Faction Directory

Below is a listing of all of the factions and organizations presently on game.

PC Factions

Open indicates whether or not the faction is accepting new players. If you are interested in joining, please click to read more about it and speak to one of the OOC coordinators.

Coded indicates whether or not the faction is an org that is coded on game, including being listed on the +faction listing and having a private board and channel.

If you are interested in getting your faction formerly coded on the game, please see our policy governing factions at here.

Faction Type Purpose Status Coded Open
Avengers Heroic Active Yes Yes
Defenders Heroic Active Yes Yes
Frost International Corporate A corporation specializing in the design of ships and aircraft, but recently branched into electronics as well. Active No Yes
Gotham Knights Heroic To protect Gotham, even if Gotham does not want its protection. Active Yes Yes
Guardians of the Galaxy Other While not official, despite the limited renown of their good deeds, the Guardians will fight. For their right. To party. Active Yes No
Hellfire Club Social Publicly, it's just an exclusive club for the world's wealthiest hedonists. But it shelters more than one secret. Active Yes Yes
Justice League Heroic The Justice League serves the people of the world as exemplars of reparative justice. Active Yes Yes
LexCorp Corporate A former financial powerhouse rebranded as a philanthropic corporation with the best intentions for the world. Active No Yes
S.H.I.E.L.D. Government Active Yes Yes
Stark Industries Corporate To push the limits of science for all mankind. Active Yes Yes
Stark Unlimited Heroic A Think Tank devoted to new Iron Man technologies to benefit the world. Active Yes Yes
Suicide Squad Government To do the things that need doing… That no one wants to know about. Inactive Yes Yes
Titans Heroic The focus of the current Titans is the protection and training of younger and often 'at-risk' heroes and other metahumans - individuals who might otherwise fall through the cracks because they don't fit in anywhere else. Active Yes Yes
X-Men Heroic The advancement of mutant rights and human-mutant co-existence, and the protection of both mutants and non-mutants. Active Yes Yes

NPC Factions

The following factions are considered to be NPC factions and are available for use in game plots. To help keep them consistent as players use them, we ask that their use and the context of that use be approved by staff prior to appearing in RP.

If you are interested in having an NPC faction added to this listing, please submit a +request in-game, complete with a 1-2 sentence purpose line and an overview.

Faction Type Purpose Status
Brotherhood Villain To prove mutantkind is the next step in evolution, and to redress the wrongs done to them wherever and whenever they may arise. Active
D.E.O. Government To protect the United States from extranormal threats. Active
Hand Criminal To live forever and return to the Heavenly City of K’un L’un. Active
Humanity's Last Stand Villain The creation and intensification of fear directed towards mutants and metahumans. Active
Hydra Villain To bring order to the world -- under the domination of Hydra. Active
New York Department of Public Safety Government To protect New Yorkers from extranormal threats, including by registering New York metahumans and bringing unregistered metahumans to justice. Active
Red Lantern Corps Villain The Red Lanterns exist solely to exact their revenge on the Green Lantern Corps. Active
The Purifiers Villain To wage a holy war against the Devil's children: mutants and metahumans. Active
Trask Industries Corporate The manufacture and development of the Sentinel line of metahuman-containment solutions. Active

Add a New Faction Page

Before creating a faction page, your addition should be reviewed by staff in one of three ways:

  • Uncoded, PC factions should be listed as a resource for your approved character sheet.
  • Coded, PC factions must be an approved faction on game. Application available here: http://commondescentmush.com/factions
  • NPC faction additions must be requested via +request.

For consistency, please use the faction's name, minus any leading articles like 'the', 'a', or 'an'.

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