Illegal Alien
Cutscene: Illegal Alien
IC Details

A montage of moments as nosy press and looming registration press in on Starfire's civilian identity as model Kory Anders.

IC Date: November 26, 2018
IC Location: Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue, New York City
OOC Notes & Details
Posted: 27 Nov 2018 23:07
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 mild adult themes
Associated Plots

"Great, beautiful, turn your head a li- just like that!"

The lights flashed one last time.

"Alright, Ms. Anders, I think we have everything we need."

"I may dress now, yes?"


Clad in a kimono-like robe, the golden-skinned woman sat in her dressing room, facing a massive mirror. Dabbing a fingertip on her tongue, she lifted it to her eye. In the glass, her face held still, in caution as she removed the lens. A light green glow bathed the area now, reflected onto the woman behind her.

"Should you really take them out now? What if people see as we go-"

"I have the UV protective eye-wear. It will be alright. Besides, they are most uncomfortable."

"Just remember what we talked about. No unauthorized stops, it's just too dangerous."


The lights flashed again, this time, from many directions.

"Miss Anders!" "Can we get a pose?" "I love you Kory!" "Look this way!" "Will you sign my-"

Amidst lines of fans and paparazzi, the statuesque figure walked at a brisk pace to the waiting car. She turned to smile, to wave in passing, before being hustled through the open door. It saddened her, to see their disappointment.


"Look at these!"

A number of publications sprawled across the desk in front of her.

"Which one? 'Woman Marries Sasquatch' or 'Five Easy Steps to a Thinner, Sexier-'"

"No, look, here!"


"Well, that is ridiculous. We did not produce any children, despite many couplings. Are they really allowed to print such falsehoods?"

"That's not-! It's rest of the rumor! And it's not the only one. Eventually someone is going to look into it."

"Do not be silly."


"You'll never stop me, Titans! I will steal the joy of yuletide illumination!"

Doctor Light hovered above the Rockefeller rink, while the lights on the Christmas tree flickered behind him.

"Hah! What will you do, alien? Your light-based powers are useless against-"

Then a golden-skinned fist struck him in the jaw.

But there was no light, this time, as the photographer clicked away from hiding.


Again, the table was covered in newspapers and magazines.




"I… do not know what to do," said Koriand'r, the usual joyful tones absent from her voice. "Many of my friends wish to defy the order. But I am a guest here. Why must- it is sad that we cannot live in harmony."

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