An Anonymous Op-Ed
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An anonymous essayist writes in to the NY Times about a particular winged problem.

IC Date: May 28, 2019
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Posted: 28 May 2019 04:40
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The Times is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous Op-Ed essay. We have done so at the request of the author, whose identity is known to us and whose job would be jeopardized by its disclosure. We believe publishing this essay anonymously is the only way to safely deliver this person's perspective to our readers.

The world is an unsettling place as of late. Metahumans fight openly in our streets; mutants come and go as they please, using their powers in broad daylight; our new DPS Director counters mutant riots by flinging Sentinels at people from the sea. Never has this city looked so unfamiliar and alien to a normal human as it does right now… and yes, I say this even taking into account the demonic invasions and the enchanted winters which have descended upon us in the last few harrowing years.

I say this because the sight of powers being flung about in the streets NO LONGER requires a reality-altering incident to transpire first, and in fact has become a dangerously mundane occurrence.

The idea of mundanity brings me to the topic of this piece: a danger which I feel needs a signal boost because its sheer "everyday" nature may go overlooked amongst the more fantastical displays. As we seek a rational answer to the metahuman problem, with registration cards or robots or Rafts, we must never forget to guard against those who seek to push their own agendas in much more invisible, insidious ways.

I speak of Warren Worthington III, chair of Worthington Industries: a heavily-biased party, some of whose corrupt and abominable dealings I happen to know first-hand. Because of my position, I am able to see some of his closed-doors attempts to shift public policy and undermine the human race in favor of the mutant. These "stealth politics" are not anything you will see or hear on the news — men like Worthington use their wealth to wield political influence behind the scenes.

That is why I write to expose this to society at large. People must know what this "philanthropist" is really doing. Much of the damage this champagne socialist has already caused to innocent working men and women has gone under-reported — or completely covered up — because of WI's influence over the media. This is what you are not being told.

Alternative Air Labs, a promising new alternative fuels company, recently collapsed after its acquisition by Worthington Industries. Its CEO, Jack Werner, was implicated in the organization of a so-called "hate crime" against Worthington, which — I will note — Worthington retaliated against by allowing his vigilante mutant friends to fly about wreaking havoc on the premises. These "X-Men" and Worthington's ties to them are an issue in themselves — but I digress.

Instead of replacing Werner, repairing the damage, and resuscitating the firm, Worthington initiated its shutdown. Its former employees, the vast majority of which had no knowledge — much less blame — for what happened, have yet to see any compensation.

Similarly, I know for a fact that M-Tec, a firearms manufacturer operating in Florida, was recently also acquired by Worthington Industries in a hostile takeover — and promptly dismantled. And for what reason? It seems some of their weapons wound up being used in that "hate crime" committed against Worthington on AA's premises. M-Tec's liquidation seems to be nothing short of pure extrajudicial retaliation.

At least fifty were employed at AA. Over a hundred men and women were employed at M-Tec. Those men and women were abruptly severed from their jobs, and report having difficulties even being compensated at all for their losses by WI despite promises which were made to them. Most of them assuredly had no part in what happened, but ALL are human — a disturbing pattern.

What is WI doing? Are we a society comfortable with allowing whatever that is?

How far do we allow this to go? Do not be taken in by his rhetoric about the equal coexistence of human and mutant. Worthington is no more than the visible face of a much wider problem: an insidious mutant agenda which cries "discrimination," while methodically destroying our way of life. He is worse than the typical meddling billionaire with disproportionate influence over our society; he is a meddling billionaire AND an anti-human bigot, with no compunctions about dismantling the livelihoods of countless ordinary men and women in order to satisfy his retributive speciest agenda.

Since the publication of this article, Worthington Industries has released a statement rebutting the above allegations in their entirety, and asserting that compensation for the displaced workers was in fact planned…

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