Warlock is the direct offspring of the Magus, the leader of the Technarch, a hierarchical society of genocidal techno-organic beings whose only desire and reason for being is the conquering and consumption of entire worlds. Each child/parent pair are driven by programming and biology to seek out and kill the other at a certain point in the child's development.

Warlock did not want to die, nor did he want to kill. Mostly he didn't want to die. Fearing for his life, he transformed into a ship and fled his planet as fast as he could. Terrified beyond description, fearing the Magus would catch up with him at any time, Warlock misjudged a turn and crashed through an asteroid and destroyed a base there, which put him on a collision course with Earth where he plowed into the grounds of a secret school and ended up picking a fight with its residents on accident because he couldn't communicate.

Luckily, the younger students at this school realized what was going on and went to fetch a friend of theirs with powers of communication. Warlock was spared, and taken in by this group, and he was eager to learn of Earth and also be surrounded by people who could help him survive when his father inevitably showed up to kill him.

He and this crew would go on to have many an adventure together, and Warlock would grow the strongest bond with the one who communicated with him first. Which would only turn him almost literally inside out with grief when this friend lost his life saving another of their own.

Nearly inconsolable, Warlock animated the body of his friend and tried to convince him to wake up and return to life - only to have to be persuaded by the others that the young man was gone and they all had to say goodbye and life had to continue. And so it went, for a while.

Eventually Warlock would face death on his own, caught by a man who had already made himself a cyborg but wanted to add Warlock's omnimorphic shapeshifting abilities to his arsenal - draining so much of the life from the alien that his techno-organic body turned to ashes, and he was spread over the grave of his friend.

Over the course of a few years, absorbing bits of energy from other tiny creatures in the ground, Warlock would slowly reform himself, and eventually returned… having taken on the shape and memories of his deceased friend. Interacting with others who'd known the two of them, old friends and teammates, eventually served to wake him from this delusion, and in the time since then Warlock has… laid low. The Magus has been fought off more than once but is never a truly ended threat to his existence, and his brush with mortality has rendered him more contemplative and philosophical. Recent… happenings have turned his attention back to his old home and friends.

Recent Events


Warlock is an alien exile from across the stars made of technological and organic machinery - which is to say that even to his closest friends, he's deeply weird. Warlock is insatiably curious about his adopted homeworld, and even though he has been on Earth for years now never appears to run out of new lines of inquiry about literally anything as new issues and variables arise.

The thing that makes Warlock a "mutant" among his warlike race of aliens is his respect for life and complete unwillingness to snuff it out. He doesn't even enjoy fighting, though his time with his friends on Earth has led him into battle many times - Warlock really only focuses on protecting innocents, civilians and his friends/teammates. When he DOES engage a combatant directly, it's always with the intent to restrain or capture.

For a being as altruistic as he is, Warlock filters all of his experiences and makes his decisions based on how things directly effect himself - what gets positive responses, what gets negative ones, how his own actions effect his feelings, and so on first - similar to a child. For all his experiences on Earth he is not human, and still finds himself unwittingly causing emotional distress to those he loves now and then.

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As largely machine himself, Warlock is capable of interfacing and interacting with computers and machinery of all kinds. He can 'speak' with other computers much like a hacker would, especially if it hosts a personable AI, cause locks and doors to open, trace sources through the internet, all that good stuff.

The real "magic" comes from his ability to interface directly with people. Warlock can literally merge himself with another living being, combining their bodies and 'lifeglows' and forming them into a more powerful gestalt being; gaining the ability to control both sets of abilities while sharing each other's memories. Because of the extremely high risk of passing on his (largely benign but still incurable) transmode virus, Warlock is largely reluctant to do this - and to this date has only merged himself with a single person in such a way. It's extremely intimate and signifies the highest amount of trust Warlock and the potential mergee have for each other.


Warlock's 'Lifeglow' is, generally, what it says on the tin - the energy that keeps him alive and functioning. He doesn't merely absorb and subsist on this energy, he can also use it for various effects. While copious it IS finite, and stress-related uses tend to drain it faster than normal. Because of this 'lifeglow', Warlock perceives the world around him in patterns of light and energy, allowing him to identify suitable and unsuitable sources of energy for him to absorb to replenish himself. Most common active uses of Warlock's Lifeglow are:

Mass/Strength: Warlock's lifeglow allows him to alter his mass/durability and strength to immense levels. At top range, he can trade blows with the strongest of Earth's heroes… for a few rounds. His normal/comfortable range is roundabout 10 tons. He can also make himself nearly weightless.

Energy Projection: Warlock can directly apply his lifeglow as bioelectric blasts or kinetic force to stun combatants or propel himself through the air. He can also create force fields centered on himself that can expand enough to protect others.

Energy Absorption: Outside of using a transmode virus on living matter to absorb lifeglow directly, Warlock can directly absorb electrical (bio- or otherwise) through his 'skin' which directly feeds his lifeglow. He isn't completely immune to the physical effects of electrical shortages or attacks, but they won't *kill* him.


As a techno-organic alien from the planet Kvch, Warlock is able to assume the shape of literally anything he can think of. He can mimic human appearances and voices, household objects, energy weapons, even vehicles. Not needing to breathe, Warlock can transform into a spaceship and travel within the galaxy - but he hasn't left Earth under his own power since his arrival, afraid that doing so will draw the attention of the Magus. His own native shape is vaguely humanoid and largely cartoonish and he's comfortable in it, generally taking a more obviously human shape when interacting with people unknown to him or at the request of others.




Full Name: Warlock
Code Name:
Occupation: Shape-Shifting Alien
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: New Mutants
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Mutant Technarch
Age: 20-ish
Height: Variable
Build: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
OOC Information
Portrayed By: CGI
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: Warlock
Played Since: February 24, 2019

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