The Rileys had a decent life in Los Angeles, California; it wasn't flush with riches and excitement, it wasn't marked in poverty and misfortune. It was decent. When Frank finally married Sandra, he had only just graduated police academy. He insisted she could pursue her dreams as an artist without worrying about money. And before the year was out, they were expecting.

They named their son Drake, and raised him to be conscientious and kind. And for a while, he was their perfect angel. And then Drake became a teenager.

The life of a cop had taken its toll on Frank's nerves. He gradually distanced himself from the family. On the other hand, Sandra's art had started to flourish. Both parents were heavily engrossed in their own developing situations, which left Drake in the lurch for guidance or connection. He began to rebel, and neither parent had the inclination to correct course. He spent more and more time with a rougher, more delinquent crowd. By age sixteen, Drake was barely passing classes and continued to rebel, all the tune of crickets from his parents.

In truth, Drake felt abandoned and unimportant. The friends he made were few and mercenary. They considered themselves a gang and engaged in criminal mischief; petty theft, vandalism, and eventually breaking and entering. Though they'd get into frequent fights (for protection as much as fun), muggings and murders were never a part of their M.O. Escaping irate police and property owners became second nature. The passive parenting escalated into yelling matches in Drake's family, often in anger at him embarrassing the family.

Things took a turn for the worst that same year. He and his gang had wandered into the territory of an actual, adult street gang. Drake became separated from his group and had the bad luck of running into a dead-end alley. In desperation, he threw out his hands to ward back his attacker. Much to his surprise, a torrent of electricity arced from his hands onto the thug, blasting him down and rendering him motionless. Horrified and confused, he fled the scene.

Drake was certain at this point that he was a mutant, and moreover, had likely just killed someone. And though the idea weighed heavily on him, he began to warm up to the idea of his abilities. Though he started to experiment with them, his need to avoid persecution or further calamity urged him into secrecy. Learning to control the power output was his top priority; finer control and variants came after.

Drake spent the better part of the year honing his powers in seclusion. His grades remained at the bare minimum, and his parents continued to ignore him. One night, however, things seemed to change. His father entered Drake's room to talk to him about how things had been, and how things should be. He gave a promise that things would change. Finally, there was hope.

The family relationship was on the mend, Drake rebelled less, and they were more open with each other. It took some time, but Drake finally chose to confide in his father about his powers. Following a demonstration, Frank firmly demanded that Drake was never to use them again, and that they would find a way to fix him. Later that night, Drake decided to sneak out and think over this. On his way out, Frank made his presence known simply by saying, "Don't come back."

Heartbroken, Drake pretended to accept his father's wishes and resumed hiding his powers. All the while, resentment built within him. He was living a lie. In secret, he continued to refine his powers, yearning to let it truly be a part of him.

Drake graduated, albeit just barely. He uncorked his resentment, filled a duffel bag, and vanished from his home with only a note left for his parents. The only thing that mattered to him was finding others who'd accept him; who'd be his people. Unfortunately, his ill-preparedness left him having to engage in theft for a time. Fortunately, however, it wasn't long until he was noticed by the X-Men and taken in.

He'd finally found somewhere to belong.

Recent Events

  • When New York City fell under attack by an invasion of demonic hordes, Volt made his first, very public appearance as a superheroic force. He was directly involved in numerous skirmishes, rescues, and evacuations.


True to his mutation, Drake is an energetic being. Though he may not be in constant motion and is good with chilling, he's an expressive, vibrant individual with a bright personality. His natural state is upbeat and optimistic.

The life of a criminal, small scale or otherwise, never quite suited him. He's too personable, too affable by nature. His shenanigans were born more from a need to belong to something, and a need to be noticed - if even in a negative light. A troubled home and the follies of youth aside, he actually has a reasonable sense of right and wrong, and lines he has an extremely hard time justifying crossing - particularly when it comes to murder. The idea that he had killed someone all but shut him down for a time, and it still haunts
him to this day. It's for that reason that learning to control the power output of his electricity was his first priority.

Since realizing he's a mutant, he's had a lot to think about. The idea that mutants are a higher being is appealing, but at the same time, it seems a philosophy prone to cruelty and oppression. Using it to help others as a sort of superhero is his dream, but the general hatred towards mutants ensures he keeps the nature of his powers generally under wraps, despite being quite proud of them.

That said, Drake can be a bit of a risk-taker. He's daring, perhaps a little more than could be attributed to simple youth, but not at a suicidal level. He's also, in a word, sassy - quick with quips and remarks, teases and jabs, it's usually aimed to keep the mood light but is just as quickly turned into taunts and insults on an enemy. His gutsy attitude and taunts sometimes mix in ways that could make matters worse.

Drake is absolutely a people person. Life has dealt him a raw hand, and though his genetics may put him at odds with society in general, he cares about people. But it comes at the tradeoff of not liking being alone, and being very open with others. He has a preference for honesty, but is fortunately capable of keeping secrets. Confidence in others is a treasured thing.

RP Hooks

  • Drake adamantly opposes the mandatory registration, though that's likely a given.
  • Despite the risks, Volt is an eager force for good. It's not difficult to find him patrolling or keeping vigil through the city.
  • Despite his youth, Drake is a member of the X-Men.
  • It's possible to recognize Volt from his endeavors during the demonic invasion of New York City.


Character Sheet


Drake's mutation has made him into an electrical being, intrinsically connected to it. His body is a wellspring of electrical energy which he draws upon to achieve various "modes" of effect. Though his reserves are vast, it's possible to over-extend himself, leading to physical repercussion. Like a muscle, it'll grow stronger with training and use over time.

Drake is naturally immune to electricity. However, as his mutation is like a muscle, it isn't strictly absolute. Though It would take a supernaturally tremendous force of electricity to effect him, it's still possible. Though at that level, it would likely be more the force of the energy behind it rather than the electricity itself.

Mode 2 - PROJECT
The most obvious application of his mutant powers is the ability to project electricity onto a target. Though it can be sustained, the most typical use are 'strikes'. A bolt can be projected up to a maximum distance of 100' at present, with a power output ranging in effect from stunning to lethal.

Special: Chain
Through the fine manipulation of electrical currents, Drake can use a single bolt to chain up to three targets. Each successive target slightly weakens the bolt, however.

Mode 3 - CASCADE
Via contact, Drake can discharge a stream of electrical energy over a surface, rendering it between stunning and deadly to traverse. The span of the surface, conductivity, and power output all factor into how long he can sustain the use of this mode. At this time, he can only stream over a single surface - i.e., floor only, wall only, not multiple simultaneously.

Mode 4 - AURA
Drake is capable of surrounding himself with either a burst or steady stream of electricity. The current maximum range of his auras are 5' and can only be centered on himself. Depending on the fine, granular manipulation of his power output, this could be as subtle as an EMP radius or as drastic as a lightning sheath. The level of damage/reaction to coming in contact with the aura depends on the power level, from functionally invisible to a jarring shock, and ultimately dangerous and lethal. Maintaining any aura will steadily drain his energy, moreso depending on the aforementioned power output.

Mode 5 - FLOW
Being innately connected to electrical energy allows him to redirect its flow, either by draining power from an object and absorbing it into himself, or feeding power from himself into an object to power it. At this time, touching the object is required to perform this, and being struck with electricity doesn't allow him to absorb it.

Special: Amp
Absorbing electricity can give him more power to work with without fear of draining himself, or supercharging his other modes. It's a fleeting amplification, however, and excess energy bleeds off after a maximum of five minutes. It's also possible to over-amp, which can also result in 'straining' his mutation.




Full Name: Drake Riley
Code Name: Volt
Occupation: College Student / X-Men
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'10"
Build: Sleek
Hair Color: Obsidian Black
Eye Color: Emerald Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None.
Theme Song:
Character Type: OC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: volt
Played Since:

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