The Avengers are a major superteam full of well known personalities. Sometimes said personalities clash but there is a sense family that seems to bind them together. They tend to work closer with SHIELD and established authorities than other groups and it seems to have worked for them so far.

They are one of the major registered Super Teams, though most of the membership still disagrees with the policy and some actively lobby against it.

Being based out of New York City means though they are in the thick of any action and with several public figures on the team that does raise issues with being called out on occasion. Which is usually the last mistake a villain makes.


The Avengers is a group of superheroes that almost wasn't.

With clashing personalities and a cautious SHIELD heading it up the Avengers were almost shelved before they could even be put into practice. All that was put aside however in the Invasion of New York. The Avengers, headed by Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, came together to form a cohesive and effective team. They, along with the newly formed Justice League and other heroes threw back the invaders.

Of course after that came the disagreements. Some wanted to work closer with SHIELD and others with the community to keep any hint of government oversight from their ranks. Many in the former camp formed The Avengers. Over the next few years they defended the world, made a right mess of things, then fixed it again. The base in NYC grew and others joined the cause. They kept close ties with SHIELD…

And then came the most recent invasions. Demons and portals in NYC itself. In the wake of the disaster came the decision on Registration, and now the ties with SHIELD and the government have become more of a problem. However the Avengers have gone on to become one of the first Registered super teams, still devoted to defending the world from whatever threats might arise.


{$page} James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes
Resident Brooding Gunbunny.
{$page} Thor Odinson
Diplomat of Asgard. Also a god.
{$page} Anthony Edward Stark
Genius, Philanthropist, Billionaire, Playboy.
{$page} /Doctor/ Jane Foster
Calamity Jane.
{$page} Katherine 'Kate' Bishop
Sharpshooter, Troublemaker, Babysitter.
{$page} William "Billy" Kaplan
You're a wizard Harry!
{$page} Thomas "Tommy" Shepherd
Speed Machine, also voted most likely to annoy Red Tornado.
{$page} Jessica Jones
Snarky detective.

How to Join


If you want to join the Avengers, just drop Tony an @mail and we can set up a scene!

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The Avengers
Avengers Assemble!
"Avengers Assemble!"
IC Details
Leader(s): Iron Man, Captain America
Faction Type: Heroic
Scope: Global
Headquarters: NYC
Established: 2015
Status: Active
Sub-Factions: None
OOC Details
OOC Contact: Iron Man, Thor
Coded Faction: Yes
Open: Yes
Wiki Tag: avengers
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