We're In This Together
Cutscene: We're In This Together
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Ronnie and Professor Stein discuss how to proceed with their unusual situation.

IC Date: December 13, 2018
IC Location: New York
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Posted: 13 Dec 2018 22:23
Rating & Warnings: G
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"Okay, how about this? Ahem. 'Heeeey mom! So look, I know you're worried and probably mad that I've been missing school—'"

"Ronald, are you sure that starting things out that way is such a good idea?"

"Right, right. Honestly though, that was much better than what I was originally going to open up with."

Ronnie turned, or rather Firestorm did, to face the disembodied head of Martin Stein that floated beside him that only he could see. The mind was a strange place.

"Oh?" Stein asked, brow arching as he studied the literally flaming haired young man with a rather critical expression. "You weren't going to just outright say that you were caught in an explosion at a nuclear plant and somehow fused with a scientist in the process, were you?"

Even the tiny flicker of a reaction on the young 'hero's' face said enough. Stein sighed, shaking his head.

"Aw, come on, Prof! This is hard! Worse than exams. How'm I supposed to explain something like this? It's not like it happens every day you know! It's just a wonder that I haven't been reported as missing yet. That kinda hurts, actually. I mean, sure, I was off the record as a visitor for that school trip but you'd think that someone would've noticed or said something!"

Firestorm slumped, sighing as he leaned back against a nearby tree, double-checking himself to make sure his head didn't burn anything. It didn't appear as though the flames that seemed to spout from the top of his head were actually capable of doing so, but it's one thing he'd at least had the foresight to be cautious about. The last thing he and Professor Stein needed was an exposé about some unregistered flame-headed meta causing a forest fire.

He supposed it was probably cold out. It wasn't snowing currently but the weather was still pretty chilly. It didn't make much of a difference to him, not like this. Kind of cool. And kinda creepy. There was still so much he didn't know about this new form of his.


The Professor was in here too, after all. Ronnie still wasn't sure how that worked out. Professor Stein had his thoughts on the matter, but it was a whole lot of scientific gobbledygook to him.

"…look," he was saying, pulling Ronnie's attention back to the present. "I know that we'll have to try and explain this matter to someone eventually. We just need to be particular in who, especially with—"

"Especially with that whole registration thing, yeah, yeah. I know! But I need to let mom know that I'm…mostly okay- that I'm not dead and things are just…complicated." Yeah. That was a good way to put it. An understatement if ever there was one.

He watched Stein and could sense the regret and the understanding even as he saw the man's weariness of the whole situation surface upon his features. Finally the professor nodded.

"You're… You're right, Ronald. But we still need to be careful."

Firestorm smiled, straightening from where he'd stood. "I know, Professor Stein. We're in this together, right? We just gotta clear some things up, get this off my shoulders, and then work on figuring out a way to maybe undo this. Or something."

In spite of himself, Martin Stein chuckled. "Indeed."

"Coolsie. So, get in touch with mom, explain stuff. Awesome. Break!"

Throwing his arms overhead, Firestorm launched himself skywards in a streak of flaring atoms. "Up, up, and away-!"

"Ronald, must you?"

"Hey! If we're stuck doing this hero thing then we need a rockin' catch phrase, amirite?"


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