Chargen Guide

Creating Your Character Bit

  • If you are a new player: Please login to the game as a Guest and tag an on-duty staffer to request a character bit!
  • If you are an existing player: Please use the +char system to request your character bit. +help +char on the game for the commands.

The Sections of Chargen

The character application process at Common Descent MUSH is very simple! Your app staff kindly requests that players write up their character applications with a mind towards clarity and conciseness. Applications that are clear and shorter are easier for staff to get through, and this one small bit of mindfulness can help decrease your waiting time during periods of high staff workloads.

For each of these sections, please be as brief as you can be without sacrificing content.

CDMUSH staff thanks you, and looks forward to seeing your application!


Because this is not only a multiverse game, but also a place where characters may have conflicting origin stories, we ask that players be fairly broad in their backgrounds. Early history tends to be fine unless it directly contradicts theme, but references to other characters—even those who are not currently played—should be avoided to allow for these differences and give maximum flexibility to other players in their interpretations of characters. They may be setting their characters at a different place in canonical history, where these events haven't yet happened. In places where the event is critical to your character but relies on another FC, staff might request that you alter the event in some way or make the reference more vague.

The only exception is if you have that other character's permission. In these instances, staff will likely check with other character players to be certain that you've cleared the mention with them.

We're not expecting a novel here! When writing your background, the most important thing is to touch on the historical notes that helped form your character's view on the world; explain the character's perks, resources, abilities, or flaws; or otherwise provide important insights into things that appear in other parts of your character application.

If you're breaking ten paragraphs on this section, please know that there is a buffer limit on applications and this is often the best place to trim up if you're running long.


This is easy, and each trait is set individually. The +view in the Chargen room will walk you through all of the necessary fields which will include:

  • Email (Must match across all alts.)
  • Full Name
  • Code Name
  • Age (No characters under 18 permitted.)
  • Character Type (FC, OC, or VC)
  • Home Turf (Gotham, Metropolis, NYC, or Other)
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Species
  • Any additional +finger fields you'd wish to add.


App staff doesn't need a treatise here, either! There are generally two preferred ways for players to tackle this section.

  1. A list of traits.
  2. One or two paragraphs generally describing the character's personality.

There is only one exception to what personality traits should NOT be included in this section, those that count as drawbacks or flaws. If your character has a crippling moral code or a consuming and driving hatred of metahumans and aliens (for example), then those might be better placed within the 'Drawbacks' section.


The sections of your sheet are visible to other players, and should be written to both give a good idea of the character and help other players understand the abilities and limitations your character possesses.


Powers are considered to be those metahuman abilities that are granted that are NOT available to humans. It doesn't matter if they are a racial benefit because your character is a Kryptonian, or the character gained them through a scientific experiment.

They should be written in such a way so that it is clear what is possible here, and what limitations there are. We aren't expecting you to write out all ability for flexibility or a full explanation of what powers like 'telepathy' mean, but we do want other players to be able to use this clearly as a gauge when engaging your character in plots or in Player vs. Player (PvP) interactions.

Example: Stronk possesses superhuman strength, and has since his mutant power manifested when he was thirteen. He is able to easily lift hundreds of pounds, and—at the time of his registration in November of 2018—was recorded as having lifted nearly a half a ton. As he is only 19, it is possible that his powers are still developing. As a result, a note has been made on his file that he will need to be retested annually.


Skills are learned abilities. Business, economics, scientific or mathematic theory, thieving, education, deception… These are all examples of skills. Helpful inclusions in these trait might include an indication of expertise, a sentence of rationale for how you gained it, and how the character typically applies the skill.

Example: After twenty years of running a successful business and learning from numerous corporate mentors, John the CEO thrives in the office. He has an exceptionally good knowledge of corporate leadership, stock markets and investment strategies, and strategic planning.


Resources are those things that a character possesses that are beneficial, but may be lost. They may include wealth, contacts, real estate, technology, vehicles, personal libraries, access to other people's resources, etc.

Example: As Will Wealthiman's longtime girlfriend, Sally never wants for anything. He is always gifting her the latest haute couture or letting her borrow one of his fancy cars. She brags about her latest holidays to far off locales, and he often sends her where she wants to go in his private plane.


Drawbacks are anything that hinder your character. These typically take the form of dependents, personality flaws, rivals, reputations, or physical limitations.

Example: Jill has a debilitating dependence on coffee. If she does not have a cup of coffee in her hand while awake, she grows increasingly fatigued and confused. She also grows increasingly likely to fly into blind rages, unable to differentiate friend from foe. Twenty minutes after drinking a cup of coffee, however, the effect is diminished.

The Approval Process

Once you've submitted your application, CDMUSH app staff strives to process applications within 3-5 days and will either give you points to address or an approval. If you have questions or are concerned about your application because you have been waiting for more than five days, please feel welcome to page any On-Duty member of staff. (See +staff in-game to see who is available to handle your question.)

Additional Application Tips

Be Concise

There is a buffer limit on applications, so we ask our applicants to please be concise here. We appreciate your being thorough in describing the various sections of your character, but please try to keep it reasonable in length. If it breaks the buffer, your first application comment may be a staffer asking you to trim down your application.

Be Original

We expect that players use their own writing when applying for characters.

For feature characters, this means that the descriptions of the character's history and abilities must be original work, even though the concept and history are not. You may use adaptations of work that you have used on other games, so long as you are the original author of that application. You may not use copies of other players' work.

For original characters, this means that the entire character must have been your concept. You may adapt your own original characters from other games, but you may not adapt characters created by other players.

Be Balanced

FCs vary greatly in established powerset among Marvel and DC. Some characters will just never be a match for others; we understand that, and believe that most people would not let that fact deter them from lower-level or "street-level" characters they wish to explore.

However, there are some FCs that, while perfectly canon, may not be able to integrate as well into the game, due to the nature or number of their powers. In these cases, we ask that players please balance their concepts for an easier application review. This may mean scaling your powers down from their potency in comic canon, or emphasizing existing flaws — or even creating new flaws that feel appropriate. We will always err on what works within our theme, or with the rest of the playerbase, over what is necessarily established as comic canon.

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