Cutscene: Kindling
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A simple proposal

IC Date: December 04, 2019
IC Location: Somewhere in the Lower East Side of NYC
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Posted: 10 Dec 2019 11:22
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 implied language
Associated Plots

Ashley Stevens, a young woman fresh out of college, fiery in nature by attitude and by her unusual abilities, walked along a familiar route on her way home. A place she could stay and not worry about accidents. Ashley's accidents were catastrophic before she figured out how to control the seemingly never-ending blaze of flame that flowed from her body. The accidents happened quite a lot before she learned to suppress it. It still happened sometimes, but she had to get very angry to lose that control. She passed a corner, where a metallic feminine figure without any recognizable facial features stepped out behind her.
"Ms Stevens," the feminine but rough voice said to get her attention.
Ashley stopped in her path, glancing back to see who would address her. It was not a voice she recognized, "Who the f!@# is asking?" she asked. Ashley was not known for her politeness.
"You may call me Ven. I have a proposal for you." The figure wore a neutral posture, but without a face, trust was difficult to grant.
Ashley let a scoffing snort. "Yeah? Me too. F!@# off, Ven. Not in the mood for this."
"No reason for such hostility," Ven said with disdain. "Will you at least hear what I have to offer?"
Ashley considered the request, shrugged, and gave a quick nod. "Sure. Just don't f!@# around."
Ven nodded. "I need some harmless fires set. You don't have to be there when the blaze begins. No one will be harmed and nothing of value will be damaged. I understand that you are a kind of specialist in that field."
"You talking arson," Ashley said, frowning, her eyes starting to take on a dull glow. "The next words you say are going to matter a whole f!@# of a lot…" The warning in her tone was wavering, but not because of nervousness. Ashley was heating up and her voice was getting distorted.
Ven calmly replied, "No. Your task should involve no property damage whatsoever. Trash, scraps, discarded objects. I want you to burn that which no one cares about. If you do this thing for me, I will see to it that you can pursue that career you want in fashion design. I can have doors opened for you."
Ashley calmed down, cooling off. "Just trash?" she asked, incredulous. "You know when someone offers something that sounds too good to be true, it probably f!@#ing is."
"Wear a wig, hide your face. This is winter," Ven said. "walk past the specified pile and light the fuse, push it inside. It will not be attached to any explosives. A timer of about two minutes will begin the moment you do this."
Ashley was back to frowning, but not heated. "What the f!@# is the point of doing that?"
Ven's featureless face grew a smile. It was unnerving to see. "It does not matter. You will be long gone and without association with the acts. Consider my offer, Ms. Stevens. I know you have a difficult time living with what others think of your… talents."
Ashley considered again what she was being asked to do. "Fine. What the f!@#. All I need to do is ignite something and walk away. No harm, no foul."
"Technically a foul," Ven suggested. "But no one will care enough to pursue an investigation the first time it happens."
"First time?" Ashley echoed the words, back to frowning. "How many are we talking?"
Ven smiled. Ashley had spoken without using profanity. It was an improvement. "My proposal is for only the first," she clarified. "Following that, we can explore further options and rewards for services rendered. One, and you will find the road to your dreams. Two, and I may be able to help you along that road."
Ashley thought about it again. "Okay," she said more certainly. "Just tell me where and when you want this happening."
A scrap of paper from somewhere beneath the metal was pulled out, through the metal as though it were made of liquid. "Here. I trust you will burn this when you have memorized it." Ven offered the paper over.
Glancing over it, Ashley nodded. "Fine. I do this and we see what happens and I will f!@#ing end you if this is some bulls!@# prank on me. You're covered in metal but I can cook you to death in that."
"I know, Ms. Stevens," Ven replied. "I would rather you didn't."

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