After the failures of earlier incarnations of the Weapon Plus Program, an organization and compound known as the Facility was created to continue the project's work. It was headed by three individuals; Dr. Martin Sutter, who had worked on Weapon X, Dr. Zander Rice, the son of another Weapon X scientist who was killed during the subject's escape, and Dr. Sarah Kinney, a renowned geneticist whose work focused on mutations and the X-gene. Kinney was hired to develop a clone from sample material from the original Weapon X, an effort that had met with multiple prior failures. Against orders, she succeeded in replacing a damaged Y-chromosome with a duplicated X, with the 'side effect' of making the resulting clone female. In retaliation for her unorthodox methods, she was forced to become the surrogate to the eventual clone child, codenamed X-23.

Showing remarkable physical and mental aptitudes, the new subject was given an intense training regimen. Dr. Kinney was allowed only minimal contact, an effort designed to prevent the development of a normal personality or self-identity, leaving only a weapon. She was tortured to activate her X-gene, and her bone claws bonded with adamantium. At the same time, X-23 was also subjected to intense physical response conditioning to make her susceptible to a 'trigger scent,' a chemical that would provoke a berserk response on exposure to her highly-advanced senses. The scent would be used to activate her during missions, particularly against 'difficult' targets: its initial test was on her own martial arts sensei, one of the few figures in the Facility who had shown her kindness.

At the age of ten, X-23 undertook her first mission, successfully targeting a US Presidential candidate. For the next three years, she would carry out dozens of such contracts with perfect success, even returning after Dr. Rice left her to die on a mission as revenge for his own father. Later, he would use her to eliminate Sutter to take control of the program, which was now ready to create a new sequence of clones: X-24 through 50. Dr. Kinney realized the gravity of what she had done and secretly gave the girl a final 'mission' to destroy the other clones, kill Rice, and destroy the facility. As ever, X-23 completed her mission, albeit at painful cost: suspecting Kinney's actions, he had secretly dosed her with the trigger scent. When X-23 emerged to meet her mother outside the destroyed compound, she flew into a rage and killed her mother, who, as a dying act, named her Laura - her daughter and a real person, not an object and a weapon.

Hunted by her former handlers, she fled to her mother's family, befriending her cousin, Megan. Yet after nearly killing Megan and her mother after they were exposed to the scent by a Facility agent, Laura realized she couldn't stay with them, and helped the two escape the country and go into hiding. While she now had information that would lead her to her genetic 'father,' she hesitated to go: believing the Facility was all-reaching and guilty over putting others at risk, she did her best to keep a low profile, staying off the grid at times, or living on the streets where no one cared who she was.

Alone with little strong sense of self and no context or life experience for interacting with the 'normal' world, she felt incredibly isolated, while her lingering guilt continued to express itself in moments of self-harm. Cautious of displaying her abilities for the attention it would inevitably bring, she was oddly vulnerable, despite all her power. Isolated and miserable, she was exploited for sex, violence, or both until she eventually fell in with some other young mutant outcasts, all of them casualties of bad homes, violence, anti-mutant hostility, and crime. Although she would drift in and out of the group, it helped her begin to feel some sense of belonging, as well as the strength in numbers to be found among her kind. Bolstered by this, she finally decided to seek out the Xavier Institute, and the original Weapon X.

Recent Events


With her traumatic upbringing, Laura is both morally and socially underdeveloped. This makes her reticent around strangers, slow to trust, and generally quiet. At the same time, her high intelligence and almost animal instincts make her a surprisingly good judge of character, and she is capable of bonding with rare people more quickly, where she becomes fiercely protective. In general, she has a no-nonsense approach to life and is very willing to challenge the trivial nonsense that most might put up with, speaks bluntly, and tends to be stubborn once she chooses a course. Given her training, she lacks the basic compunctions against violence most people are raised with, and is capable of compartmentalizing it to a large degree, yet not perfectly, and she particularly feels great remorse for past actions taken outside her own control.

RP Hooks

  • The Assassination of Greg Johnson: The death of a major presidential candidate in 2009 is an important but dark chapter of recent US history. While public information is minimal, SHIELD has been in pursuit of the culprit, X-23. Others may have used the event for their own purposes.
  • Weapon Plus: The Weapon Plus program was responsible for the creation of many enhanced individuals. Anyone with interest or ties to the program would find some connection with X-23.


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Full Name: Laura Kinney
Code Name: X-23
Occupation: Reformed Assassin
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: X-Men
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Species Detail: Mutant
Age: 19
Height: 5'1"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
OOC Information
Portrayed By:
Theme Song:
Character Type: FC
Universe: Marvel
Wiki Tag: x-23
Played Since: December 13, 2018

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