Character Tags

Everyone's character tags, at a glance!

Character Name Character Tag
Adrienne Frost's Tag adrienne-frost
Agent Carter's Tag agent-carter
Agent Green's Tag agent-green
Agent May's Tag agent-may
Amanda Waller's Tag amanda-waller
Amon Bell's Tag amon-bell
Amy Only's Tag amy-only
Andrea Jackson's Tag Andrea-Jackson
Archangel's Tag archangel
Atlas's Tag atlas
Atli's Tag atli
Atticus Wilson's Tag atticus-wilson
Bakuto's Tag bakuto
Batman's Tag batman
Batwoman's Tag batwoman
Black King's Tag black-king
Black Panther's Tag black-panther
Bolivar Trask's Tag bolivar-trask
Boom-Boom's Tag boom-boom
Brann Driver's Tag brann-driver
Cable's Tag cable
Cameron Hodge's Tag cameron-hodge
Cannonball's Tag Cannonball
Captain America's Tag captain-america
Captain Marvel's Tag captain-marvel
Cassandra Nova's Tag cassandra-nova
Chase Stevens's Tag Chase-Stevens
Colin Knight's Tag colin-knight
Corey Abrams's Tag corey_abrams
Counter's Tag Counter
Courtier's Tag courtier
Crush's Tag crush
Daredevil's Tag daredevil
David Archer's Tag david-archer
Dazzler's Tag dazzler
Deadpool's Tag deadpool
Diamondback's Tag diamondback
Doctor Strange's Tag doctor-strange
Elixir's Tag Elixir
Express's Tag express
Extra's Tag extra
Fate (Nassour)'s Tag fate-nassour
Firestorm's Tag firestorm
Foggy Nelson's Tag foggy-nelson
Gamora's Tag gamora
Giovanni Zatara's Tag giovanni-zatara
Groot's Tag groot
Harley Quinn's Tag harley-quinn
Hawkeye (Bishop)'s Tag hawkeye-bishop
Hellcat's Tag Hellcat
Hercules's Tag hercules
High Evolutionary's Tag high-evolutionary
Huntress's Tag huntress
Husk's Tag Husk
Icarus's Tag Icarus
Ignyx's Tag ignyx
Impulse's Tag impulse
Iron Man's Tag iron-man
Isa Reichert's Tag isa-reichert
Jamie Sullivan's Tag jamie-sullivan
Jane Foster's Tag jane-foster
Jessica Jones's Tag jessica-jones
Jim Gordon's Tag jim-gordon
The Joker's Tag joker
Juggernaut's Tag juggernaut
Karolina Dean's Tag karolina-dean
Kingpin's Tag kingpin
Legacy's Tag legacy
Lex Luthor's Tag lex-luthor
Lincoln March's Tag lincoln-march
Lionel Shepherd's Tag lionel-shepherd
Loki's Tag loki
Luminosity's Tag Luminosity
Madelyne Pryor's Tag madelyne-pryor
Magik's Tag magik
Magneto's Tag magneto
Marcus Pavesi's Tag marcus-pavesi
Mary Peterson's Tag mary-peterson
Merlin's Tag merlin
Merrow's Tag merrow
Misfit's Tag Misfit
Mister Mxyzptlk's Tag mxyzptlk
Mister Sinister's Tag mister-sinister
Moonstar's Tag Moonstar
Myrkr's Tag Myrkr
Mysterio's Tag mysterio
Nick Fury's Tag nick-fury
Nico Minoru's Tag nico-minoru
Nightcrawler's Tag Nightcrawler
Nightwing's Tag nightwing
Onslaught's Tag onslaught
Oracle's Tag oracle
Pepper Potts's Tag Pepper-Potts
Phil Coulson's Tag phil-coulson
Phoenix (Jean Grey)'s Tag phoenix-jean-grey
Poison Ivy's Tag poison-ivy
Professor Ivo's Tag professor-ivo
Charles Xavier's Tag xavier
Punisher's Tag punisher
Quicksilver's Tag quicksilver-st
Raven's Tag raven
Red Robin's Tag red-robin
Red Sparrow's Tag red-sparrow
Robert Kelly's Tag robert-kelly
Rocket's Tag rocket
Samael's Tag samael
Scarecrow's Tag scarecrow
Scarlet Witch's Tag scarlet-witch-st
Seneschal's Tag seneschal
Shadowcat's Tag shadowcat
Shadow King's Tag shadow-king
Simon Trask's Tag simon-trask
Six's Tag six
Speed's Tag speed
Spider-Gwen's Tag spider-gwen
Spider-Man's Tag spider-man
Starfire's Tag starfire
Star Lord's Tag star-lord
Static's Tag static
Sunspot's Tag sunspot
Superman's Tag superman
Tessa's Tag tessa
Thor's Tag thor
Ulysses Arngrim's Tag ulysses-arngrim
Evangeline Whedon's Tag vange
White Queen's Tag white-queen
Wiccan's Tag wiccan
Winter Soldier's Tag winter-soldier
X-23's Tag x-23
Zatanna Zatara's Tag zatanna-zatara
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