Wanted: LexCorp
Common Descent MUSH Classified Ad
Contact: Lex Luthor
Type: Professional
Status: Open
Posted: 21 Sep 2019 13:40


Desired Character Type: Any

Desired Location: Metropolis, If Other:

Duration: Ongoing

Additional Information

LexCorp is an international conglomerate with subsidiaries as far as the imagination can reach and beyond. Almost the entire population of Metropolis works for LexCorp in some capacity. That makes it really easy to find a way into the exciting world of corporate RP and shenanigans.

LexCorp offers opportunities for growth and potential, social interactions, being a lackey or employee and much more. Everything from super science and technology to fast food work is available. There may even be opportunities to work up close and personal with Lex Luthor himself.

Contact Lex Luthor to discuss being a part of the greatest corporate conglomerate in the world. You won't live to regret it.

Specific Role Ideas:

  • Metahumans that may or may not have been created by Lexperimentation.
  • Teen Supers that may need some sponsorship and endorsement.
  • Characters that want a job in Science, Technology, Media, Fast Food or Anything are definitely welcome and wanted.
  • Internships and Scholarships are also available for the more Collegiate-aged crowd.
  • Villains that need financial backing or guidance.
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