Punch Club II: One Woman Wrecking Crew
Cutscene: Punch Club II: One Woman Wrecking Crew
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Crush continues tear-assing through the fight-club underworld fueled entirely by rage and anger at the very concept of slave fighting.

IC Date: February 05, 2020
IC Location: A warehouse in Gotham
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Posted: 05 Feb 2020 19:55
Rating & Warnings: Violence and Language
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It was a big night for underground fights in Gotham. A "Championship" of sorts between the various families and criminal organizations that put forward fights, along with a few independents thrown into the mix for good order. There had to be hundreds of people in the shipping warehouse on the Gotham docks. Seats. Bleachers- a cage in the middle. A proper arena for bloodsport.

The whole scene has a veneer of professionalism that this particular venue does not deserve- people could die tonight in that ring. The audience, however, doesn't seem to care. They're already cheering, hungry for blood.

The crowd is a cosmopolitan mix of from all classes and sorts- mutants hobnobbing with the wealthy. The poor gambling addict elbow to elbow with the very crime bosses that hold their lives (and debts) in their hands. Anyone was welcome- as long as they brought money to bet or were ready to bleed for the crowd.

It wasn't difficult for Crush to find out where and when this particular event was occurring- she knows just how to throw her weight around to get the answers she wants. A few broken bones, some threats, and one expensive car thrown into the bay later she got all the answers she needed.

Those answers pointed to Gotham's harbor's warehouse number thirty-seven.

The closer Crush came to the warehouse, the angrier she got. She could feel the rage rising in her throat- she wanted to yell. She wanted to scream. She needed to punch something- or someone.

In her mind everyone in that building was guilty- every spectator was at fault for the enslavement of the fighters. Every single person had somehow stolen the freedom of another living being- and it upsets Crush beyond reason.

Before the fights can start, when the crowd has fallen into a hush as the announcer arrives in the center of the ring, Crush drops from the rafters. She strikes the man on the shoulders as she hits the mat- grabbing his microphone to speak into it.

"Hey, you stupid fuckers. I know all about the slavery and I ain't happy. Consider this a warning that I'm coming for you."

Crush drops the microphone, letting it land on the mat with a thud.

Her fists are soon slamming into the ground, shaking the whole warehouse. It almost immediately starts to come apart- causing a panic. The entire warehouse shuddering as Crush runs to a support beam and punches it right in half. Another slam into the ground- she's bringing the house down.

Panic ensues. People rush and push towards the entrance as pieces of roof start to fall from above. The building rocking and quaking as it shudders under it's own weight and the onslaught of Crush's anger. It doesn't take long for her to bring the whole building tumbling down.

Sure, it comes down on top of Crush, too, but she doesn't seem to mind. She's crawling out of the building by the time sirens sound as emergency services begin to dispatch to the 'localized earthquake' that brought a building down on dozens of people. Crush would be nowhere to be found by the time they arrived.

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