Silent Knight
Cutscene: Silent Knight
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The new Batgirl goes on patrol

IC Date: November 28, 2019
IC Location: Midtown Gotham
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Posted: 29 Nov 2019 06:31
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The feeling of being completely masked, wearing something that is not truly oneself, it's difficult to describe. For the girl who was only recently named Cassandra, and now named Batgirl, it's not completely unfamiliar. It's been years since she was last dressed up in all black. More years than she can conceivably count. That was before she freed herself. Now she has been let loose, so to speak, on the streets of Gotham, wearing the all black suit that the redhead gave her. Cassandra, no— Batgirl doesn't even try to think about it. Her mission is to be the Batgirl. To embody and uphold the image.

Batgirl leaps across one gap between rooftops of midtown Gotham, then another, then another, then slows down. If she goes too fast, too far, she will miss the things Batgirl would step in to stop. She turns back, peering down, nothing in that alley. She moves on to the next one, peers down. Nothing in that alley. She stops and listens as a sharp sound of something snapping reaches her ears.

Then the voice breaks in. Quiet and gentle. "A robbery alarm has been triggered. It is two blocks due east of your location." The voice of ALTHENE. Batgirl is already moving due east. ALTHENE's voice comes on again in her ear. "I have a video feed from the security camera. Would you like to have it displayed on your HUD?" Batgirl says nothing. She sees the robbery in progress. A sledgehammer was used with a chisel to break open the rear lock and allow access. Inside? Some objects. Batgirl doesn't know their value, only that they are for some reason valuable.

Five men, armed mostly with clubs, one with a hammer, one with a shotgun. Batgirl moves under cover to the one with the shotgun, rendering him unconscious before he can cry out with a single punch that makes no sound, then catches the gun as it drops, turning to have a look at her four remaining opponents. One sees her and calls out to the others. They aren't sure what to make of her, because they didn't see what she did to their leader.

ALTHENE helpfully suggests, "One strategy for fighting four armed opponents at once is—" by the time she gets that far in what she is saying, Batgirl has already ended the fight. They saw her. That was enough for her. She moved faster than they could react and prevented them from even getting a swing in. ALTHENE takes a moment to process it all. Not long. A milisecond is enough.

Batgirl is back out again and listening. "Another alarm has been triggered on the corner of Sixth Avenue and Craymore Street," ALTHENE informs. "It would take approximately two minutes for you to reach that location at your rate of speed." Batgirl does not change her direction, climbing up to roof again and moving further away from Sixth and Craymore. She moves quickly to cross another gap, slows to listen, moves quickly again, aimless in her wandering. She comes across more minor crimes in progress, muggings, car thefts, gang violence, she steps in and ensures she is seen, but her opposition provides no challenge to her considerable skill. All the while ALTHENE's voice tries to help, but is not heeded.

If one could frustrate an AI by ignoring it, ALTHENE would certainly know that frustration. Her voice shifts to other languages in an attempt to get a reaction or acknowledgement form the silent Batgirl. She then simulates a window breaking just behind, which Batgirl reacts to! No window broken though, which puzzles Batgirl before she resumes her patrol.

"Limited response to audio stimulus," ALTHENE assesses aloud, seeing if that has any effect. Nothing again. ALTHENE takes the initiative and shows Batgirl a map on her HUD. This, Batgirl responds to, moving to the marker indicated after ALTHENE makes it clear at which point she starts and where the destination lies. It's a bit of distance, and it's the site of the alarm that had been tripped but ignored by Batgirl. Police are there now. Batgirl stays out of sight from them.

"Greater response to visual stimulus." ALTHENE's pet project of figuring out what exactly is wrong with the silent girl has begun, with the entirety of the data gathered sent to Barbara Gordon. An hour passes with numerous tests, none of which interfere with Batgirl's patrol in a meaningful way, and she draws the conclusion that Batgirl simply does not respond to spoken audio cues.

Batgirl ends the night near dawn at the Belfry, free of the noise that has flooded her ear for the entire night, carefully setting the Batgirl costume draped over a chair and spends very little time between flopping onto her bed and falling asleep. The mission will pick up again when the sky is again dark.

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