Perchance To Dream
Cutscene: Perchance To Dream
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In Raven's experience, not all dreams are pleasant.

IC Date: February 24, 2020
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Posted: 25 Feb 2020 03:27
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"Wouldn't it be better if you"

« burned »

Raven gasped, falling onto her hands and knees, the voice(s) still ringing in her ears. The roof's graveled texture bit through dark jeans and scraped against her bare palms, reminding her of where she was. A sharp breath slipped between her teeth as she stared hard at the city skyline, strands and chunks of black hair dividing her line of sight into jagged visual breaks, brow furrowed amid her present confusion.

The meditations were supposed to help her focus. They kept her calm, kept her in control, reinforced what she learned years ago on Azarath. Nothing could penetrate what had been established.

Nothing should.

« Afraid, always afraid… alone in the dark… »

"I'm not afraid." She rattled off her response, those words leaving her lips before realizing she spoke aloud.

Violet eyes darted about to see if there was anyone else there with her, but she was alone. Without warning, the roof beneath her heaved, almost as if was taking a breath before suddenly giving away, disappearing as she plunged down, down, down into the void.

That same nothingness swallowed everything else above Raven, sealing off any means of escape.

(Clawed) hands flew outward - a feeble attempt made to open a portal. To stop herself from spinning down the endless, shapeless space. To feel like she was still in control of her situation.

And she was in control. Until a red dot bloomed in the distance.

It grew, like wildfire, consuming the black.

Spreading toward her.

Flame and fury filled the air. It burned her lungs. It left nowhere for her to hide.

Nowhere to run.

« Who are you? »

From high above, six large eyes opened…

« What are you? »

…and looked down.

Who am I?

« Not human. Never human. »

Raven woke up with a start.

The next few breaths felt like she barely broke the water's surface, lungs aching and heart palpitating wildly against the inside of her chest. Hands still tightly clutched at her bed sheets and comforter until she took a few moments to recompose herself, making sure that this was her room and she was alone.

The faint nuances of pain ran through her body, past the numbness once she was more aware of her senses. One hand ran along her side over a nonexistent wound, reminding her of what she went through with Charlotte a week ago.

Everything hurt, but it was duller than before, fading back into a normality she had become familiar with.

"…The same stupid dream," Raven finally whispered, pushing back the hair that stuck to her forehead.

Such self-reassurance lacked the punch it needed to brush off the experience entirely. The same stupid dream, for months on end - only different, only becoming more vivid every time she tried to sleep.

It was turning into a 'normal' she still did not want.

« Are you less, or are you more? »

She pulled back the sheets, forcing herself to get out of bed and onto her feet. She had things to do, a vigilante lifestyle to maintain, and friends to check up on.

None of these would block out what she had already seen and heard.

"It always interests us when great potential goes squandered."

The voices, now distant in memory, still resonated within her head.

She didn't want to dwell on it. Any of it.

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