Trickier Business
Cutscene: Trickier Business
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Hours after the log 'Tricky Business', Dani returns to review the footage of the Danger Room session between herself and Domino.

IC Date: May 01, 2019
IC Location: New York
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Posted: 02 May 2019 17:27
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After many hours have passed a shadow darkens the doorway of the control room to the Danger Room. It’s Danielle Moonstar.

Her gaze automatically flicks around the enclosed space and only when no one can be found within does Moonstar step inside. She steps over to the chair that sits in front of the main control panel of the DR and then sits down.

She reaches for the various toggles, buttons and touch screens of the technologically advanced room and presses a particular sequence which calls up the session that she and Domino ran together.

The X-Man settles as comfortably as she can into the chair, her eyes glued to the screen as the recorded session comes to life.

Then she watches.

As the video plays Moonstar’s expression stays mostly neutral. It only changes when the part where Domino slaughtered the DPS agents on the first floor that the Cheyenne leans forward.

A fingertip touches the screen to pause it and then she drags her finger to the side prompting the recording to rewind.

When the sequence plays again Moonstar watches once more, her eyes fastened to the screen.

Then she rewinds again.




By the end of it Moonstar’s expression is somber, dark, worried and as she closes the recording with a finger swipe, the Cheyenne reaches for her phone.

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