Life began for the man that would eventually become known as Wolverine in a town called Cold Lake in Alberta, Canada. He was born James Howlett in the late 1800s into a home of strife with a mother who did not love him for what he represented and a father who tried to love him but knew him for not his own. He was handed off to the care of a live-in nanny who was his primary human connection along with another young boy who was the son of the groundskeeper.

Much was well for young James despite the under currents of tension and strife. He proceeded through childhood helped by the ignorance that usually accompanies it, not knowing about the under currents going on around him. But that changed during a night when all of those under currents came to the fore in an explosion of violence. James' true father, the groundskeeper, attacked the household and tried to press a claim on the affections of James' mother. Her husband attempted to fend off the man only to be shot and killed. This caused James to lose control and in a fit of rage he slew his mother's lover. The final moment of tragedy in that household was when his mother took her own life.

Logan and his nanny, Rose, fled into the night together and would try to create a life or some semblance of normalcy out of this dire situation. And for some years they were successful, until James' primal nature manifested again, this time costing the life of his last remaining friend. He turned away from his nature, and embraced the beast. And for the next ten years lived as a creature of the woods.

His life in the wild led him to become the leader of a wolf pack, to create his own niche in the ecosystem and in some ways find what passed for peace in his life. But it was not to last long. Eventually the wolf pack was hunted and killed while James was not with them, and so bereft once again of a place in the world he tried to return to mankind as he could.

It did not seem to be likely he would be able to join humanity once again. His first brief forays ended in conflict and anger. He would find himself getting into brawls as he would react to people for their true intentions and not necessarily what they said. Though one of these brawls did draw the eye of a press-gang officer who realized that with the Great War looming, it would be good to have a soldier like this 'Logan' on their side. It was with that that Logan began a long career in the military, using his gifts in the only ways he knew how. He would fight in all of the major wars from the early 1900s onward until after the Vietnam war his secret of his enhanced abilities became known… and that is when the intelligence agencies stepped in.

He was identified as an enhanced ability asset by the intelligence operations of NATO and used across the world. He was given training to be the best assassin or assault operative they could put into play. He lost himself in this time, no longer thinking of himself beyond the next mission. It became a long steady stream of battle, conflict, and blood.

Eventually special weapons researchers decided to make use of their enhanced operatives, trying to make them even more efficient killing machines. Logan volunteered for this Weapon X project, and Canadian Intelligence approved the transfer. It was here that he would undergo the experimentation that would turn him from the mutant killer that he was into the enhanced monster that he became. But it was on the last phase of these experiments, where the unbreakable metal Adamantium was forged and then infused into his bone structure, that their control of him broke down. The pain at first drove him wild, turning him once again into a wild animal, shattering the conditioning they had placed on him. He broke free of the reserach facility and rushed into the wilderness where he would be for the next few months.

He might be there to this day if it were not for the Hudsons who were out camping. He met them, and through their efforts they were able to tame some aspect of the beast and draw him out of the wilderness to try once again to be a man. It was with James and Heather Hudson's help that he would rejoin civilization. Then he would join James Hudson's super powered team Alpha Flight where he would stay until the fateful day he met Charles Xavier.

Charles was able to help Logan see that there was a larger vision worth fighting for, a greater cause. And so he departed Alpha Flight to join the X-Men. It was from there that his life would seem to begin anew. He would forge bonds with a family of sorts, share adventures, and allow himself to live once again.

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Logan is a creature of his experiences and his pain. He is what you get when you have an individual who can strip away all of the niceties and politeness of civlization just by taking in a breath through his nose, and then give him a hard life where people repeatedly fail him or he fails them.

He is a gruff individual, not given to social norms and niceties. He has developed his own sense of honor that is drawn from many sources such as Japan, turn of the century ethics, and a warrior's life. He rarely couches his words gently, and often times is combative or rude primarily to push people away since it's often easier that way. Easier to keep them at a distance than to worry about letting them close and having the worst happen. He is a soul that is eternally divided between the man and the monster, and his behaviour is been his way of trying to handle that dichotomy.

Yet if people are able to break through or to simply endure the harshness of the man, they will find a layered individual who holds to his word no matter what. A man who once claims another individual as a friend holds them close and is strongly devoted.

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Animal Empathy: Perhaps not so much a mutation and more perhaps a result of his life experiences combined with his senses and his approach to nature, Logan is able to almost entirely divest himself of the trappings of civilization and become one with the natural world. He has, in the past, become something of an animal himself and from that past it has carried over that he has abilities in the wilderness that surpass even the most seasoned huntsman.

He is able to build a bridge of empathy with some predatory wild animals and be accepted as one of them. He can also move amongst the wild creatures and they will not give off any of the tell tale signs that something is amiss unless he is in the midst of a hunt.

Healing Factor: Logan is a mutant who has been gifted with the genetic leap forward of an enhanced healing factor that has allowed him to survive many years beyond his alloted three score and ten. It has allowed him to recover from fatal injuries and for him to survive under the worst conditions.

When injured he recovers very rapidly. A superficial cut or laceration can be seen visibly sealing and coming back together in a few seconds after having been suffered. His skin knits itself back together after being torn or slicd, and even grievous injuries such as organ failure or the loss of a limb can be recovered from within a handful of minutes.

He has, in the past, recovered from being impaled. He has regrown an eye. He has regrown his hands. He has even at one point recovered from being declared clinically dead and after attempts at resucitation had ended. A side effect of his healing factor is that it renders him mostly immune to poison and disease.

Senses: Logan lives in a different world than most other individuals. His world is vibrant and alive beyond the ken of normal people as his senses are much more sensitive and acute. His eyesight is exceptional in that he can see much further than a normal individual, akin to the eyesight of a bird of prey on the hunt, he is capable of marking motion and detail at extreme distances.

His hearing is also enhanced to a degree that he is able to filter out different layers of sound to try and discern subtle noises at a great distance. Very much like the hunting sense of a wolf or coyote, he instinctively hears and filters what would be 'normal' sounds of his environment and can key upon those small differences and details that might escape even an electronic sensor.

Yet his most powerful sense that has changed how he perceives the world is his sense of smell. He can read individuals and their sentiment or their truthfulness simply by taking in a breath. He can tell when a firearm has been used, where, and how long ago simply by being within the same building. He can identify people by their scent, and he is extremely difficult to trick in that regards due to this power.

Skeletal Structure: Wolverine was born with a mutated skeletal structure that grew denser as he grew up and changed when he reached puberty. He developed bone 'claws' and the muscular system which allowed him to extend them through his knuckles with a small amount of concentration. These claws would burst through the flesh of his knuckles though his healing factor would almost instantly seal them in their locked position. They were very sharp and were housed in such a way that even x-rays had a small amount of difficulty discerning the mutation unless a 360 degree scan was used.




August 15, 2019. Consumed by the Shadows

Nightmares visit Wolverine within the shadows

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August 15, 2019. Past Imperfect

Three years ago, just before Registration, a little girl is ready to run.

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August 12, 2019. Exciting New Friends!

Logan comes to visit the Punchline and makes the acquaintance of the hostess with the mostest: Lena Zelle!

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August 11, 2019. Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Wolverine and Domino are on patrol and run into some trouble.

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August 08, 2019. Sharing Darkness

Logan leads a scouting team vs the Shadow. It nearly goes BAD.

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July 29, 2019. Distracted Dojo

Two fighters join up for some sparring but only one of them has their head in the game.

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July 27, 2019. Cat Calling Leads To Mat Falling

Trish uses her investigative skills to find Logan's number. She contacts him to ask for a meeting, where she asks for his help in training to fight.

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July 23, 2019. By Way of Kenai, Team 2

In the large effort to recover a batch of missing telepaths, the X-Men, a butler, and two thieves do their part. (Conclusion for the plot Penny for Your Thoughts, Part 2)

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July 18, 2019. Session KP117

Logan is doing some Danger Room training when Domino crashes the party.

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July 17, 2019. Mercs and Mercy

Trish finds her way to a mercenary bar where she runs into Logan, who takes pity on her and keeps her out of trouble.

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July 16, 2019. On Pickups and Purple Hair

Logan tries to get his junker working again and meets Psylocke

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July 16, 2019. Stakeout Reacquaintance

After Wolverine returns to the mansion, he and Kitty stakeout a warehouse where Sentinels are apparently held and catch up.

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January 24, 2019. Huddled Masses

A trio of X-Men help Rictor track down missing kids (follow up to Runaway Runaways)

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January 18, 2019. An Unexpected Guest

At the X-mansion there has been much talk and discussion of late of what to do about the new law. Into the middle of all of this conversation the one thing they don't need is one of the faces of the new law showing up for a chat.

Which is of course /why/ Tony Stark chooses to do it right now. Because he never does what people want. Ever.

But really. He's /helping/.

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January 03, 2019. The One With The Hologlobe

With the promise of mutant registration looming large over New York, a meeting of active X-Men is convened to discuss the best available options for fighting — or living with? — the new law of the land.

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Full Name: James Howlett
Code Name: Wolverine
Occupation: Adventurer
Aliases: Logan, Patch, Lucky Jim, Wolverine, Wolvie
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 30 (Apparent)
Height: 6'1"
Build: Burly
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: Hugh Jackman
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: wolverine
Played Since: 7/15/2019

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