Pete Gets a Temp Job
Cutscene: Pete Gets a Temp Job
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Just how "Pete Castiglione" got a job at the Councilman's dinner.

IC Date: December 15, 2018
IC Location: New York City
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Posted: 15 Dec 2018 21:44
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The event planner and the security liaison sit in a small room, pouring over resumes for the Councilman's dinner. There are a dozen more details each need to handle, but things have been moving along quickly so far, and they're almost done picking the waitstaff.

"Okay, one more spot," the event planner shuffles through resumes, pulling a couple out," I think it's either Madeline or Sarah."

The security liaison rolls her eyes, "You've already got like twenty women working and only ten guys. If you're going to use this as a casting couch…" the event planner starts to protest, but something catches the security liaison's eye one a resume, and she pulls it out, "how about Pete here?"

Scanning over the resume again, the event planner frowns, "No relevant experience, but he got good recommendations from his current supervisor as being a hard worker. Let's see, right… he was polite, had good manners. It would be good PR to hire vets around the holidays," he smirked a little at the security liaison, "but you didn't even notice he was a retired Marine, did you?"

"Veteran Marine," she corrects, "You don't retire from the Corps." The security liaison shrugs a little, "so I'm looking out for a fellow vet, what can I say? Any problems with him?"

The event planner's brow furrows as he thinks for a moment, "Oh yeah, he was the guy who came in with the shiner. Real nasty one. Should mostly fade in time though. I asked him where he got it, and he said he was part of a fight club."

The security liaison gapes for a moment, then laughs, and the event planner nods, "I know, right? Took me a minute to get that he was joking. Then he said he got beaned by a pitch playing softball. No, no problems on my side."

Nodding, the security liaison checks her notes, "He passed all the background checks. He's not going to throw off the look of the event?" She hates even asking, but she also knows that optics matter around the Councilman.

But the event planner is already shaking his head. "He's not really a looker or anything, but my assistant said he was a 'lumbersnack,' whatever that is. I never get these millennial things."

The security liaison nods, "Well then welcome to the party, Pete Castiglione."

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