Shattered Skies
Cutscene: Shattered Skies
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Bart's not usually one for reading the paper but one of the recent headlines stuns him.

IC Date: September 26, 2019
IC Location: Crandall Residence - Manchester, Alabama
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Posted: 26 Sep 2019 07:40
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After the whole Pumpkin Spicer fiasco it was more than a little disappointing to come home and find no pumpkin pie in the fridge. There wasn't any sort of pie at all to be had, which seemed the worse offense, not that the Crandall household was known to have a stock of such on a normal basis. It didn't keep Bart Allen from feeling disappointed.

Chewing mindlessly on the last of a cold pepperoni pizza, the speedster finally conceded defeat in his fruitless search of the fridge, swinging the door shut as he licked off his fingers. He picked up the dry-erase marker clipped to the board there to scrawl in "pumpkin pie" as the latest addition to a largely random list of groceries, right under marshmallows, pizza potstickers and powdered cheese.

It was one of those nights where no one else was home. Max was presumably off doing Max things, which Bart figured was infinitely better than going through the ritual of summarizing his day. He'd thought he'd get out of that once he'd survived high school but apparently when you ended up with ownership of a renowned billionaire's company then you had to reassure your uncle that you didn't try to buy Disneyland (it was only once) and you hadn't spent a fortune on video games (but buying an arcade only counts as one, right?).

He strolled around the couch and flopped down on it, causing Max's stacks of newspapers from all across the country to create a small avalanche off its edge. Bart made a face as he reluctantly sat himself up, and in no time the mess of newsprint scattered on the floor was gathered back up and stacked neatly on the coffee table. His hand remained on the topmost that he'd placed, the speedster effectively frozen as his eyes had picked up on one of the headlines of the Daily Bugle's front page.

Worthington Incapacitated

Dragging the paper from the table, Bart sat at the edge of the couch as he gripped the thing, scanning over the block of text, reading it once, twice, over and over. And still he didn't want to believe it.

For a moment he wondered that Max had accidentally picked up a tabloid, but save for the misconceptions of Spider-Man the Bugle seemed to print normal stories. Again he read through the article, as though expecting the words to change, or hoping that somehow he might have misread it, except he knew that wouldn't be the case. He remembered everything after the first read and now it was lodged in his head.

But it couldn't be right.

It couldn't.

His thoughts went back to the hospital room that he had visited with Tony Stark and Raven, where a patient recovered as he stared longingly out the window. All he could see was the absence of those wonderful wings that Warren Worthington had been unafraid to show the world. It made his heart hurt.

The newspaper slipped through his fingers, an offending deliverer of information he still wished untrue, and no matter how many times he tried to swallow, the knot that had formed in the back of his throat refused to vanish. How many seconds or minutes- longer? — had gone by, he had no idea, and even when the sound of the door opening signaled he was no longer the only one home, Bart continued to stare blankly at the newspaper on the floor that had suddenly gotten blurrier and harder to read. He barely heard Max's voice, hadn't even noticed when the older speedster came around the couch addressing him.

He wasn't quite sure why he couldn't see Max's face clearly, but he thought he saw something in the man's expression soften as he took a seat beside Bart. It dawned on him as he buried his face against his uncle's shoulder, feeling the warm dampness against his cheeks as his eyes burned.

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