• Born over 4,000 years ago on Kera.
  • Mother Harmony raised to priestess for successfully becoming pregnant and giving birth, a great rarity.
  • Joined the Coda Order, an all-female order of warriors; eventually worked her way to leadership and position of respect for battle prowess
  • Had an affair with highly-placed Kieran Lord; became pregnant but kept it secret as she had no desire to join the priesthood.
  • Convinced Harmony to pretend the baby was her own, setting Zannah free to continue her life as a Coda warrior and giving Harmony a great boon to her own status, becoming high priestess as the first female to give birth multiple times in millennia.
  • Joined war effort against Daemonite Empire.
  • Eventually joined the crew of Emp & Majestros’ war cruisers, along with her daughter, who believed them sisters.
  • Engaged Daemonite forces in Sol system; ships on both sides were destroyed, others crashed on earth along with lifepods
  • Most Kheran survivors were able to blend in with the primitive, if not quite prehistoric, human inhabitants. Began a cycle of thousands of years of a Cold War between Kherans and Daemonites, often flaring up amongst extant human wars.
  • Established a new Coda Sisterhood on Earth with the surviving Kheran members and inducting native humans into their ranks, even sharing some of their technology and blood, extending their lives.
  • Eventually ran afoul of her own Sisterhood during Trojan War when she objected to the slaying of civilian women and especially children; defended herself from her second and won but refused to kill her, causing perceived loss of honor and being labeled a traitor to the Sisterhood, hunted.
  • Learned that her sister/daughter had fallen afoul of evil witch Tapestry; pledged herself to slavery for a century to purchase the other’s freedom. Freed herself when Tapestry tried to sacrifice her, defeating Tapestry with the dark magic she had mastered from the witch; then she set aside the power and swore never to use it again.
  • Continued to travel the world, doing battle and hunting the Daemonites in every major conflict in every era and culture.
  • Reunited with fellow Kheran Yon Khol in WWII and thereafter; became lovers; another child surrendered to secret adoption in Russia.
  • Both joined Emp’s Team One in 1960s, until Yon Khol was lost.
  • Continued working within modern intelligence and black operations, eventually working closely with former Team 7 member.
  • With the formation of the DEO she created identity as Lucy Blaze, field operative of the DEO.
  • Maintained this secret identity while assisting Emp in assembling another team to deal with rising Daemonite threat, joining the WildC.A.T.s as Zealot, bringing Drifter along as well.

Recent Events


Zannah seems to most, from the outside, incredibly cold, dedicated, and rigidly controlled, focused and intent upon her mission and purpose in life. And all of that is true, yet it is but the surface of her incredibly depths.

Zannah's primary motivation is her dedication to her calling as a Coda - what she views as a 'true Coda' - and a warrioress of Khera, dedicated to doing battle against the threat of the Daemonites and their allies. Second to this is finding and when possible protecting the children of Khera, both the nigh-immortal actual-born Kherans - few as they are remaining - and those descendants who have proven to inherit their Kheran legacies.

It should be noted that Zannah has an incredible well of willpower which pushes her ever onward against often seemingly insurmountable odds and threats and agonies, allowing her to continue in the face of such, and to put aside things she might want or even crave for what she would view as the greater or higher good.

Deep down and seldom seen is a part of Zannah she would generally deny: a true and abiding love of children and desire to protect them. This starts, secretly enough, with her own children: the daughter raised as her sister, and the son fostered in a Russian orphanage. But it carries to all children, the reason for her schism with the Coda Sisterhood she built on Earth that has lasted to this day, for despite how hard, cold and martial she can be, she is loathe to endanger or allow others to endanger children. It is the truest 'chink' in her mental and emotional armor.

RP Hooks

  • Lucy Blaze can be almost anywhere surveilling someone the DEO is concerned about, whether potentially or actually alien, or someone involved in contact with or trafficking alien technology and the threats that may represent.
  • Lucy Blaze can be present because of a possible Daemonite plot or operative


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url Lord Emp
team leader, long-time ally


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teammate, partner, student
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teammate, student
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Character Sheet

Zannah, like all pure-born Kherans, is virtually immortal. She has been active on Earth for nearly four thousand years and has not visibly aged much at all in that entire time.

Healing Factor
Zannah is no Canadian cigar-chewer, but her body heals quite well and faster than a normal human, usually five times the speed; not fast enough one can watch a wound heal in real time, but more than fast enough that rarely does anything short of near-mortal injuries keep her sidelined for more than a few days. Most beneficial given her obsessive militant occupation, her body heals without scarring.

As a pureblood Kheran Zannah is far stronger than the normal human she would outwardly appear to be, able to lift as much as ten tons with only reasonable effort. This same level of strength makes her capable of standing leaps of around 100 feet.

Zannah is incredibly agile, easily executing gymnastic maneuvers that exceed the ability of Olympic medalists, able to react to her surroundings quickly and accurately enough to deflect bullets and even energy blasts with her weapons.

Zannah's senses are incredibly acute. She is able to see five times as far, into ranges of the light spectrum above and below those normal humans can see, and in much lower light conditions. She is able to hear with five times the acuity, as well as hearing up into the ranges of ultrasound and down into the ranges of infrasound. Her sense of smell is a bit better than human, able to pick out and clearly identify more subtle cues and odors than most humans yet not to the point of being able to track by scent.

Zannah's stamina is prodigious, augmented by her Kherubim physiology and literally thousands of years of practice and effort to push herself constantly to and beyond her limits. Aided by her improved healing, Zannah can maintain high intensity effort for a dozen hours or more without yielding to exhaustion. She also manages her physical resources as a matter of habit, choosing a slightly slower than top speed in order to maintain pace almost indefinitely.

Zannah is no speedster, but with her incredible Kherubim might contained in an otherwise almost human body she is able to propel herself much more quickly than one might expect, achieving footspeeds well in excess of Olympic records, and distance running of approximately 25 mph.





The Red Lament
The Red Lament
Full Name: Lady Zannah
Code Name: Zealot
Occupation: DEO Agent
Aliases: Lucy Blaze, etc.
Reg. Status: Unregistered
Alignment: Hero
Home Turf: NYC
Affiliations: DEO, WildC.A.T.s
Physical Information
Gender: Female
Species: Alien
Species Detail: Kherubim
Age: 4,000+
Height: 6' 0"
Build: Athletic
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Blue
OOC Information
Portrayed By: None
Theme Song: One Woman Army
Character Type: FC
Universe: Other
Wiki Tag: zealot
Played Since: December 2018

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