Rahne was born in a small town in Scotland by the name of Kinross. Her father
was the priest of the town at the time, her mother a local prostitute who died
giving birth to her. Unwanted by her mother before birth and her father
afterward, Rahne was not a happy child.

The church chose to give her raising to her father, the honorable Reverend
Craig who began right away to instill her with the doctrines of the Scottish
Kirk and with his own beliefs: that she was the child of sin and unworthy of
any form of happiness. She did not have much in life and grew up shy and sad
and desperately lonely, as well as scientifically backward and untutored.

Somehow, in a miracle that on its own defies modern science, that little girl
also grew up good and honest, a person who believes in miracles and warmth,
who looks for it around her with a passion born of desperation. Seeking it in
the life she was denied.

At fourteen though, Rahne still was short and undernourished and looked far
too small and young for her age. Timid, her hair was red and kept shorn to her
skull by the father who kept her like a dog, or a maid. Whichever he needed
most at the time. So when she suddenly changed into a wolf in the middle of
town, around puberty, this did not make the fundamentalist townsfolk view her

Rahne was shot before even getting out of town. Bleeding and pursued by a
ragged mob with guns and torches, she ran. Ran, crying and yes, dying, until
short on blood she fell almost at the feet of one lady. Moira MacTaggert, a
noble who owned all of the land. A noble who saw a child being hunted, and who
took her in even though the landsfolk tried to murder her.

A noble who saw what she was, and saw who she was, and valued her the way none
ever had in her short, dark life. Moira MacTaggert adopted Rahne, and then
sent her away. To the one place where a mutant could grow with others. Until
her own people could be taught to see the light.

Recent Events

After arriving at Xavier's, Rahne drew back inside of herself largely. She
made friends, certainly, but in most cases she was more of a little sister or
a pet than a close friend. She has a lot to offer, her teachers saw it easily,
but she keeps vanishing into the woods instead of taking her classes

Once in a while she shows up at a bar, or at a fight of some sort. She misses
classes, she tries but tries too hard and then burns out and runs. There's too
much wolf in her and not enough Rahne. Registration showing up hasn't helped.
She retreated into the wilderness instead of engaging, hiding instead of
hunting. Often she's the wolf and not the young woman. But she can be found.
Or she might find you.

And she's still a good kid. Confused, quiet. Still good. And the lessons she
learns when she trains stick and stick hard. Getting into problems, being
rebellious, she's mentally still younger than she should be at her age due to
spending time as a wolf, but she's ready to become more. And she's reaching
out for old friends, desperate for contact. Desperate for more.


Rahne believes deeply. This is her core, she believes deeply in all things,
though the list of what is convoluted and tangled. She's religous to a fault,
a devout Christian, and believes herself to be a child of sin and damned. That
warped lens somehow left her forgiving of others and loyal to a fault, a
miracle in its own way. God help you if you harm someone she loves though,
because she has nothing to lose and will take you with her.

Somehow shy after all of that, she is unable to accept praise and hates
herself on a level that is only offset by the joy, warmth and love that she
manifests so easily. It makes no sense, she should be bitter and resentful.
She isn't. Because in the end, Rahne Sinclair loves with a desperate need for
beauty and joy, and it transforms her, and it is beautiful.

RP Hooks


Moonstar: Dani and Rahne have a psychic link forged by Dani's abilities with animals and a personal friendship. If either of them is in trouble or serious pain, the other will know.

Character Sheet

HEALING: Rahne's body heals fast. A part of her body adapting to her mental image of herself, she will unconsciously revert herself to the state her body should be at if she is harmed. She heals at roughly three to four times the speed of a normal human, but she does not scar and can overcome even burns or major wounds. This is a mental aspect of her basic ability, so she must be alive for it to work.

HYBRID FORM: In her mixed human/wolf form, Rahne has the best of both worlds. With senses and power and speed, she can jump higher than any athlete, run at speeds up to 20 mph, and lift up to one tonne of weight, her most combatively capable form by far. She has claws and teeth which can cut many metals, stronger than a natural wolf's, and her senses are all roughly as good as a dog's while still able to see things that are human-specific. She can speak in this form, and can think clearly though she has some wolflike urges.

MINDSTATE: Rahne's mind is a bit more animalistic than expected, and is lightly resistant to telepaths largely due to it being more of an animal's at times than a human's. This is only really in effect when she is in an altered form.

SPECIFIC METAMORPH: Rahne is a shapeshifter with an extremely limited ability that has exactly two forms: Wolf and a hybrid that resembles a werewolf. She is not in fact a lycanthrope, this is a mutation that is in reality quite subtle and powerful. Her shifts take so little time to accomplish that to most they appear instantaneous, and her clothing is not included un these shifts unless it is designed to do so.

Rahne's standard human form is affected by her abilities as well, specifically that it is set to match her mental image of herself. A change in her self-image would change how she looks, and it would be astoundingly quick compared to normal human growth. Her senses are also similarly malleable, allowing her slightly enhanced sight, smell and hearing even in human form.

WOLF: When changed to wolf form, Rahne appears as a red-furred wolf. The size varies slightly, but her overall form is always the same. Her physical abilities are equivalent to a wolf of the size that she appears: she can run at 30 mph, faster if pushed, and can appear at up to 12 feet long, nose to tailtip.

In this form her senses are at their highest peak. She can smell anything possible to be detected, up to and including emotions. Her vision and hearing are both highly enhanced as well, though her mind is primarily that of a wolf and she has problems keeping human problems in her head. Telepaths also find his form to be difficult to pin down as human at all.




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Student, semi-feral wolfling, redhead
Student, semi-feral wolfling, redhead
Full Name: Rahne Grace Sinclair
Code Name: Wolfsbane
Occupation: None as yet
Aliases: wolfsbane, rahne, wb
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Build: Athletic/slim
Hair Color: Red, short
Eye Color: Green, two
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Maisie Williams (apparently)
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: wolfsbane
Played Since: 2019-07-28

Last Posted Activity: 22 Sep 2019 04:55

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