The Death of Zane Oldman
Cutscene: The Death of Zane Oldman
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Zane Oldman is murdered, and leaves Babs the custodian of a video connected to Frank Castle.

IC Date: July 23, 2019
IC Location: Hell's Kitchen
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Posted: 23 Jul 2019 06:02
Rating & Warnings: PG-13
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Someone contacted me about Castle.
Sent a video you need to see.
Meet me tomorrow? 9 PM @ The Bar.

Ooh! Mysterious! Meet you there.
What kind of video?
Punisher stuff?

His life was really insignificant in the grand scheme of things. He was a Gotham kid who ended up in New York City after college — journalist major, worked two years for the Daily Herald with Ben Urich. He was the only member of VigiWatch — the vigilante-centric podcast and website that featured vigilantes from all over the Tri-Cities — that had any actual journalist experience. His beat was Hell's Kitchen, and that gave him plenty to write about — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and then the Punisher.

In fact, Zane was the one who first exposed the true story of Frank Castle, brought to light that New York District Attorney Samantha Reyes was orchestrating a sting gone bad on the very gangs and on the very day that Castle's family had been gunned down. That, paired with his coverage of the bombings, and the feature he wrote on Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk should have got him a Pulitzer, but it instead got him fired instead.

Based on the contents of his fridge, he lived the last few months of his life barely making ends meet. VigiWatch was all he had — well, that, and his best friend. Babs Gordon — he affectionately called her BeeGee — and Zane started VigiWatch together as some high school nerd project. They covered Batman and Robin, and then Zane covered Batgirl and Black Canary. He never told Barbara he knew it was her, never broke the sanctity of the mask, of the cowl.

Maybe if she knew that he knew, she could have been there before they were. Instead, all she got was the call from Monica Sanchez — the woman who worked the Harlem beat — that she caught on the police channels that a call had gone out for officers at Zane's apartment. Someone had been murdered.

She can see it as she stands there in his empty living room, hours after the last cop exited the building. She came through the window to not disrupt the police tape on the door — a door she knows had been kicked in based all the damage around the frame. There's too much disturbance on the carpets to know how many had come in, but Zane was never a fighter. It wouldn't have taken much, and it didn't.

However many — two, maybe — came through the door; they came through the door hard. She turns slowly, her mind constructing those dark shadows barreling in. Zane must have been in the living room; they grabbed him, but he fought back. He couldn't have been strong enough. Zane's power, his strength, was in his spirit and his mind. All over, she can see where he fought back, struggled against them — the overturned coffee table, the hap-hazardous spread of notebooks and file folders, the broken picture frames and cracked TV.

At some point, they must have gotten him to the floor. They grabbed him by his tight, black hair, yanking back his chin to expose the long length of his dark throat. They slit his throat. She squats down, fingers brushing across the edge of the dark spray of blood across the tan carpet. But, he didn't die there. Zane must have tried to get to his feet. The blood dribbled all across the floor, leaving footprints — bare feet. Zane's feet. Her eyes follow that bloodied path to the bedroom door.

But that's where it ended. There, he collapsed and bled out.

She sinks to her knees next to the bloodied pool where her friend's body had been found.

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July 23, 2019, 02:23 AM

You won't find the subject funny, but if you're receiving this, it's because I'm dead.
Download the attached encryption. You know what to do after that.
I always knew, B.G.
Find out what happened to me. It's what you do.

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