Tailoring the Future
Cutscene: Tailoring the Future
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How does one make a suit for a murderer?

IC Date: December 02, 2019
IC Location: ???
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Posted: 04 Dec 2019 03:39
Rating & Warnings: G
Associated Plots

The last metal clasp clicked into place, and a quiet hum fills the room as a motor starts whirring.

“How does that feel?” he asks.

“It’s still too tight. Can you loosen it?” she replies.

“You always say things feel too tight.”

“Because everything’s always too tight,” she snaps, exasperated.

“Fine,” he says, giving up. “It’s too tight. Can you move that leg?”

Metal shifts, painted the color of pale pink flesh, and the quiet hum of servos fills the room.

“I think it’s louder than before,” she notes.

“It’s more powerful than before,” he says, not denying the change. “But I can open it back up to try to make it more quiet.”

“Yeah, that would be good. That really helped the last few runs. Just… help me get it off? It still hurts. Couldn’t you, I dunno… Make it softer?”

“It’s a glorified tin can, Mir. Only so much I can do. Here, hold still.”

The young man helps by removing the mannequin’s head first, and then starts unfastening the rest of the pieces.

“This is going to work,” she says, once her face is freed of the helmet’s echo. “We’re going to get them. I’m going to get them all this time. Be done with it, and no looking back.”

“No looking back,” he agrees.

And then he moves to open up the suit once more, exposing the mass of wires and circuitry sandwiched between the two layers that make up the skin of the mechanical monster. He's not just tailoring a suit. He is tailoring men's futures with each clip of the wire and pass of the soldering gun.

He gets back to work.

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