the income they had, with help from family and friends alike, and she was able
to complete her highschool studies by the age of seventeen. It turned out that
Liz was smart. Really smart.

After graduating Eliza entered a science program at Metropolis University
courtesy of LexCorp. Her labwork resulted in an unstable serum that was able
to grant her superpowers. She became fast. Faster than any human should ever
be. Her problem was slowing down. A problem so severe the drug was scrapped

Liz ended up turning to drugs to help control her issues, narrowly avoiding
losing her job as a chemist and struggling to keep on an even keel. The world
was so slow she could barely stand it. She needed to find help. But at least
she could help some people. If she didn't vibrate through a wall. Or lose her
mind waiting in line at a McDonald's.

Recent Events

Stopped a robbery. Started a new lab for LexCorp focused on chemistry and practical solutions for Metahumans with troublesome powers!

Made some friends. Helped Quake create gauntlets that can focus and dampen her out of control powers. Started dating an obsessive Kryptonian girl.

Recently began construction of a transdimensional travel beacon.


Liz is playful and sly, with a subversive sense of humour. She wants to help
people but she's plagued by constant impatience and some psychoses from the
fact that everything is too slow. She's often out of sorts with herself, and
comes across symptomatic of disorders like Bipolar or even Schizophrenia.
Really, it's Time Dilation Disorder. She coined the term herself. Often, Liz
purports to take nothing at all seriously. She's forward and tries to be
confident. But her condition means she brings a whole new meaning to being "alone in a crowded room".

RP Hooks

  • Literally Anywhere - One of the struggles Eliza has is just keeping in one place. She is all over the place, even when she shouldn't be, all of the time. Someone should get her to at least hide her face more regularly. Or a costume?
  • Socializing - Liz likes to talk. A lot. Or listen to people talk. OR just dance down the street and sing at the top of her lungs. She's good at it, and is more or less a people person most of the time. Let's talk, let's laugh, let's cry. Let's be people.
  • Unwitting Hero - Trajectory hasn't set out to save people per se but she will if she's in the neighborhood. And that… Covers a lot of territory. Want someone interrupting your heroic acts? Or to stop a mugger? Or are you a villain who wants to take on the world's most chaotic speedster?



Alexander Luthor

Liz is convinced he'll save the world. Starting with her, if she's lucky. Lex has given Liz resources, direction and, most of all, hope.

Character Sheet


Everything about Liz moves faster. She thinks faster, runs faster, her metabolism is faster. She heals at a superhuman rate, processes toxins at that rate, and can casually move at speeds that break the sound barrier. If she really pushes it Liz can approach the speed of light. Her limits have not been properly tested as there has yet to have been a reason.


The Speed Force is a sort of energy continuum which affects the speed of those who are sensitive to it. Liz has no real control over this but when she trips out other speedsters will be able to sense her location, and possibly if she is in danger.


Liz can control the speed at which specific portions of her anatomy move. This vibration can allow her to move through solid objects if she works at it but she hasn't mastered this power. It can also be used to gather electricity, which can short out objects around her. Big currents are poorly controlled and can result in objects exploding.


Liz has a super fast metabolism that causes her to process toxins very quickly. She isn't immune but tripping out and then getting over it in less than a second is a very similar result. Ordinary poisons have no real effect. The Speed Force augments her physical resilience to handle the stress of moving at impossible speeds, making her immune to the physical ramifications of her own speedstering. (Friction? Not for me.) She is durable enough to take a pummeling from supernatural entities, though it is very possible to lay her flat on the ground. She'll just heal from it quickly. She can also maintain a high level of physical activity for significantly longer than a normal person. (And at higher speeds.)


"Any problem can be solved with the proper application of chocolate. Sometimes, that application is one ounce slugs fired at .95C. Don't make me grab a twix bar."



A Quantum Rube Goldberg Machine
A Quantum Rube Goldberg Machine
Full Name: Eliza Mariana Harmon
Code Name: Trajectory
Occupation: Metahuman Researcher
Aliases: That girl, WTF?, and Please shut up already!
Reg. Status: Registered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: Metropolis
Affiliations: LexCorp
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Brazilian
Age: 21
Height: 5'2"
Build: Extremely thin
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Victoria Justice
Theme Song: "I Wanna be Sedated"- Ramones
Character Type: FC
Universe: DC
Wiki Tag: trajectory
Played Since: 04/23/2019

Last Posted Activity: 08 Jul 2019 06:15

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