Then Everything Else
Cutscene: Then Everything Else
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Bart has more to digest than Thanksgiving dinner as he talks with his friend about what's going on in New York.

IC Date: November 22, 2018
IC Location: Crandall Residence - Manchester, AL
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Posted: 26 Nov 2018 07:06
Rating & Warnings: PG
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Manchester, Alabama. Thanksgiving.

"So. What are you going to do?"

"Do about what?"

That had been where the conversation had ended, the older speedster letting it lapse in favor of wanting to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal, and the sentiment was likely shared by the rest of those gathered at the dinner table at the Crandall residence. And it was a fine feast, one in which every person at the house had helped to prepare. Max and Helen had taken care of the main dishes. Bart and Carol had been relegated to the sides, but despite the rigors of doing things at regular speed, their combined efforts resulted in a delicious dinner.

Bart knew very well what Max was talking about when he asked the question. He was pretty sure that Max knew that he knew. Neither had wanted to take a break from their turkey leg while it was still hot, and Bart wouldn't have been surprised if his mentor and guardian knew how much he wanted to avoid discussing the subject. They probably were both on the same page anyway.

The NY Metahuman Registration and Public Safety Act.

It was more than the young speedster cared to try to process, but he knew it was important. At Carol's urging more than Max's, he'd actually read the thing over.

"So what are you going to do?" Carol asked, nudging her glasses into place where they'd slid slightly down the bridge of her nose. She'd looked over the legalese with him, pointing out the key parts that would essentially affect him and countless others so long as they lived in or operated in New York. By the look on her face she didn't agree with it either.

Sighing, Bart leaned back in his computer chair with a creak, folding his arms behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling with a frown. "Going with the registering thing would be against everything Max ever taught me. Ever since I came to this century he and Wally have been big on keeping secret identities, living a normal life aside from hero-ing. I used to be annoyed by it, but I get it. It's to protect us as much as the people we care about. This just goes against all of it, and I don't like it no matter how fair they're trying to make it."

Carol waited, sitting back against the wall on the corner of his bed, long hair spilling over a shoulder as she tilted her head at him. "You've really been thinking about it, huh? I mean, you could just take the easy way out."

"'Cuz no one cares about what happens in Manchester, Alabama," Bart says, rolling his eyes. He sighed, sitting forward again as he looked over at the girl, one of the first friends he'd ever made since high school. The first to have ever realized who he was, even with the mask on. He still had that picture she'd sketched of him and given back then, slipped somewhere in his desk.

"It wouldn't fix anything. And the Titans are still based in New York, along with a lot of other big-name teams. I wonder how they're going to deal with it. Red Robin sure won't stand for it. You know how long it took for him to even reveal his identity to me and Superboy?" He had to laugh a little at that. "But he was trained by Batman. So yeah. I doubt the Titans are going to cooperate." His smirk faded just a touch. "…which means things will probably be interesting when I head back."

"Well, when you do, just be careful, okay? People get crazy with regular politics, something like this is almost guaranteed to prompt trouble," Carol replied, her own smile sobering. He knew the look. She might still be a bit mad at the whole dragon incident despite his reassurances. He absolutely did not want to tell her about what happened with their own teammate.

"I will, don't worry! Anyway, I won't be heading back up until the end of the weekend. Preston really wants to hit up the game store at stupid o'clock tomorrow so I guess I'll have plenty of stuff to think about while we wait." He scowled a bit. "…don't suppose you wanna come with?"

"Nah. I have better things to do than sit in the cold with a bunch of nerds. Like sleep."

"Gamers. But… Yeah. Okay. Sure. Won't know what you're missing~"

"I sure will. Frozen toes, maybe. Sleep, definitely." Carol smiled crookedly at him. "Unlike some people, I don't consider a full night's rest slow torture."

Bart huffed. "I thought turkey was supposed to make people sleepy because of that trippy drug."

"Tryptophan. And it's not a drug, not exactly. And while it's true it does induce drowsiness, I don't think it'd have any affect on you, even if you did nearly eat half of that turkey yourself."

"…we didn't have any of the pie yet."

"Really?! You still want to eat after all that- Never mind, I almost forgot who I was talking to, Mister Bottomless-Pit-for-a-Stomach." Still, Carol eased herself off of the bed, and Bart grinned as he swung himself up from his own seat.

"Come on. Maybe Max and Helen already started cutting into i— Oh hey Max..!"

The teenager stepped back from the doorway abruptly, amber eyes blinking up at the older speedster who had apparently been on the other side of the door. Listening? Sporting a head of white hair but still looking physically fit, his "Uncle" Max Crandall, better known as Max Mercury, looked down at the young inheritor to the Allen legacy. For a moment he said nothing before lifting a hand to hold Bart's phone out to him. "You left it downstairs," he said. "Someone tried calling and left a message. Also, we're about to dig into that pie."

Bart took his phone with its blue blinking light before thumbing the screen awake to read the notification of a voicemail from 'BrOwen.' "Oh. Um. Thanks Max! Carol, you guys go on ahead. I'll give you a headstart on that pie." Grinning, he wiggled the phone a little to indicate his intent, watching as his best friend and his mentor started to make their way down. He stepped back into his room, bringing up the phone message recording, wincing as Owen's not-so-dulcet tones blared into his ear in typical drunken fashion.

"BAAART! Happy turkey day. So I realized … we probably could have done something? That's what other people do, right? I'm pretty sure. Anyway. Hope you ate an entire turkey. LAAAAATEEERRRRR."

"….." Shaking his head, he couldn't help but smile a little. Another reason he couldn't totally stay away from New York. "Guess I'd better leave him a reply," he murmured to himself as he tapped at the screen. Send his half-brother belated Thanksgiving greetings, then pie.

And then, everything else.

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