Cosmic Noise
Cutscene: Cosmic Noise
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In the cosmic depths, something awakens.

IC Date: April 11, 2019
IC Location: Somewhere in the Universe
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Posted: 21 Apr 2019 20:25
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Reality bends. The infinite hues of existence bend outward and shoot across the cosmos in an unending beam as the Bifrost is summoned time and time again between Misgard and Asgard.

A baleful presence stirs within a rocky outcropping poised at the edge of space-time. The star eater, Parmsweir, gains consciousness after four-million years of slumber; a single eye opens.

Reality bends. The infinite hues of existence bend outward and shoot across the cosmos..

It's eye slams closed and the beast emits a discontented sound for the constant flashing of light. The leviathan's mighty torso shifts and its violet fore-limbs stretch outward to pull itself forward from the recesses of its pocket-dimension so that great serpentine neck can witness the branches of the world-tree.

For a moment it watches the Bifrost cycle again and again between Midgard and Asgard. The constant thrum and strobe making its head ache. The elder wyrm's gaze fixes upon Asgard and an indelible sense of defeat wells within its soul. The All-Father is awake and so it has little hope of deactivating the Bifrost at that end, but …

Midgard. A puny world. Insignificant in its power. Whatever the outpost the Asgardians have built will be easily toppled and then, when it has feasted upon the life-force of all those stalwart warriors it can return to its slumber. Fat and happy.

Parmsweir slides forward leatherine wings unfurling to catch gusts of dark-matter which lift it into the cosmos.

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