Character Tags

Everyone's character tags, at a glance!

Character Name Character Tag
Agent Carter's Tag agent-carter
Agent Green's Tag agent-green
Agent May's Tag agent-may
Amanda Waller's Tag amanda-waller
Amon Bell's Tag amon-bell
Angel's Tag angel
Angela's Tag angela
Arsenal's Tag arsenal
Atlee's Tag atlee
Atli's Tag atli
Atticus Wilson's Tag atticus-wilson
Bakuto's Tag bakuto
Batgirl's Tag batgirl
Batman's Tag batman
Batwoman's Tag batwoman
Billy Russo's Tag billy-russo
Black Canary's Tag black-canary
Black King's Tag black-king
Black Panther's Tag black-panther
Bolivar Trask's Tag bolivar-trask
Boom-Boom's Tag boom-boom
Boomerang's Tag boomerang
Cameron Hodge's Tag cameron-hodge
Captain America's Tag captain-america
Captain Marvel's Tag captain-marvel
Cassandra Nova's Tag cassandra-nova
Charlie's Tag charlie
Chase Stevens's Tag Chase-Stevens
Colleen Wing's Tag colleen-wing
Constantine's Tag constantine
Courtier's Tag courtier
Cypher's Tag cypher
Daredevil's Tag daredevil
David Archer's Tag david-archer
Dazzler's Tag dazzler
Dead Girl's Tag dead-girl
Deadpool's Tag deadpool
Diamondback's Tag diamondback
Doctor Strange's Tag doctor-strange
Domino's Tag domino
Extra's Tag extra
Fairchild's Tag fairchild
Fate (Nassour)'s Tag fate-nassour
Finesse's Tag finesse
Firestorm's Tag firestorm
Flash (Wally West)'s Tag flash-wally-west
Foggy Nelson's Tag foggy-nelson
Frenzy's Tag frenzy
Gamora's Tag gamora
Gentleman Ghost's Tag gentleman-ghost
Giovanni Zatara's Tag giovanni-zatara
Groot's Tag groot
Harley Quinn's Tag harley-quinn
Hashmark's Tag Hashmark
Hawkeye (Barton)'s Tag hawkeye-barton
Hawkeye (Bishop)'s Tag hawkeye-bishop
High Evolutionary's Tag high-evolutionary
The Hulk's Tag hulk
Huntress's Tag huntress
Impulse's Tag impulse
Iron Fist's Tag iron-fist
Iron Lad's Tag iron-lad
Iron Man's Tag iron-man
Jackalope's Tag jackalope
Jade's Tag jade
Jamie Sullivan's Tag jamie-sullivan
Jane Foster's Tag jane-foster
Liberty Belle's Tag liberty-belle
Jessica Jones's Tag jessica-jones
Jim Gordon's Tag jim-gordon
The Joker's Tag joker
Juggernaut's Tag juggernaut
Killmonger's Tag killmonger
Kingpin's Tag kingpin
Le Bien Qui Fait Mort's Tag le-bien-qui-fait-mort
Legacy's Tag legacy
Lex Luthor's Tag lex-luthor
Lionel Shepherd's Tag lionel-shepherd
Livewire's Tag Livewire
Lois Lane's Tag lois-lane
Loki's Tag loki
Longshot's Tag longshot
Luminosity's Tag Luminosity
Madelyne Pryor's Tag madelyne-pryor
Magik's Tag magik
Magneto's Tag magneto
Mary Peterson's Tag mary-peterson
Meggan's Tag meggan
Merrow's Tag merrow
Misfit's Tag Misfit
Mister Mxyzptlk's Tag mxyzptlk
Mister Sinister's Tag sinister
Moonstar's Tag Moonstar
Mystique's Tag mystique
Namora's Tag namora
Negasonic Teenage Warhead's Tag negasonic-teenage-warhead
Neutron's Tag neutron
Nick Fury's Tag nick-fury
Nico Minoru's Tag nico-minoru
Nightcrawler's Tag Nightcrawler
Omen's Tag omen
Onslaught's Tag onslaught
Pepper Potts's Tag Pepper-Potts
Phil Coulson's Tag phil-coulson
Phoenix (Jean Grey)'s Tag phoenix-jean-grey
Poison Ivy's Tag poison-ivy
Polaris's Tag polaris
Power Man's Tag power-man
Power Woman's Tag power-woman
Prodigy's Tag Prodigy
Professor Ivo's Tag professor-ivo
Charles Xavier's Tag xavier
Psylocke's Tag psylocke
Quake (Daisy Johnson)'s Tag Quake
Quicksilver's Tag quicksilver
Rachel Grey-Summers's Tag Rachel-Grey-Summers
Rainmaker's Tag rainmaker
Raven's Tag raven
Red Robin's Tag red-robin
Red Sparrow's Tag red-sparrow
Replica's Tag Replica
Rictor's Tag rictor
Robert Kelly's Tag robert-kelly
Rocket's Tag rocket
Rockslide's Tag Rockslide
Rogue's Tag rogue
Ruby Walker's Tag ruby
Rule Britannia's Tag rule-britannia
Samael's Tag samael
Scarlet Witch's Tag scarlet-witch
Scorpion's Tag scorpion
Sebastien Cortez's Tag sebastien-cortez
Secret's Tag Secret
Seneschal's Tag seneschal
Shadowcat's Tag shadowcat
Shadow King's Tag shadow-king
Simon Trask's Tag simon-trask
Six's Tag six
Speed's Tag speed
Spider-Gwen's Tag spider-gwen
Spider-Man's Tag spider-man
Spider-Man (Morales)'s Tag Spider-Man-Morales
Spider-Woman's Tag spider-woman
Starfire's Tag starfire
Star Lord's Tag star-lord
Sunspot's Tag sunspot
Supergirl's Tag supergirl
Superman's Tag superman
Surge's Tag surge
Thor's Tag thor
Trajectory's Tag trajectory
Ulysses Arngrim's Tag ulysses-arngrim
Evangeline Whedon's Tag vange
Volt's Tag volt
Warblade's Tag warblade
Warlock's Tag Warlock
Wasp (Pym)'s Tag wasp-pym
White Queen's Tag white-queen
Wiccan's Tag wiccan
Winter Soldier's Tag winter-soldier
Wolverine's Tag wolverine
Wonder Girl's Tag wonder-girl
X-23's Tag x-23
Zatanna Zatara's Tag zatanna-zatara
Zealot's Tag zealot
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