RP combat is not coded on Common Descent MUSH, but characters still must adhere to their powers as approved unless waived through plot reasons. (Any significant expansions should be approved at the plot-request stage and last only as long as the plot. Permanent increases must be applied for.)

Here are some guidelines to follow:

The Guidelines

  • Take turns.
  • Remember your character's abilities / limitations for your poses.
  • Use what you know about your opponent to judge reaction to his attack.
  • Never include an opponent's reaction to your attack or its results in your pose.
  • Be willing to lose.
  • Respect your RP partner.

Take Turns

Taking turns is vital, especially when there are more than two players involved. When you have a situation like that, a single player can easily be overwhelmed just by the sheer amount of information must be read and processed. In a one-on-one situation, the two of you can trade poses as fast as you're capable. In a group battle, where people are squaring off one on one, you can trade poses as well… but if you and your opponent are both fast typists in a slower group, try to pace yourselves.

Remember Your Character's Limits & Abilities

Pose within the limits of your character's ability. If your character is a beginner swordsman, don't have him making daring, skilled slashes like Errol Flynn. It is tempting to write a character to be the ultimate bad ass. But, in the long run, a lower-powered character with a specific area of specialty will be a lot more fun for you and your opponents. Try to make quality poses - think about the image it's portraying. Also, remember that attention to spelling and grammar makes it easier for others to read your pose and understand what you're doing.

Limit how much your character does in one pose. Rule of thumb: think of a single panel in a comic book for how much you can do in one pose.

Reacting to an Attack

When you're attacking someone, you know exactly what you can do. Unless you're fighting someone you've fought before, you don't know exactly what they can do. Page is a great medium for discussing this. If you aren't sure how strong, or fast, or accurate an attack is, go ahead and page the other person, asking him. And remember… This is a limited consent game. It is unlikely that someone will kill you without your permission. Fleeing is a very viable option in almost every scenario.

Remember, no matter how powerful your attack is or how seemingly defenseless your opponent is, it is still his right to react to the attack in his pose.

Never Pose Someone Else's Reaction

This should possibly be the first guideline, because it is the single most critically important thing in combat RP: Never, never - no matter what - put how a character reacts to your action.

Example: Sam and Joe both know that there is very little Sam can do to take the blows of Joe's punches. It needs to be written as Joe's attack, followed by Sam's pose of the result.

Be Willing to Lose

Remember that no one wants to lose all of the time, and it's not fun to win all of the time. Remembering this and being willing to lose opens your character up for the great possibility of some amazing development.

Respect Your RP Partner

This game focuses upon providing a fun and safe environment for its players to come and write interactive stories. Be respectful. If there is a disagreement, handle it responsibly. If you can't handle it responsibly and you would prefer to have staff mediation, please just page one of the On-Duty staff members.

Most of all? Have fun and be kind to each other.

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