A Series of Conversations
Cutscene: A Series of Conversations
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Warren is doing well on this whole "activism" thing.

IC Date: April 01, 2019
IC Location: NYPD Central Booking, Manhattan
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Posted: 01 Apr 2019 19:21
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Monday, April 1st, around 11 AM. Messages from the phone of Kiefer "Kiff" Kassmeier, Warren Worthington III's overworked personal assistant:

WARREN: Kiff! I'm off to jail.
KIFF: Oh, they finally got you on the public indecency?
WARREN: That was five years ago, come on.
KIFF: :unamused:
WARREN: …Two years.
KIFF: No, but really, what? Is this some kind of very bad April Fool's joke?
WARREN: No. I'll tell you when you get here. NYPD Central Booking. Wherever that is. I can't pull up Google Maps right this minute.
KIFF: Are you Instagramming this?

Monday, April 1st, around 2 PM, after several photos tagged #dpsinjustice and #mutantrights on Warren's @aviewfromabove Instagram account:

WARREN: Kiff where are you? Alison is about to punch out the officers here in intake. All of them.
KIFF: I'm out here fixing your mess! Worry about yourself, Alison will be fine. Sounds like her father is going to make any charges go away.
KIFF: And he specifically said he wasn't touching yours.
WARREN: I wouldn't want that asshole to anyway.
KIFF: Shut up or he'll double your sentence!

(Warren is pulled audibly off the phone. Distantly this conversation can be heard:)

OFFICER: Mr. Worthington, your bail is already being taken care of by… various parties, apparently, there's really no call for you to be here.
WARREN: Well it's not fully processed yet, is it? I'm not going early. These other people haven't been "already taken care of" yet.
OFFICER: Sir, please just stop agitating these people and just go back to… whatever it is you people do. Yachting. Influencer posting. I don't know.
WARREN: How dare you, I haven't sailed in over two years.

(The call disconnects.)

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