White Queen


Emma Grace was born into the wealthy Frost family of Boston. Her parents - the domineering Winston and drug-addled Hazel - were old money and industrialist socialites. She shared her childhood home with an older brother, Christian; an older sister, Adrienne; and a younger sister, Cordelia.

Her life at home was a battleground as the Frost children warred for their parents' limited affection. Christian and Emma genuinely cared for each other, but he attempted to commit suicide and was institutionalized while she was still in high school. It left her alone in the family, struggling through the abusive family dynamics and crippling headaches as her powers continued to manifest. As a senior in high school, she ended up attempting to blackmail her father to… Well, it's a sordid story, really, but it ended with him naming her heir to the family fortune and her slamming the door in his face. Literally.

She lived on the streets of Boston for a time after that, where a new boyfriend convinced her to use her newfound abilities to cross the Boston mob. The scheme went south, he ended up dead, and she ended up saving herself. She kept the money that they'd managed to get from her family as part of the scheme, using it to pay her tuition as she enrolled in Empire State University in New York for a degree in education.

It all seemed to be going well until her telepathic roommate ended up being a manipulative psychopath, so Emma left her in a coma. And she left her education behind for the time being.

Determined to master her powers, Emma only became more proficient and more creative. She used her powers to liberate gowns from Fifth Avenue, forge invitations to exclusive black tie events, convince everyone she was there legitimately, and lift business secrets. It served to her advantage that her parents had been well known in these circles, and she moved with ease and was praised for her natural grasp of business.

But one place she never needed to forge her way into was the Hellfire Club of New York as a legacy member. However, not all doors were open to her as part of the general membership, and she had unprecedented trouble maneuvering there. Eager to get access into its more private affairs, she changed tact and took a job as a stripper. However, her first night, several young men accosted Emma, then barely 19 years of age. She was rescued that night, but didn't know either of her mutant saviors. She didn't let the event deter her.

And then, one night, she tried to read the mind of Sebastian Shaw. He didn't take it well. He broke her nose, but then enlisted her in his plot to take over the organization. Emma, by then 24, was formally invited to be their Lord Cardinal in charge of recruiting new members and, more importantly, new young mutants to do the Circle's bidding. She acquired the Massachusetts Academy and began her work. When they overthrew the existing regime, she rose as its White Queen.

She grew the school's reputation as a finishing school for the American elite, but hidden there was also the training ground for the Hellions… Emma's precious and beloved team of young and impressionable mutant minds. If you're brave, you can ask Kitty Pryde about Frost's recruitment techniques.

All the while, Emma's mind for cutthroat business, coupled with the stolen information she possessed, allowed her to quickly acquire a massive amount of capital. She was praised as a business genius and grew her company.

But things rarely seem to go right for Emma Frost. There were many misadventures and plots gone wrong.

One of them saw her knocked into a coma. Emma spent a long time sleeping, laid in a sort of shrine by Sebastian Shaw and protected by him. When she awoke, Emma returned to her students.

Shortly thereafter, however, the Hellions fought their last battle in the Hellfire Club. Emma was knocked into a coma, again, and spared from death only by the manifestation of a secondary mutation of diamond hard skin she never knew she possessed. Without their protector and leader, the Hellions, to the last one, were slaughtered. The Hellions were no more, and Frost was buried alive.

Although her body didn't wake immediately, her new mutation eventually hid itself once more and she - out of instinct more than awareness - used her psychic powers to excavate herself by means of the men who were clearing the rubble. Her mind wandered after that, possessing the bodies of a few people here and there. But it was in another's body where she learned of her students' fate. Confused and distraught, she foolishly demanded that her own bewildered guards shoot her.

When Sebastian Shaw and Selene found her, Frost was coaxed back into her own body and cared for. Then a new round of manipulations began, as Shaw maneuvered the emotionally fragile woman - although she'd never admit it - and attempted to ensure Frost's continued loyalty to the Club in the wake of the disaster with her students.

But every day, she becomes a little more resentful. A little more sure that she'd rather burn the whole thing down with Shaw in it. A little more determined to make certain that the Hellfire Club never gets its hands on children again.

But for now, what to do? What to do, indeed.

Recent Events


Accused with some regularity of being arrogant, cold, and calculating, Frost often appears as icy as her name.

Sure, she can be seductive and charismatic when she wants to be, but she does not like to often express how she truly feels. Being a telepath has awakened her from an early age to the great power of emotions and given long-term exposure to the secrets that lurk in the hearts of men, and how they play in the lives of mortals. Emma has no intention of ever handing that power over to another. Instead, she deflects and camouflages them with her caustic wit and withering glances.

As ruthless and manipulative in her private affairs as she is in the board room, she trusts no one fully but herself. Far more often than not, her interests trump all others and certainly she has no fear of the "morally grey". Hell, she'll consider just about anything so long as it benefits her and the price is acceptably low.

However, while she'd like the world to believe that she doesn't care about anyone or anything else… that's not really true. There is a bit of the mother hen that wishes to protect younger powered beings from a world that reviles them, like she wishes that someone had done for her when she was vulnerable. And deep down (very, very deep down in the unseen and treacherous chasms of her soul), there is a part of her that wants to be seen as something good. Something worthy of redemption.

She won't be holding her breath on that one, though.

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Character Sheet

ASTRAL PROJECTION: An extension of her telepathic power, Emma can sense individuals on the astral plane and can move upon it it with incredible skill. She can do this by her own will, or by contact with the thoughts and memories of others. This is like mentally walking in an alternate universe, created by the environment or the mind she's visiting. Here, she can use her powers of telepathy to find and read others on a deeper level more easily, as well as engaging beings who exist solely on the astral plane. This can also aid her in detecting invisible entities, or people who might be occupying the same space via a pocket dimension.

Running a light scan on the area about her is not difficult for Emma, and she can do this quickly and easily. With it, she can basically say, 'Yes, someone (or something) is there.'

However, using the astral plane for anything else requires immense concentration as it would require her project her astral form onto the plane. It shuts down all of her body's senses, acting very much like a coma state and making her unaware of her physical surroundings. In addition to this, she is very likely to find herself drained and headachey if she spends too long at it.

As one of the world's premier telepaths, she also can survive longer than most should her astral form be severed from her body, having several tools at her disposal to keep herself sane and cohesive.

LIVING DIAMOND: As part of a secondary mutation, Emma is capable of shifting into an "organic diamond" form. In this state, she loses all access to her psychic abilities. However, she does gain the advantage of being as physically rugged as an actual diamond, and - in this form - she is almost entirely unaffected by cold, heat, or toxins. She doesn't need to breathe, either.

She is, as yet, unaware that she possesses this secondary mutation, and thus she doesn't know that this change is hers to command.

MIND READING: First and foremost, Emma Frost is a mind witch. One of Earth's premier telepaths, she has the ability to find minds and read the thoughts and feelings of others from thousands of miles away, given she is familiar with who she's looking for and roughly where they are. The denser the population and the more unfamiliar the mind, however, the more difficult the task becomes.

Additionally, the deeper that Emma must go in order to procure the information that she is looking for, the less likely her success. For example, she can typically procure surface thoughts from a person she sees with ease and likewise send surface thoughts. With a bit of effort, she can read deeper and more hidden thoughts. When she pushes harder still, she can begin to look at a subject's memories. Requiring the most effort is tapping into a target's subconsciousness, as it is the best guarded part of the mind, and she often finds she needs to shut out nearly all of her other senses in order to perform this task.

She's also been known to tap into other parts of the brain, such as language centers and long-term memory, in order to speak languages or perform knowledge-based skills that she's never studied.

MIND SCAN: Emma is able to search an area for another mind, skimming thoughts in search of a pattern that matches what she's looking for. This allows her to uses her telepathy when she can't make a visual on the person she's scanning. While highly proficient at this, it grows increasingly more difficult the less familiar she is with the mind she's looking for, the distance away, and the population density of the area she's scanning.

In addition, she typically has a running 'general' reading of any room she occupies, allowing her a sort of psychic security system. Typically, she'll know even if she doesn't hear or see them, merely because they're thoughts in an area that previously was vacant.

This ability is not how she obtains information of any depth. This is a skim only. However, once she locks onto a mind, she can begin attempting to use her telepathy proper.

PSIONIC CONTROL: This is how Emma can "possess" another person's body. She invades their mind, pushing their sense of self away and placing her own thoughts there. Upon taking control, Emma is able to access the full range of her host's powers and use them to only to the extent of their ability (latent, unrealized, or otherwise). The host body will always know that she was responsible for this and retain full memory of what happened during that period of time.

This is not an ability to be used lightly. It is never guaranteed to work, and there is also the very real risk of getting trapped in the host body. It also has one other rather significant side effect; her own body effectively becomes comatose. Vital signs remain stable, but all conscious brain activity ceases, occupied elsewhere.

More commonly, she offers mental "suggestions", controlling the will of others to do her bidding. To perform the task, Frost must be within eyesight's distance of her victim. Those who have strong wills or other mental defenses are more difficult to influence. Depending on how strong Emma's suggestion or counter to a target's nature, it will typically seem like an out of place thought. Often, the more counter to her target's own motivations, the more transparent her efforts will become. Other mental adepts will realize more easily what she's up to, and thus be possibly able to track her.

PSIONIC RAPPORT: If a person is willing, Emma can see and experience everything that the other person sees and feels. Once a rapport is established, she can maintain it anywhere on the globe. For a rapport this strong, the host must be completely willing or the rapport will fail. The rapport can also be broken as soon as either side wants to "hang up".

When she is utilizing the psionic rapport, she is still aware of her surroundings and able to listen and talk, but the other senses can intrude and distract her if they're strong enough.

PSI BOLT: Emma can fire bolts of psionic force directly into an opponent's mind and target a target body's pain center with terrifying accuracy and excruciating power, ignoring body armor and force fields.

If she can't make mental contact with her target, she can't use this power. If she's distracted, is attacked herself, encounters a non-humanoid target, or is unable to penetrate a mental barrier, this ability is diminished or nullified. Additionally, as the mental defenses (strong will, etc.) increases in a target, the psi attack becomes increasingly less effective.
This is not to be confused with telekinesis. Emma cannot move objects with her mind. Additionally, if Emma uses this power, she loses all but her most deep-rooted psychic defenses.

SEDATION: Via telepathy, Emma can "sedate" an unconscious individual and keep them asleep. However, Emma can't keep this up forever; it requires her constant attention. Thus, if she is rendered unconscious herself or loses concentration, she will no longer be able to actively hold her victim in sleep and it is possible for her target to awaken naturally or be roused by others.

TELEPATHIC ILLUSIONS: By projecting realistic sensory information directly into a target's mind, Emma can fool her target into believing they see or feel what she creates for them. She can use this to mask herself, and other people, from those around her. Emma can also disguise herself, making her appearance to those around her quite different. This is not a terribly taxing power for her, and she can continue to function well.

However, her other powers cannot be used while she's maintaining an illusion, with the exception of her psi-screen. Also, the greater the number of people upon whom she is imposing the illusion, the greater the chance that the illusion will be unveiled. Similarly, her ability to create a flawless illusion also decreases if she must encompass all senses.

With one or two people, this is not a large concern. However, once it becomes more than one or two people affected, her illusions are more easily scrutinized.

Of all the senses, scent is the one that Emma has the most difficulty in disguising. Anyone with a heightened sense of smell is going to have an easier time of seeing through her illusion.

Limited by distance, Emma's best chances of success are if she shares the room with her target.

TELEPATHY: First and foremost, Emma Frost is a mind witch. One of Earth's premier telepaths, she has the ability to read the thoughts and feelings of others and send hers from thousands of miles away, given she is familiar with who she's looking for and roughly where they are.

However, the human brain is a curious thing, and it likes to protect itself. The deeper that Emma must go in order to procure the information that she is looking for, the less likely her success. For example, she can typically procure surface thoughts from a person she sees with ease and likewise send surface thoughts. With a bit of effort, she can read deeper and more hidden thoughts. When she pushes harder still, she can begin to look at a subject's memories. Requiring the most effort is tapping into a target's subconsciousness, as it is the best guarded part of the mind, and she often finds she needs to shut out nearly all of her other senses in order to perform this task.

While she cannot alter memories, she is also able to very carefully bury them and hide them within the mind behind a wall of defenses.

She's also been known to tap into other parts of the brain, such as language centers and long-term memory, in order to speak languages or perform knowledge-based skills that she's never studied.




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White Queen
Portrait of a Mind Witch
Portrait of a Mind Witch
Full Name: Emma Grace Frost
Code Name: White Queen
Occupation: Board Woman & CEO
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: Hellfire Club, Frost International
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 28
Height: 5'6"
Build: Curvy
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Alice Eve
Theme Song: A Little Wicked by Valerie Broussard
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: white-queen
Played Since: December 1, 2018

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