For well over a century, Logan has been a soldier, a nomad, a hermit, a bogeyman, and a guardian angel in various measures. It started out much more unassuming than it wound up: born James Howlett in a sleepy Canadian town in the 1800's and growing up a sickly child in a household with unhappy parents and a really surly groundskeeper, they were wealthy in the material sense but deeply dysfunctional in so many others.

It ended in violence when Logan's mutant powers first manifested after seeing his father killed by said caretaker, and he killed the man. It set a trend for a cycle of violence that's only changed in subtle ways to this very day, often claiming the lives of those closest to him.

For a time, he lost himself in the woodlands, secluded from civilization and humanity in self-imposed penance and soul-searching. In others, he would join causes both noble and thought-to-be-noble to ply his remarkable talents towards the exercise of war and espionage. He's been with more special forces teams than he remembers, fought in the Civil War, the Satsuma Rebellion, both World Wars, Vietnam… the list goes on and on.

Manipulated often for those same special abilities and ample skillset, the man who became the Wolverine was further engineered into a living weapon by mental and physical alterations enacted by the Weapon X project, his killing edge honed to an impossible razor sharpness. As natural an affinity as he always had for the art, it's seldom sat entirely right with the deceptively insightful Canuck, and many times through his long, long life, Logan tried to walk away— only to get pulled back in.

Whether it was a war he was unwilling to ignore, the inception of SHIELD, or the impossible missions undertaken by Team X, the history of the Wolverine is a history of fighting, of killing, of doing great and terrible things for noble and insidious causes. After the adamantium was bonded to his skeleton, he lost his mind quite thoroughly, reverting to a feral state and tearing his way through the facility to escape into the remote Canadian wilderness.

Only the compassion of others saved him from living in that state indefinitely, and only the reaffirmation of his independence and agency has driven him forward since. A fierce loner, Logan engaged in solo and small group mercenary work and vigilantism, plying his gifts for enough money to survive and trying to make a difference. One of those differences came when he helped a skilled young martial artist named Kitty Pryde hunt for her father— and then for her father's killer.

This path led him back to the X-Men, a collection of kids and kids-to-him risking their lives for the cause of an idealist that
naturally, Wolverine found it hard to trust. They needed his help, and he gave it. His membership with the X-Men has been sporadic, but stalwart— he's trained many of the up and comers, risked his life repeatedly, and perhaps, finally, found a cause worth serving of his own volition once more.

Recent Events


Logan is a man with substantial red in his ledger. He knows it, feels
it in his bones, even if he doesn't remember all of it. Paradoxically,
it leads him to be willing to do some pretty nasty shit. He's the best
he is at what he does— and what he does is not very nice. Thing is,
it's all orchestrated to protect the innocent, something that the
Wolverine cares a remarkable amount about. He's already dirty, and if
he can take down the worst the world has to offer, keep others from
suffering the things he's suffered or having to dirty their own hands?
He'll do it.

Despite his animalistic nature and violent past, Logan tries very hard
to be a better man, focusing his mind and spirit through rigorous
discipline and a strong moral code, personal and askew from the norm
though it may be. He's a killer who loathes killing just as much as he
enjoys it, a hero who rolls his eyes at the perspectives and
approaches of a great number of his 'peers'. He's also old, and tired
of it all, but too stubborn to quit. He's loyal, compassionate, and
wise… while simultaneously also being fickle, fiery, and prone to
rash impulse and risk-taking.

He's a predator exploring the chance to be something better, neither
hero nor villain, but just a Canucklehead trying to do the right
thing; before he forgets about it or gets wrapped up in yet another
mad scheme to weaponize him. Over and over throughout his life he's
been a tool, a weapon wielded by someone else— now with an
anti-authority streak a mile wide, Logan carves his own, often bloody,
always unique path through the brambles before him.

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Character Sheet

BERSERKER FURY: In times of stress, trauma, or substantial
aggravation, Logan's fight or flight response lurks waiting for the
chance to kick into overdrive. He becomes stronger, faster, and all
but utterly, unpredictably feral— an instinctive killing machine that
even the finest martial artists can scarcely read. The downside is
that Wolverine possesses very little control over this Beast once it's
loose. He will not hesitate kill whoever gets in his way, he will
fight well past his limits, he can and will turn on ally or loved one
alike without the cunning normally employed in his martial pursuits.
Few still live who have seen him in this state, for all the obvious
reasons— and Logan himself seldom recalls more than a garbled montage
of his deeds while in this raging state.

DIE HARD: Wolverine's mutant healing factor is perhaps his most
notable gift: Scrapes and abrasions heal so quickly that they might as
well not have happened, deep cuts and punctures close in moments, and
mortal wounds a minute or two later. Even his limbs regenerate
quickly, and short of sealing his disparate pieces in boxes
Dracula-style or utterly disintegrating him, he's all but impossible
to kill. Logan is also all but immune to any disease or toxin not
mystically potent or specifically engineered to target his physiology,
and even in supernatural cases his body often purges itself remarkably
swiftly. Only injuries which impair a majority of vital biological
functions simultaneously stand a real threat of killing him outright.
His healing factor also suppresses his age, leaving him in his prime
for— to understate it— an extensive period.

The downside? Well, Wolverine has to eat: a huge, high calorie,
protein-rich diet. Any time food is scarce, his healing factor takes a
hit down to half rate. Any time Logan's actually starving, or injured
grievously or repeatedly enough to burn his healing factor out, he'll
heal scarcely any better than anyone else until the situation is
rectified through ample food or TLC.

HOLDOUT WEAPONRY: In nearly every situation, Wolverine's weapons
of choice are at hand— literally. Notable razor-edged bone daggers
are concealed in each of hands, three per, snikting out from behind
his knuckles. These pop in and out all but instantly, much like some
felines, at Wolverine's whim. Impossibly sharp and strong after being
bonded with adamantium, these blades are not only abundantly capable
of cutting human flesh or bone like butter, but able to damage nearly
any other metal or substance short of certain magical alloys and even
rarer forms of adamantium, contributing to Logan's reputation for
breaching any confinement and hunting prey past any barrier. For all
his martial acumen with blade and firearm and explosive, these primal
talons are his favored means of engaging somone, nine times out of
ten. This also translates to a brutal, uncanny proficiency in that
bloody art.

PRIMAL HEART: Logan feels a closer kinship with animals and nature
than he does with most people. He has a good sense for what creatures
of the wild feel, and vice-versa: it's not rare for a guard dog to
decide he's just not worth the trouble after a staredown, or for
Wolverine to 'just know' exactly what's hurting a sick deer. Whether
tied to the precision of his senses or the nature of his soul, in many
ways he feels more at home— and at peace— interacting with animals
than with most people.



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January 24, 2019. Huddled Masses

A trio of X-Men help Rictor track down missing kids (follow up to Runaway Runaways)

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January 18, 2019. An Unexpected Guest

At the X-mansion there has been much talk and discussion of late of what to do about the new law. Into the middle of all of this conversation the one thing they don't need is one of the faces of the new law showing up for a chat.

Which is of course /why/ Tony Stark chooses to do it right now. Because he never does what people want. Ever.

But really. He's /helping/.

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January 03, 2019. The One With The Hologlobe

With the promise of mutant registration looming large over New York, a meeting of active X-Men is convened to discuss the best available options for fighting — or living with? — the new law of the land.

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Full Name: Just Logan, bub
Code Name: Wolverine
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Neutral
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Male
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 30 (Apparent)
Height: 5'3"
Build: Burly
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: wolverine
Played Since:

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