Wasp (Pym)


The daughter of Henry Pym and his first wife Maria Trovaya. Maria having been kidnapped on the pair's honeymoon and killed at least after she had given birth to Nadia. the Russian agents then gave the baby to the Red Room. The same group that produces Black Widows.

Most of her training was fairly standard at first. Her first memories were of combat training, she was not the best there. Only learning and mastering five martial arts instead of the usual seven. Along with the usual stuff, fighting, shooting guns, sneaking, dancing, being charming, graceful and acrobatic. When she started reading, she took to it and the science and tech stuff like a duck to water. Her handlers knowing who her father was figured it was a genetic aptitude and letting her know who her father was, aimed her more towards sciences. Though she still had to do everything else.

This might have been a bad call on the part of management.

Wanting to get out of the Red Room facilities and meet her father and see the rest of the world, she put her skills to use to obtain a black market Pym Particle and with the help of a friend, Ying another trainee, worked on reverse engineering said particle in order to facilitate said escape. When Ying was taken and transferred away (They really didn't word things well enough. Sometimes even benign explanations can sound so sinister). Nadia hunkered down and cracked the particle and mastered it's size changing properties. Then bailed on the Red Room before she could finally graduate.

Making her way to the United States. Nadia found her way to where her father was last known to have lived. Unfortunately he wasn't there. Still, it didn't deter her. Breaking into and appropriating some of Hank's gear to fashion herself a super hero costume styled after Janet's, and the codename Wasp along with it.

Having another science hero never hurts, especially when it's a young woman.

Recent Events

Pretty much just landed in New York after a quick stop in Jersey.


For someone trained to be a spy and assassin, Nadia does come off as somewhat clueless. Might be because she's a recent escapee not only from the Red Room but Russia itself. It's more sheltered and everything is new to her.

That said, when she focuses on her tasks, whether it's something she can SCIENCE, Hero away, or stealth. She can get very determined and doesn't take failure well. Which can have detrimental effects on her ability to deal with folks. Something she might have inherited from her father along with his intellect. That said, she otherwise comes off as energetic, especially when she finds something she enjoys, like flying, SCIENCE, or donuts.

Especially donuts. Those stingers burn a lot of calories, especially at normal or larger sizes.

RP Hooks

SCIENCE!: Nadia's at he happiest when she's in a lab with like minded individuals. Pick a field she'll probably have studied it. Primarily she's into bio-engineering. But if she doesn't know it, she'll want to learn it.

Spy stuff: Red Room Academy dropout. Never has anyone been more proud to drop out of school. Though said school did a huge number on her. As much as she hates it, all the training stuck, she's just glad she hasn't killed anyone. And no, she will not go back.


{$page} Gwen Stacy
This girl is awesome, smart, wiser than me. If I ever get my own lab started, she's my first hire.
{$page} Jeanne Foulcault
She learns stuff faster than I can. Can't wait to see what stuff she can come up with using what she knows!

Character Sheet


The installation of 4 biosynthetic wings on her costume's back allow her to fly when used in conjunction with her size and mass altering. While usable in her normal size, the speeds and agility she can reach increases as she gets smaller and less strain is put on the wings to superhuman levels.


Through the use of Pym Particles, Nadia can alter her body's size and molecular density at will allowing her to shrink and grow as small or large as she needs, along with other objects. And in doing so allow her to maintain strength in the case of shrinking or gaining in the case of growing. It also allows her to by pass the square cube law of physics as a result.


Embedded in Nadia's hands the Wasp's Stings allow Nadia to fire blasts of bio-electric energy generated by Nadia herself. These blasts can be powerful enough to cut through high density structures and cause extreme pain to super-humanly strong and durable beings.


"All those years in a cage. This is what it's like to fly. To be free."

"It's easier to think with no pants, sometimes."



The Unstoppable Wasp
The Unstoppable Wasp
Full Name: Nadia Pym
Code Name: Wasp
Occupation: Scientist, Hero, Former Spy
Aliases: Oca (it's just Wasp in Russian), Baby Wasp, Wicked Wasp, Unstoppable Wasp.
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Species Detail:
Age: 19
Height: 5'6" (Variable)
Build: Slim athletic
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Adelaide Kane
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: wasp-pym
Played Since: February 2019

Last Posted Activity: 24 Mar 2019 16:49

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