Let's Try That Again
Cutscene: Let's Try That Again
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Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein finally manage to be themselves.

IC Date: December 20, 2018
IC Location: Raymond Residence, Manhattan, NY
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Posted: 21 Dec 2018 08:59
Rating & Warnings: G
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"That was way too simple.."

"I would have to concur…"

Sprawled on the floor sat a dark-haired, baffled looking teenager. He propped himself up on his hands, staring across his room at the older man who nearly mirrored his own position. A man wearing a lab coat (and was that a sweater vest? People still wore those?), his hair receding and gray, the spectacles balanced over the bridge of his nose sitting slightly askew.

Professor Stein looked just as he'd remembered him when Ronnie had tried to drag his unconscious body out of the compromised reactor core room. Looking down at himself he figured he shouldn't be nearly so surprised to find that he was still wearing the same clothes he'd had on that fateful day. For the first time in two weeks, they were separated from their strange nuclear-fused existence. They hadn't even had to work out complex molecular formulae to reconstruct themselves after all.

Ronnie got to his feet, straightening out his shirt before patting himself down. Yup. Sure felt real enough. "You okay, Professor?"

"Y-yes, I believe so," Stein replied as he straightened his glasses, if perhaps not sounding very reassuring.

Ronnie felt he could relate. After they'd been Firestorm for so long, being wholly themselves felt almost surreal. He offered a crooked smile, stepping over to offer the man a hand up. The instant their hands made contact, a blinding light flared between them, washing out the entire room.

"What the— Aw what?! Come on!"

Once again Ronnie found himself alone, except knowing he wasn't completely so. He stood in his room, the professor absent from where he'd just been standing a moment ago.

"…it appears that we fuse on contact," Martin Stein observed, unable to help but be at least a little fascinated from a scientific standpoint, if not equal parts concerned.

Firestorm sighed, staring down at his gloved hands. "You think?" He flexed his fingers open and closed a few times. "But hey- we know how to separate, so let's try that again."

"Very well."

They'd been over-thinking things. Or he had. The professor was somewhat chagrined to think that perhaps they could have avoided many complications if he hadn't, as Ronnie tended to put it, 'over-scienced.' He couldn't help it. It was his job to ask questions, to look at things from all angles and work out problems in the most logical way. With the capabilities that Firestorm had proven to have, abilities that still seemed to toe the line of science and fiction, he had thought that they needed to approach their own unique fusion similarly.

In the end it had proven to be so much easier, something more akin to mental state and knowing oneself. Stein wasn't quite sure that he'd put that to paper just yet, but it was definitely more concentration than scientific application. In his odd state of being he sighed, closing his eyes.

He felt the pull, the warmth washing over him and just as quickly abating as he opened his eyes again. There stood the young man Ronald Raymond, several inches taller than him, dark brown hair worn shaggy and supposedly stylish, his build obviously athletic whereas Stein was pretty sure he'd never been any modicum of an athlete even in his younger days. He recalled something about the lad being star quarterback of his football team, although he wasn't quite certain whether it had come up in conversation or if it was just something that had passed between them in their strange mesh of consciousness like some kind of osmosis.

"Woo! Yeah, we got this figured out!" Ronnie whooped, throwing a fist into the air. Even Stein had to smile at the boy's exuberance. It was then that the door opened.

"Ronnie? Are you all right in here? I could have sworn I heard someone else—"

Joanne Raymond stepped inside her son's room, caught a glimpse of the strange old man within and screamed.

"Whoa! Mom! Don't freak, it's cool!" Ronnie yelped, hurrying to intervene.

The startled look on his mother's face slowly shifted into one of realization as her eyes fell upon her son then. "Ronnie!" she exclaimed, pulling him into a tight embrace that, judging from the teenager's expression, he had not been prepared for at all, although he quickly figured he should have been. His annoyed expression melted into something more repentant as his own arms lifted to encircle her in return.

"Hey mom," he said, his words muffled against her shoulder. "Sorry I worried you." He hugged her tightly for a little while longer before easing his grip from around her, and eventually she did the same, if reluctantly. Ronnie grinned at her before turning slightly to nod towards the stranger in their house. "Mom, I'd like you to meet Professor Martin Stein."

The professor smiled politely, if not a touch apologetic for startling her. He extended a hand to her. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Raymond," he said. "Your son's done an admirable job of putting up with me."

Laughing weakly, Joanne shook the man's hand. "I'm sure that the feeling's mutual. Trust me, I know my son." She smiled crookedly, catching the sheepish look from Ronnie as she turned, gesturing towards the door. "Come on, both of you. I know you didn't eat much as Firestorm but I know Ronnie won't turn down pizza, and I can fix something up for you, Professor."

She stepped out, and Ronnie turned to the professor, just managing to catch himself before he brought a hand down upon the man's shoulder. "-hwhoaa…oops, that was a close one, heh." He jerked his head towards the door. "Come on, Prof. I know we probably got a lot to talk about, but right now I can't think of anything but pizza."

Martin Stein chuckled wearily, nodding as he started towards the hallway then. "It's been this long already. I'm sure that waiting until after dinner won't make too much of a difference." And having some time himself would be most welcome.

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