Cutscene: Pyre
IC Details

Audio recording found at horrific scene

IC Date: January 04, 2020
IC Location: Somewhere in New York City
OOC Notes & Details
Posted: 04 Jan 2020 17:10
Rating & Warnings: Super-implied violence, not for the kids
Associated Plots

Found at a scene soaked in more blood than an edgy 90s comic book, only not as clean-seeming. It's ugly. Many dead people with terrified expressions in some cases etched on their face, most of them cut into pieces, and details so horrifying they are not easy to describe in words: A placard that reads 'UNREGISTERED TERRORISTS' over a phone, both immaculate. The phone has a recording ready when it is activated, audio only:

"…while those muties are singing Kum-Ba-Ya, shut the doors, light the fuse, run like hell. No one's gonna notice in time!" The voice sounds like it's amplified over some local speakers, but clearly heard. The shouts of agreement from fifteen or twenty voices are garbled, but die down. "Who the hell are you?" the P.A. voice demands.

"An unregistered nightmare, much like yourselves," a feminine voice replies in a mix of accents ranging from eastern European to South African, giving each word its own unique sound. "I feel it is time for retaliation to be made public, so I am recording on this device."

"Well, Miss Nightmare," sneers the voice on the P.A., followed by a gunshot from a 9mm.

"You made a hole in my nice suit jacket," the multiaccented voice says. Screams begin and the sounds of panic, people trying to leave. They are cut off one by one instantly. The speaking woman continues "To all who feel that violence and death are the solutions to what you perceive is a problem with the gene pool," the final screaming voice cuts out. "You have no idea what I look like, but I listen for your voice and I will visit you, and I will bring judgement upon you."

The recording ends.

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