Off-Site Backup
Cutscene: Off-Site Backup
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Quake secretly delivers some very important information to someone she can trust.

IC Date: April 19, 2019
IC Location: Phil Coulson's safe house
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Posted: 19 Apr 2019 16:22
Rating & Warnings: G
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No one was supposed to get hurt.

In hindsight that's probably what a lot of people tell themselves before they go and do something crazy and stupid, like robbing a bank. 'All I wanted was the money, no one was supposed to get hurt!'

To that end Quake's plan had not gone as anticipated. She had gotten what she wanted, however. Hopefully the ends justify the means. Before going any further she has to try and repair some of the damage which she had done. The story had hit the news. It rattled some cages. That was all that it needed to do.

Weeks ago Phil Coulson had given her access to a safe house. She hadn't checked it out until today. The rusty blue van is left parked a block away. It had taken her a while to gather the nerve to go through with this, had to be done. No one else was going to do it for her.

The final approach is made on foot with head bowed and hood drawn, hands stuffed into jacket pockets until she's upon the door. The key fits. The door opens. The space beyond is given a quick glance over. Someone might already be here, she doesn't know.

This is why she's back out the door in less than eight seconds. Resetting the lock. Head bowed, hands back into pockets. Briskly walking away. She's counting on the building having some manner of sensors, some way to tell Coulson that someone had been inside. She'd be more surprised if he didn't have it under some manner of constant surveillance.

He won't have any trouble finding the padded envelope left behind. On the outside are the letters 'AC' written in black marker. Inside is a single USB drive with a small note rubber-banded to it stating 'Off-Site Backup.'

The drive contains every scrap of info she had removed from the Department of Public Safety's Metahuman Registration Database, unmodified. Exactly as it had been only three days earlier.

Those people who had trusted the system didn't deserve to be placed in harm's way any longer, and SHIELD could desperately use this win.

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