Leftovers and Pie
Cutscene: Leftovers and Pie
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Thor returns to New York. With leftovers and intent.

IC Date: April 03, 2019
IC Location: nyc
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Posted: 21 Apr 2019 20:20
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Associated Plots

ROOFTOP — Swanky Manhattan Apartment Building

Reality thurms. The heavens part, a beam possessing all the hues of existence cascades downward upon the rooftop. The ashes of an old firepit scatter and tall stalks of medicinal herbs, carefully potted, bend backward from the mystical force. The hues fade to reveal …

Thor; God of Thunder. He is joined by his companions: Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher; the Goatlords.

The God of Thunder is dressed in his heroic regalia with hauberk, scale, tall-boots, and mystic hammer. He bears a brown sack laden with goods in his right hand and a clay wine jug in his left. Hefting the jug he directs it towards an area of the roof where a makeshift pen has been constructed. The goats bleat in mild protest and give Odinson a rebellious look with their demonic slit-pupil eyes but after a moment begin walking towards the pen with slight dejection.

"Peace," he bids the animals knowing well their propensity to wander when disgruntled, "I shall have our ally, the Son of Jacob, fetch thee the greatest bags of recycled goods from the ally below." Looking to his overgrown herbs then he gives a low sigh and walks towards the rooftop's exit.

INTERIOR — Swanky Manhattan Penthouse Apartment

The fridge is open. Brown sack upon the tile the Heir of Asgard pulls out plastic Tupperware filled with leftovers which he stacks into the fridge. With this labor complete stands fully and closes the door. Upon the fridge there is a small white board its surface streaked from hundreds of messages written and erased. Thor takes the pen and uncaps it writing,

'Leftovers from Aegir's feast in fridge. 145 sec on high. DO NOT EAT PIE (magic).'

The Thunderer then walks into an empty room one wall decorated in a web of conspiracy. Hand drawn images upon paper displays an array of colorful figures connected by yarn. Reaching to his belt he frees Mjolnir which he places in a small wood box alongside the bed. The mallet's head settles gently upon a tiny pillow.

Next to the box he picks up a well-used flip phone which has been charging for many weeks and opens it up. With one finger he cycles through the contacts for several seconds before placing it to his ear, "Hello, Son of Jacob," Using his right foot he begins to remove his left boot, "Tis good to hear you as well. I have a quest for you." Then his left foot begins to remove his right foot, "Yes! How did you know?" He begins to unfasten his hauberk with the hand not holding the phone, "Hah," He chuckles, "Yes," shifting the phone from one hand to the other so he can unfasten the other side of his hauberk, "Perhaps you are an oracle," Thor agrees, and then says, "I have brought you a gift from Asgard as tribute for your labors on my behalf. A pie baked by Idunn herself — for your daughter to remedy her struggles in bearing a child."

Thor cannot help but grin, "Am I ever not serious?" he replies and then shrugs, lying down in the bed which creaks in protest, "I have had a long journey. What time do you work tomorrow? I will bring it down." Pause, "Very well. I shall see thee tomorrow." Thor closes the phone and sets it back aside the resting Mjolnir. With that Thor's eyes grow heavy from his adventures offworld and soon he falls into a Thornap.

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