Punch Club
Cutscene: Punch Club
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After her meeting with Starfire, Crush decides to take action against those who might be using unwilling fighters in the pit-fights she often frequents.

IC Date: February 03, 2020
IC Location: New York City
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Posted: 03 Feb 2020 23:41
Rating & Warnings: Violence and Language
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(Theme Song: https://youtu.be/X1zJzJF4oIY The Yawpers "No Going Back" )

Xiomara couldn't get the thought out of her head- the idea that people were being *forced* to fight. That people weren't making these decisions on their own… that someone else was deciding for them. It grated against something in her head, giving her headaches. Causing her to grit her teeth as her anger began to boil.

And then boil over.

Minutes later, in a haze of red-hot anger, Crush busts down the door to one of the "promoters" she knows- who'd approached her at least once. A nasty warehouse turned into a sort of gym- a number of men and women training for their next fight- some with a certain drone to their features and others without.

"Holy fuck, Crush! What the fuck?!" Cried the gym's manager- the promoter. "If you're here to work, that's comin' out of your winnings!" he says with a frown, "And what happened last time- who was that lady you were with? She cost us a lot of money with the families, dude- totally brought the house down."

"Yeah, and I was fightin' one of your boys, weren't I? I learned all about how he had his mind controlled- didn't wanna be there." Crush begins, black eyebrows narrowed as she paced like an angry tiger in a cage. Growing ever more animated, Crush's pacing begins to include the pumping of her fists and the shaking of her head- she's getting upset. Visibly upset. "You took me for a fuckin' chump, didn't you?! Put me out there fightin' your brain-washed SLAVES?! You think I'm gunna let you get away with that shit?! YOU THINK I'M GUNNA LET YOU WALK AWAY FROM THIS?!" Crush growls loudly as she turns menacingly towards the promoter.

"GET HER! KICK HER ASS!" The Promoter shouts, pointing at Crush. "TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS TO THE PERSON WHO BRINGS HER DOWN!" he continues to shriek as he tries to get behind his desk, grabbing a revolver to point it towards Crush. The trigger is snatched repeatedly as men and women rush towards Crush with intent to cause harm to the teenage bruiser. The bullets flatten against her flesh and just fall away- she's not even bruised.

TONK! The sound of a hollow, metal bat striking Crush in the skull echos through the warehouse turned gym. When it comes to fall again it's met by Crush's open palm- before she crushes the bat in her bare hand. A swift kick to the stomach has the bat-wielder flying across the warehouse to slam into the opposite wall. He falls- not dead, but he probably won't be getting up anytime soon. A second attacker is there in seconds, followed by a third- a proper beat down.

Crush takes the bat, throws it across the room- it embeds itself into the metal wall of the warehouse, leaving a loud ring. Every part of Crush becomes a weapon. A fist, an elbow, a headbutt- she grabs and twists and throws. The sounds of broken bones and cries of pain echoing throughout the room as the Promoter begins to back away- to run away from the brawl happening on his gym floor.

But it's too little, too late. Crush is not going to let this guy escape. By the time he's reached the edge of the warehouse his entire squad of fighters are in various states of painful disarray and Crush is leaping through the air as he fumbles with the door. When she lands behind him the sound her boots make is like a funeral drum- *BUMM*

"Haha, Crush, comeon! IT was a joke, I knew no one here could take you! Everyone here wanted to fight- they all wanted to be here, I swear!" The promoter says as he leans against the door- terror and fear on his face. He's turned almost as pale as Crush herself. "Hey.. What are you…" he cries as Crush lifts him over her head.

He's thrown across the room and lands on his desk with a heavy thud- the wood breaking as he rolls off it and on the floor, groaning in pain. "Fuuuucckkk.." he manages as he rolls from his back to his stomach, just lying down for a long moment as he tries to overcome the pain.

Knowing the promoter was going to need a minute, Crush went through the man's desk- she quickly found what she was looking for: Some kind of remote of arcane and alien design. "Yeah, this is it, isn't it?" she asks as she approaches the promoter and kicks him in the ribs. There's a crack. "This is what you used to make people into slaves, isn't it?" Another kick- hard, still, but not enough to further break the ribs.. just to aggravate the ones she's already broken.

"Look.. I just.. everyone does this here.. It's only.. It's only for like.. people who owe us money and shit- so they can pay it off. They agree to it…" The Promoter pants through his ragged and painful breaths. This explanation doesn't seem to make Crush any less angry, though. She grabs him again, holding the remote up to his face as she crushes it in her hand. It's turned to garbage in moments. Impossible to repair as she opens her hand to drop what amounts to plastic dust and metal shards to the floor. Those red eyes are unblinking as she lifts the promoter by his throat- forcing him to grab and struggle at her pale, white hand. "You're not in this business any more." she states.

The man can't answer- his face turning redder and redder as air is denied to him, soon looking like an overripe cherry. He gasps and seems to nod as Crush nods back before dropping him to the floor. "If I ever see you again, I'm breaking every fucking bone in your body. You hear me?" she asks as she once more gives the man a swift kick to the ribs- more breaking as she makes her point as painfully as possible. "If I ever hear about this shit again, I won't be polite. I won't be nice- I been real nice today." she continues, before she reaches down to take the man's wallet- she pulls out his ID, and all his cash. "Hey. You don't even got two thousand dollars in here… Guess you's always full of shit."

"I got your ID. I know wheres you live." Crush states simply. "You better tell the rest'of'em too. Crush is comin', and I ain't happy. Anyone who's gotta slave like that? They're next. I'll find'em, and I'll hurt'em. You tells them."

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