A Different Sort of Kiss
Cutscene: A Different Sort of Kiss
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Frank gives a Glasgow Kiss for New Year's Eve.

IC Date: December 31, 2018
IC Location: New York City
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Posted: 31 Dec 2018 23:01
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Frank Castle is in the process of discovering that New Year's Eve is not a great time to go hunting. Too many targets are at parties where he can't go without significant body count — and too many of them would be innocents. He's only after very specific prey tonight: Hellraisers.

Luckily, they're odd enough that they aren't all at parties, and so Frank Castle has found himself a target. The man already has his skull on, perched on a rooftop overlooking Times Square looking impressively demonic. Frank has his skull on too, the white paint bold on his black vest. His feet crunch softly in the gravel on the roof, but with the noise of the concert, the Hellraiser doesn't even move, not until Frank is just outside of arm's reach.

Then the Hellraiser whirls on him, swinging a punch that Frank takes on his arm and shoulder. Frank's Ka-Bar flashes in the darkness over the bright lights, slashing beneath the Hellraiser's arm, and then the veteran Marine has to give ground. The Hellraiser has an aluminum Louisville Slugger, and he isn't shy about swinging it. The bat whips through the cold night air, back and forth, and Frank continues to retreat.

His boot hits the wall of the roof access, and he ducks under a swing of the bat, the weapon clipping the corner and smashing a brick and a half out of place, sending shards flying. Frank doesn't have anywhere further to retreat, so he attacks. A punch of the knife's hilt sends the Hellraiser stumbling back, grasping for a knot already forming in his triceps, and then a sweep of his arm causes the ganger to duck away from a slash at his neck.

It's the opening Frank needs, because he reaches up with his left hand, exposing his ribs to a one-handed blow of the bat in order to grab the edge of the demon skull and rip it off. It hurts like hell, causing still-bruised ribs to creak, and he staggers away, Ka-Bar in one hand and demon skull in the other, and finds himself facing a wild-eyed man about his own age, with lank hair falling about his features.

Frank throws the skull behind him, curling his left arm close to his side to protect his battered ribs, and shuffle-steps forward, reversing the knife in his hand so that it's ready for stabbing rather than slashing. He has to retreat from another sweep of the bat, and then he's advancing again, "Don't figure you want to just talk, do you, asshole?"

The Hellraiser snarls something approaching a negative, and it turns into a yelp as Frank gets the knife across the other man's right arm, both arms now marked and bleeding. That robs the bat of a lot of power, and Frank soaks a blow to the shoulder, ducks in closer, taking a glancing blow to the temple, and then he's in under the weapon. The bat clatters to the ground, one of the Hellraiser's hands going to Frank's knife-wrist, the other to his throat.

Stumbling back, Frank clubs the Hellraiser with an elbow to the side of the head, and words start to roar in the background, "10… 9… 8… 7… 6…" Another club to the side of the Hellraiser's head, and Frank pushes forward, driving the other man back away from the point of his knife despite darkness starting to gather around his vision.

"5… 4… 3…" Over in Times Square, the ball drops slowly toward its base, and Frank changes tactics, slamming his left hand down into the Hellraiser's elbow to buckle the arm, "2… 1…" Castle rocks forward, slamming his brow into the bridge of the other man's nose, and fireworks blaze inside his head and out. "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

Kisses are being had up and down the Eastern Seaboard, but Frank… Frank has a headache and a collapsed Hellraiser to question about just what in the hell they're doing with Jennings and the Gotham mob.

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