No Pressure
Cutscene: No Pressure
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Agent Arngrim uses his temporary Level 8 access to find some answers.

IC Date: February 19, 2019
IC Location: John V. Lindsay East River Park, New York
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Posted: 20 Feb 2019 07:11
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Signal relays activated, scrambler on. Ulysses was always meticulous about work of this kind. Digitally bypassing security had just as many things to be wary of as physically sneaking into a locked vault strewn with alarms. Sure, he'd been given the access codes he'd need, but if you didn't be careful about how you got in and out, everyone was going to know who to look for if word got out somehow.

Plus, it was just sloppy, and Ulysses hated being sloppy.

"You just never thought you'd be hacking into your own workplace," he muttered as he keyed in the code once the familiar S.H.I.E.L.D. login window loaded up. He sat hunkered over a near fresh laptop that hadn't been a day out of its box, sitting on a park bench facing the East River. And then he found his face nearly pressed against the screen as he felt a weight settle squarely across his back.

"Archie! I know you get bored when I do computer stuff but I need you to chill while I do some work, okay?" Ulysses grunted, turning his head to find himself nose to nose with his husky dog, bright blue eyes staring out from the poof of gray and white fur of a fluffy winter coat. Archie whined and slid back off and beside him, occupying most of the park bench that he didn't.

With a sigh, Ulysses nudged his glasses up along the bridge of his nose and then readjusted the devices he had set on the opposite side of him in the smaller space guaranteed not to fit a nosy husky dog. Not that he didn't think Archie would try if he'd gotten it in his head.

Sucking in a long breath, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent turned his attention back to the screen. Getting in had been rather anticlimactic, but better that than things running red on his alert window, positioned off to the side of the main one enough that he could keep a tab on the continual scroll of seemingly inane text and numbers. "Okay…now what?"

Phil Coulson, the Agent Coulson had asked him to see if he could dig up whatever trail that mystery code on the thumbdrive used in Agent Ghai's laptop had left and find out what it did. There really wasn't any room to opt out. Ulysses glared at the screen as he considered his options. Finally, he nodded. "Starting search on file access and changes made on January twenty-sixth…" It was a small timeframe to work with, but that should make things easier to narrow things down. He just had to pick out the trails that originated from Rami's computer at the time and…


Beside him, Archie's ears perked, head lifting as he stared up at Ulysses expectantly. "Not now Arch," the agent said as he kept his gaze glued to the screen, staring intently at the files pulled up. As suspected, the coding on the thumbdrive had gone right for higher access data files. His eyes widened, then narrowed as he picked out the lines, file names, key phrases for searches.

Test records.

Mutant gene.


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